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Because of the rapid growth of the demand for oil in the US and abroad, there's a possibility to get a job on offshore oil drilling platforms - even if you're looking for a simple job of Roustabout, i. e.unskilled manual laborer, which is the most popular position in offshore upstream sector for the majority of people that are just looking for an opportunity.

Getting hired for oil rig jobs - getting hired the right way

5 tips on getting hired for oil rig jobs offshore. Get hired as roustabout or electrician on oil rigs right now, even if you don't have experience.

Are you a greenhand applicant for vacancy on offshore oil rigs? Learn first then how to increase your chances to get hired for a job on offshore platform, even if you don't have any prior experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Oil drilling companies around the world never stop hiring people for entry level positions like roustabouts or roughnecks that require no previous experience or even training, because that's the job of a general laborer, to put it simply. Further successful job seeker will normally enjoy multiple opportunities for promotion to one of more specialized and better paid positions, plenty of which are available in offshore oil & gas production industry: for example, Rig Mechanic, Electrician, Electronics Technician, Rig Welder, Mud Engineer, Crane Operator, Derrick Hand, Rig Floor Mechanic, Hydraulic Mechanic - to list just a few.

In spite of the sharp decrease of the crude oil price and the reduction of the number of oil rigs in the USA, the new demand for oil rig workers willing to work hard offshore and earn good salaries resulted in more opportunities even for the unskilled workforce. Both men and women are wanted to work on offshore platforms or on land based rigs and oilfields. Yes, you heard it right: new job openings are available for even for oil rig job seekers with no experience to compete for. Still, dear novice job seekers, don't hurry to rejoice, no time or place to relax, because the competition for the vacancies of roustabouts and roughnecks isn't gone, and you still have to prove you, as a candidate, could perform in line or better outperform the other applicants for the same entry level or advanced position on offshore oil rig. Your battle starts at the early stage of aspiring to get shortlisted for the interview by the recruiters working for the oil rig companies that actually are hiring. They hire people at every phase of every offshore oil exploration/production project, starting from drilling for discovering oil reserves to decommissioning of offshore platforms and sealing the oil wells before completely leaving the area. If you are a complete newbbie, then the following 3 tips could serve you excellent service in your search for your very first offshore oil rig job and start your exciting career in upstream oil industry.

1) The most important tip to know about searching for your very first entry level offshore oil rig job and getting hired is that your success directly depends on how fast you act. Oil rig job hunting has sense only if you do it quickly. The faster you do your search, the more places you submit your CV to, the more successful you turn out in getting shortlisted for the pre-employment interview, the better your chances as a candidate are - or at least you quicker come to realize that working on offshore oil rigs is not for you (or the capacity you look to work in on oil rig could be wrong in your specific case - electrician, motorman, mud logger, rope access technician, underwater welder, roustabout, medic/nurse).

2) A motivated and well informed candidate will look for oil rig vacancy at places normally escaping the attention of their competitor offshore oil rig job seekers. They wouldn't fail to do the same, if they were informed. But what they do in fact? Well, being inexperienced, the majority of them tend to perform the same style of search that comprise directions like following. They look for web sites of the known big oil companies like Chevron, Petrobras, BP PLC, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total SA, ConocoPhillips, Pemex (Mexico), PetroChina, Gazprom (Russia), Sonatrach,

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  • Saudi Aramco (S. Arabia), Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., ENI, Statoil or other oil & gas companies of the similar big size. This is wrong way to go, because these major oil corporation practically never do the hiring of entry level oil rig workers by themselves, instead delegating the recruitment to oil drilling contractors and HR agencies. A bit wiser stance is being taken by those visiting Internet job sites like Monster or scanning classifieds published by newspapers where ail rig jobs can be advertised either.

    What our experts suggest as alternative, is using the Internet for the same purpose of finding oil rig employment the other way. The tip is to go an extra mile and try to find job openings that haven't so far been advertised for the general public. This is a bit more complicated way, but the efforts are worth being spent. It's recommended that you start looking for oil drilling contractors that could be hiring, instead for a specific oil rig vacancy itself. This information can be found in stock market reports and indexes like, say, Wilshire index, known to be listing the 5000 top big businesses across the USA. That's where cunning and shrewd oil rig job seeker won't fail to find some of the upstream petroleum companies that offer oil rig jobs.

    3) Another unconventional way of looking for employment on oil rigs may be through becoming frequent visitor of bar or pub where oil rig workers would gather before or after being flown by helicopter to offshore oil platform, and trying to make friends with some of them. Taking into account that the majority of hirings for entry level jobs on oil platforms goes through recommendation, chances are some of those guys would recommend you as a good candidate to be regarded by the HR for consequent hiring as roustabout, roughneck, or even more specialized position on oil rig like cook assistant in catering department or medic in administrative staff. Thus, our third tip on getting hired entry level worker without prior experience on oil rig is all about the right contacts and knowing the right people to speak with. Once you've got channel to connect with a decision maker, you may already consider yourself half hired and half way to cover distance separating you as aspiring greenhand roustabout from the start of a career in oil & gas industry.

    4) Tip Four: have all your paperwork completed and your CV ready to submit immediately well before you actually start looking for employer that you hope would hire you for doing job on, say, ND oilfields.

    While writing your CV, make sure you've got basic understanding about what information your employers expect to find there confirmed or denied in order to escape the waste of time. It is advantageous to know the exact certifications they require before deciding to issue clearance to work in this or that position on oil rig, be it a motorman, electrician, or a camp boss. These usually include first aid certifications, Offshore Survival Course certification, certificate confirming you've completed and passed successfully the so called HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training). If you have none of these or similar, but you are eager to start your entry level oil rig vacancy search right away, then don't delay with enrolling to some of the above mentioned courses and state this fact clearly, in outstanding manner in your resumeé / CV, job application, and cover letter.

