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Offshore Rig Electrician required! Pre-requisites: Minimum education GED or High School; high level of competence in transformative technology; knowing how to read wiring diagrams; ability to program logic controllers; knowledge of electric drives management systems; knowledge of the EMP and regulations; ability to service and maintain electrical switchgear, transformer substation, electric motors, starter equipment, cable lines.

  • The main responsibilities of Rig Electrician in this position will include, but won't be limited to: maintenance of drilling rig electrical systems and power supply circuits of residential blocks, including servicing, testing, troubleshooting, and ongoing repairs of transducers, power units, actuators and electrical control panels; mounting and dismounting of cables and electrical installations; Participation in the pre-commissioning and launching of the electrical equipment aboard offshore oil production platform. Keeping electricity related technical documentation on offshore oil rigs within the limits of the Rig Electrician's responsibilities and competence. Rig Electrician - it seems the vacancy of offshore Rig Electrician is already in the archive. employer has already found someone suitable for this position. Please, re-visit often for new offshore job offers. Are you an experienced Rig Electrician without offshore experience, looking for a vacancy to work in offshore oil & gas sector? Feel free to contact us with your enquiries/suggestions.

    Rig Electrician job, especially that of Offshore Electrician, will require more specialized knowledge, more specific training, and more unique skills, which could be quite different from those normally required from ordinary electrician doing everyday repairs of domestic electrical appliances, or even servicing industrial electrical equipment available at plants, factories, catering establishments etc. outside oil & gas industry's upstream sector. Repairing electricity in places that could be accessed only through repairman being suspended using ropes (needs being trained as Rope Access Technician for that purpose) above sea surface or in a tightly limited space is what Rig Electrician should be ready to rush to do immediately on call at any time of day or night, any season of the year, regardless of the weather conditions outdoors. Weather and climate won't preserve their friendly attitude towards worker in a position entitling him or her to perform rig electrician job.

    Rig Electrician Job Description

    Rig Electrician is responsible for maintenance, servicing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing all types of electrical systems that can be found in engines and motors on rigs and drilling machinery. Rig electrician instructs members of the drilling crew how to work safely and efficiently with different electrical circuits that the rig contains, about the correct procedures and patterns that Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Motormen, Rig Mechanics, Technicians and other low end oil rig workers and employees need to follow in order to maintain in correct and efficient manner every kind or piece of heavy duty drilling equipment. Rig Electrician manages electricity distribution systems found in power generating units, electricity driven drilling mechanisms and gadgetry, and drilling package instrumentation. Besides running routine tests on electrical equipment, Rig Electrician also is responsible for maintenance and both routine and unscheduled repairs of rig electrical circuits, power generation and distribution systems, auxiliary electrical equipment used on the rig, DC and AC motors, small appliances of the rig system, control systems.

    Field Service Technician vacancy: Field Service Technician is required to service oil rigs in North Dakota, temporary contract, duration 8 months, might be prolonged, if the project lasts. Job description: Field Service Technician will have to travel between several oil drilling rigs and carry out installation and routine maintenance of rig's electrical equipment that relates to the machinery, used on oil rigs. Should be qualified enough to be able to work under minimum supervision in accordance with drawings or schematics produced by electrical engineers. Equipment to be serviced by the Field Service Technician will include devices and appliances like transformers, electricity generators, loaders, electric circuit protection mechanisms. Good candidate will be someone electrically apt, skilled in diagnosing of failures and timely taking the preventive measures to minimize electrical breakdowns and devices failures on routine basis.

    Sometimes certain functions of Rig Electrician may be delegated to other crew members, for example to Oilfield Service Technician that may be in charge of routine maintenance of designated electrical equipment or heavy duty equipment pieces.

    Featured offshore electrical job: Rig Electrician job, offshore, permanent full-time contract, extensive benefits package applies. Vacancy 1: in the Gulf of Mexico (salary $ 50,000 a year); vacancy 2: Saudi Arabia (salary $ 80,000 a year). Requirements: must be skilled in troubleshooting automated plants and systems; ability to mount and put into operation a system with PLC control, as well as to understand the basics of programming; experience with electric AC and DC; experience of working in hazardous areas, mounting and putting in operation intrinsically safe and explosion-proof electrical equipment. Good understanding of oral and written English, good listening, speaking, and communication skills, ability to operate the computer programs, necessary for maintenance and repairs of electrical equipment, electricity driven machinery and mechanisms, as well as small appliances, present aboard offshore oil rigs. Main duties and responsibilities: 1) perform inspection of all types of drilling rigs. 2) Mounting, commissioning, repair and maintenance on all types of drilling rigs.

    About Rig Electrician Training Programs

    Rig Electrician training programs usually include comprehensive training in a wide range of disciplines and skills. Upon completion of this type of specialized electrician training programs, successful enrollees will graduate with the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of participation in completing various practical tasks and training projects. After all theory classes and practical training sessions under conditions as close as possible to real to real work condition, and successfully passing of final exams, provided by the specialized programs of this type, successful graduates receive a certificate of Oil Rig Electrician and will be entitled to perform the following tasks:

    • Maintenance and repair of drilling rig electrical circuits
    • Maintenance and repair of AC and DC motors and control systems
    • Maintenance and repair of small electrical appliances, normally found on oil rig
    • Maintenance of auxiliary rig electrical equipment
    • Maintenance and repair of power plants and distribution systems
    • Testing of electrical equipment

    The same may be learned through apprenticeship, getting job as Apprentice Rig Electrician or Rig Electrician Trainee could be an even better option for electrically inclined individuals.

