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Training and certification for working on oil rigs with OPITO and IADC approved professional training providers for upstream oil and gas, offshore sector including.

In order to be cleared to work on oil rigs, land based or offshore, a candidate should complete a number of requirements, get trained, certified, and get instructed according to the industry requirements. Industry standards for getting employed for doing any of oil rig jobs assume minimal age of employees or oil rig workers of at least 18 years old, for maximum age there is no limit, but normally it is around 58 years of age, though once aboard offshore oil production platform I met a laborer aged 65 doing a job of Roughneck. He was in excellent physical form, but was considering to retire soon.

As for education/training requirements for entry level positions like Roustabout, Roughneck, Materials Man or Materials Woman, Rope Access Technician, Rig Welder, Motorman, Forklift Operator, Painter, Scaffolder, Steward in catering department etc., employer or recruiter will ask oil rig job applicant for High School diploma or GED certificate. You will also need some specialized training as per oil & gas industry specification for the position on oil rig you, as a job seeker, would be filing application for.

The trade training can be either prolonged study of oil & gas related disciplines in college or technical school, or very brief, like, for example 10 day Petrofac Greenhand Course for offshore roustabouts that consists of theory in classroom and of practical hands-on component meant to provide enrollees with basic understanding of oil rig equipment through series of onsite workshops. Students listen to instructions on ways and rules of safe handling of different types of oil rig equipment pieces, mechanisms and mechanical appliances they are going to utilize and apply in course of performing their duties on oil rig.

Each training course or program ends with certification of successful graduates. If we speak specifically about Petrofac greenhand training course, this is one of popular OPITO approved training and certification programs I would recommend aspiring oil rig workers to complete, if their goal is landing a low end entry level oil rig job, offshore or onshore, such as Roustabout, Driller Helper, Floorhand, Leasehand, Assistant Crane Operator, Motorman, Line Electrician or other low skilled position of the kind on oil rigs.

Though Rooustabout job on oil rigs is not the only entry-level job that do not require previous experience, it's there, where greenhand oil rig workers normally start their career in oil & gas production sector to get promoted further, provided they have proved themselves, to positions with better salary and less reliance on physical force: Derrickman, Driller, and possibly even Toolpusher or Rig Manager. In fact, there is no limit to professional advancement on oil rigs, in this industry ambitions and desire to study has been always been encouraged. Who knows, maybe after several years you'll get the necessary education and experience to get promoted to one of engineering, administrative, or supervisory positions on oil rigs. The more disciplines and areas oil rig employee or worker in the course of doing their jobs gets training and certification in, the better are the prospects for employment or promotion.

The Norwegian company Havyard Ship Technology AS signed several contracts worth the total of about $US 147.5 million to build two Havyard 843 type OSV (Offshore support vessel) offshore icebreakers. The new vessels will be slightly different from their predecessors of the same design. There will be installed larger winches, the number of cabins in the superstructure will be increased, as well as extra space for the installation of specialized offshore cranes will be reserved.

Oil production industry, especially offshore oil drilling sector is very project based, which makes employment policies, pursued by oil drilling contractors, different from the other industries where you get a job for many years to last. Once certain phase of project is completed, employment contract terminates, but that's normal for the workforce market involving oil rig jobs. With proper training and certification coupled with experience rig workers are guaranteed new job placement, regardless of recession or uprise in the world economy. Your next oil rig job may be located in any place in the world, so be ready to travel to the location where your suitable oil rig vacancy turns up. That could be practically anywhere across the world: on offshore rigs off the coast of Texas, in the Gulf of Mexico, in Canada, India, Malaysia, Angola in Africa, in Persian Gulf, UAE, Norway or UK (North Sea), Brazil, Arctic - or any country or location, where oil reserves are discovered or where oil production grows, demanding more oil rig vacancies to be filled.

The following oil & gas industry accredited training courses and certifications will be always handy, regardless of the specific job on rigs you deal with:

  • Intro to Rigging, Lifting and Banksman Slinger Stage 1 course, Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 course
  • BOSIET (basic offshore safety induction and emergency training, 3 day course), Universal Basic Survival (good for Norway), Universal Refresher Survival, H&S MIST - Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST), NEBOSH General Certificate
  • HUET (helicopter underwater escape training course, 1 day course, target audience: offshore personnel, flown by helicopter to and from offshore oil drilling installations like platforms, drillships, semisubmersibles, MODU's, FPSO units) OPITO approved certification for completion of this course is valid for 4 years. This course would be a good complementation for oil rig staff traveling above the water surface, whose emergency survival training course didn't include underwater helicopter escape techniques
  • Onshore/offshore Health and safety courses
  • OPITO Trainee Blaster/Painter course, Rigging operations Rigger Training, 3 day course, certification
  • H2S
  • HAZMAT; IMDG compliant Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Sea, 3 day course, written exam, certification
  • Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Freefall
  • Manual Handling Assessor

  • Get trained at Setrac College of Offshore Training in Mumbai, India, Rigging & Slinging course, duration: 6 days of theory plus 6 days of practice and instruction on application of the skills. Upon completion the trainees will be issued certificate, confirming the acquirfed skills in rigging and slinging, such as main rigging devices, fundamentals of performing rigging, using ropes, slings, and hardware chains in safe and effective manner. Special module of training is dedicated to safe practices of drilling in offshore oil and gas industry.
  • Offshore training courses at YAK Belize Maritime Academy in Navi Mumbai: Forklift Operator Course Offshore Sea Survival Course Hydrogen Sulphide Safety (H2S) HAZMAT Basic Offshore Safety Emergency Training (BOISET) Rigging & Slinging Crane Operator Course MARPOL HLO( Helicopter Landing Officer) Course Enclose Space Entry HUET Crane Operator. Review comes soon.
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