    5) Tip Five. Like we already mentioned in the Tip One, getting employment on oil rigs offshore is all about speed. Therefore applicant for offshore vacancy would use all means to expedite their search process. This can be done in part by using a semi-automated online CV submission service that specializes in helping the job seekers to get jobs on oil rigs, offshore and onshore.

    Tips on the ways to discover which oil rigs have new job openings

    It now seems to be a lucky time for fresher oil rig job seekers to start looking for employment with oil drilling companies, while there's evident tendency for recovery after the recession, not to say at-one-time stagnation of the industry. More drilling means more vacancies to fill, and consequently more entry level workers needed on offshore and onshore oil rigs. The rigs are hiring, that's true. But also it is true that not all oil rigs create or have new vacancies available, say nothing of trainee positions or apprentices. So here comes the question: how on Earth a greenhand roustabout applicant without any experience in the industry could find out, which of the oil rigs is hiring or at least about to hire the new hands for drilling more of the new oil wells? Finding out, which of oil drilling rigs, land based or offshore platforms are hiring right at this or that time for roustabout or other entry level positions that don't necessarily require previous experience is not sort of detective forensics or magician work that is is hard to master. After all, if it is a fact that oil rigs offering vacancies for greenhand applicants do exist, then they can be found, right? This could be really hard search, but the time, diligence, and purposefulness it requires is well worth all efforts spent. Many people who declare they are eager to work on oil rigs still fail at the stage of oil rig job search, though technically they could meet all the requirements set for good candidates.

    Well, if you are still reading this, then here there are still 5 more tips that could be useful, helpful, and hopefully productive in your process of finding the oil rigs that are really hiring for really existing oil rig jobs.

    Tip one. Do not expect recruiters to find you, instead do your best to get in contact with them and make them speak to you. The places to look for the oil rigs, recruiters, well drilling contractors and the vacancies they offer on offshore platforms and land based oil fields include the Yellow Pages for each state. There you can find contact phone numbers that could help greenhand job seekers make their way to HR people, and hopefully directly reach the people entitled to make hiring decisions or shortlisting suitable candidates to be called for pre-employment interview.

    Tip Two. Use modern ways of looking for the relevant info like networking in the wide sense of this word. Finding an oil rig that has hot vacancies for the taking by yourself can only be done, if do it by using contacts in the oil & gas industry. Through reference you could hit right away a job on offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico or in Norway's North Sea, if your stars are really lucky ones. If you've got none of useful contacts, then you might try to establish some connections by talking to as many people as possible and letting them know you are looking for oil rig that's hiring. Chances are someone could connect you with someone who they know are already working in the oil & gas, and who could give you reference. As it was said before, 95 per cent of hirings in the oil drilling industry on all levels, including filling entry-level vacancies, has always been done and keeps being done through references. You don't have any to produce? Try hard enough to get some using networking of every kind (use Facebook, for example). In order to be successful, be ready to shuffle over one hundred of people at least to talk to.

    Tip Three. Finding oil rig drilling job is basically all about speed and time. The whole process may be expedited exponentially, if you use an automated online resumé submission service that would specialize in submitting applicants' resumé's/VC's to oil drilling contractors, HR specialists, agents and authorized recruiters looking for suitable candidates as asked by oil rigs needing fresh workforce. If you aren't sure you know one such service working for a reasonable price, then you may wish to use the one we've mentioned, the Rigworker, they charge only one time small fee, and their list of contractors looks as well as their track record look impressive. Mass submission of your resumeé is definitely worth trying, because it is statistically turns out effective. The other attractive side of using this method involves the fact that we never practically heard of online scams associated with such services. Some of them may be effective, the other less effective, so your task as an oil rig job seeker should be finding an effective one through reading forum discussions.

    Tip Four. Try to look for a list of phone numbers, skype profiles, phone numbers and other channels of communication with specific oil rig managers and officers responsible for hiring - some enthusiasts compile them and upload for free on the Internet. Not sure how much you could trust them in finding the right people to help you land your entry level oil rig job as roughneck or roustabout.

    Tip Five is applicable, if you are looking for employment with land based oil rig. Luckily enough, there are oilfields in the majority of states in the USA and in some provinces of Canada. Some of the oilfields may be located within the driving distance from where you live. So, you may just visit the oil rigs and apply for a roustabout no-experience vacancy by walk-in method, talking to a rig manager in person. Of course, be ready to be rejected or told to apply following their procedure, but if you believe you are able to produce favorable impression on an officer or manager in charge of an oil rig itself or of the hiring, then just ask your question in a straightforward manner, i. e. enquire if they have open vacancies on their oil drilling facility and that you would love to work as a roustabout. Thus you may make the best of unexpected opportunity to discover oil rig vacancy even before it was advertised in local newspapers in classifieds sections and on the Internet job search sites like Monster. So, try this tip and be the first to find out oil rig vacancies before they are announced for the rest of the competitors looking to put their foot in the door of that so much lucrative oil drilling industry in a capacity of roustabout, roughneck, floorhand or other positions that do not necessarily require hands on experience, just good health.

    Well, here goes the bottomline. Finding oil rig that offers real oil rig jobs for the unexperienced greenhand applicants is mainly all about speed, big wish to search for that dream job, aptness in communication and making friends, and, I would say, inventiveness. If you just follow the usual pattern and do what the rest of oil rig job seekers do, you are most likely to perform on average, i.e. get the job in the best times or get none in in the worst periods. The second is more likely, though, if you sit idly and just waiting HR people to call you and say you've been selected and shortlisted for the interview. Be motivated, aggressive, and diverse in ways and methods that could be used in oil rig job search.

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