    Description: High Job income on offshore oil platforms! Center for Offshore Oil Jobs Customer Service and General Processing Center Caledonian Offshore Ltd. 1930 Yonge Street Suite 1020 Toronto, Ontario CANADA, M4S 1Z4. Employment Opportunities on offshore oil rigs at sea! The offshore oil industry is responsible for thousands of jobs every year and allows people with little education and no previous experience to grow and develop a rewarding career. Caledonian Offshore Ltd has developed a new and unique recruitment program that will assist the applicant step by step to a new job in the offshore oil industry. Currently, new staff are needed for many oil projects in the world.

    There are a variety of positions on offshore oil rigs. Some jobs and job placement are available for applicants with high qualifications, such as engineers, geologists etc. However, the other positions (entry-level positions) are also available for candidates with no prior experience or training related to the offshore oil industry. Some of these positions are; Roughneck, Roustabouts, Catering staff, etc. Basically, the crew of an offshore oil rig is divided into two categories:

    a) Drilling Crew. There are two groups of wells for each platform and each group consists of oil drillers, Roughnecks, Roustabouts, Foreman, Toolpusher, Derrickman, and various assistant tool operators. There are also technicians, electricians, motormen, engineers, welders, etc. In an offshore platform has completed the exploratory drilling for oil offshore, engineering staff start preparing for oil production. If a career path on offshore oil rigs appeals to you as a greenhand job seeker, you can consider to start working as Roustabout (General Laborer), and with time passing through hands-on work increase your experience, thus making your way to getting promoted to Roughneck position on offshore oil rig (drill deck worker, Driller Helper) and actually drill for oil.

    b)Support or auxiliary personnel that services the platform and floatel (separate hotel platform). Personnel aboard offshore oil rig that is engaged in exploratory drilling for oil or oil production naturally requires food and catering. The 500 individuals served for four main meals at different shifts during the day. The cabins maintained in a clean condition, clothes washed and recreational activities planned. Of course, this huge organization need different types of services and staff focus, for example, cooks and kitchen staff, waiters, cleaners, etc. personal helicopter for people interested in working in the service sector, we expect to expand employment opportunities for experienced and inexperienced staff.

    Barge Captain: The person responsible for the floating drilling unit, such as semiconductor submarine and its crew.
    Barge Engineer: The operator of the equipment on a floating drilling unit, such as semi-submersible.
    Barge Master: The captain of the legal floating drilling. The barge captain is responsible for shipping service platform and responsible for the crew, stability and ballast the ship and Supervision of loading and loading back.
    Chief Engineer: responsible for the supervision and training of engineering crew, engineer grade 1 and help with the maintenance and repair of machinery.

    Control room operator A worker in a semi-submarine, which oversees the ballast control room stabilizes on an offshore oil platform. The operator also monitors maritime traffic, the platform alarm system, and the weight distribution when loading and unloading. Derrickman - a member of a drilling crew that climbs the loader to stand Monkey Derrick or edge security and lifting drilling pile UNLATCH trips. Driller: this position on offshore oil rigs is directly responsible for the platform and its crew to turn or pass. Driller is responsible for the drilling rig floor and lift function equipment and rotation. His working place is on the drill rig floor near driller console on earth and in the control group Level: Workers on the floor of a drilling project.

    Cleaner Group: A work team that removes sand and wax from the wells.

    Floorman: A junior member of the drill team, who works on the drilling floor (drilldeck). Toolpusher: A person responsible for the supervision and training Roustabouts crew. Production Team operates under the Production Foreman. Motorman: The crew member, who is responsible for drilling operations and routine maintenance of the essential factors. The motorman can make repairs and other tasks if needed. Mud Engineer: An employee of a service company, drilling contractor responsible for or drilling mud test device. Mud Engineer prepares mud tests and adjusts and open wells. A mechanical drilling fluid working with the drilling mud and other drilling fluids such as air, gas, and foam. Roustabout: employed in primary and part of offshore drilling. Roustabouts help unload supply vessels, assist in servicing production wells, and service units, which are used to maintain a perforation zone. Roughneck (or Rotary Floorman Assistant) is young member of drilling crew, a Driller Helper, working on the rig floor. Roughneck handles clamp locks and unlocks their lifts, and deals with other drilling equipment on the floor. Two to four Roughnecks usually work together in each shift. A job of Materials man: this is a member of the team that maintains the inventory and is in charge of the distribution facilities and places on offshore platform. Toolpusher: this offshore position is responsible for drilling in the drilling area. Toolpusher oversees the crew and operations. Subsea Engineer: A hydraulic control system engineer overseeing installation, maintenance, control and prevention of the sub-region and the sea and control of explosions in a semisubmersible or drillship. Additional positions required to maintain the functioning of labor markets include catering staff (positions, similar to hotel staff, cooks, stewards, cleaners, etc.) and the staff (as technicians, divers, radio operators, design architects, engineering firm, accountant, language translator, etc. Citizens of Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Pakistan, Indonesia, and India, who wish to work for this company in Canada: - be between 20 and 50 years - have good character and enjoy perfect health. Application: - Letter of motivation to the CEO of Offshore Oil Company - Biography - 2 ID size photos - Copies of your diplomas, ID card scanner snapshot. Note: All items should be a scanner, residents of Africa address e-mails to the representation in Africa.


    After receiving a job offer and accepting this offer, the selected candidates are assisted by our representatives to obtain visas and work permits.

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