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You can find a job in oil & gas industry, even if you don't have experience

There are many entry level positions available to start working on an oil rig. Oil rigs can be either offshore or onshore, the opportunities are vast. A greenhand worker has to work on an oil rig on land first, at least initially, in order to gain some relevant experience. Offshore jobs are significantly more difficult than jobs on land based rigs due to the amount of travel and time spent away from the mainland. Includes also facing dangerous situations involving hurricanes, risks of installation going on fire, or even blow-outs, like the notorious explosion that happened in the Gulf of Mexico to BP's Deepwater Horizon. However, this is an exciting job, where one can learn a lot. The salary or remuneration is not really an issue for jobs on oil rigs, because, even dishwashers in catering get a nice reward of $US 700 a week on offshore oil rigs immediately after being hired and having started to work.

Oil Rig Jobs for Beginners

Today, the oil rig in the employment sector is filled with jobs, since there is an increase in the number of people hired. Here is some useful information on the different types of jobs available in this field. One can apply for the following positions to land their very first job on oil rigs:


The main work of Roustabout, who in fact is an unskilled or little skilled manual laborer, is to guide cranes moving loads on and around the deck. Providing the crew on deck with the necessary equipment and performing all the necessary cleaning and maintenance are secondary responsibilities of Roustabout. Helping roughnecks on drill floor, too, is one of the places of roustabout to work. The annual salary of an offshore Roustabout fluctuates around $US 54,000.

Maintenance Roustabout

Maintenance Roustabout, as you might guess from this offshore job title, has all his or her job to deal with maintenance, and this entry level oil rig position responsibilities include, but are not limited to maintenance the deck and keeping it tidy and in order, and free from obstruction. In other words, his duties encompass general maintenance and painting. Greenhand Maintenance Roustabout's salary stays around $US 47,000 annual.

Rig Welder

There's always something to weld on oil rigs, therefore rig welders are always in big demand. Welders are permanently based on a rig to look after the structures and providing the repairs of metal works. A large number of welders at a time can be employed on oil rig, offshore or onshore, when the company installs or disassembles oil production platforms (commissioning and decommissioning jobs). Welders often have to travel to different places not only after the completion, but also in course of the contract. It is profitable for oil drilling contractors to fly rig welders from one offshore location to another rather than hiring more welders in parallel. Offshore oil drilling job providers know how to count their money, and they won't pay you salary just for staying idle. Oil rig welders get annual salary that revolves around $US 62,000.

Radio Operators (Radio Room Operators)

Radio Operator's is an important task, however, is considered a little less demanding and exhausting. The person in charge of this work will have to look after the radio transmitter and similar appliances; You could earn up to $US 62,000 annually. Great salary for relatively easy job, isn't it?


Scaffolders on offshore oil rigs are not bound to a particular location. Once scaffolding at one offshore oil platform or oil production installation is erected, the workers doing this job are immediately ordered to travel (fly by helicopter) to a different location in order to make the necessary facilities. By doing offshore scaffolding entry level workers can earn a salary of $US 57,000 annually.

Rig Safety and Training Coordinator (RSTC)

This work involves many responsibilities and therefore the RSTC jobs are paid well, i.e., earning about $ 80,000 per year is not something unusual, it's a normal yearly salary for an offshore RSTC. Good candidate will not only have knowledge of company policies and safety laws, but should also be a good manager and be proficient in both written, and especially oral communication.


A Storekeeper, whose workplace is in offshore oil rig warehouse or on land based rig, should be computer literate, as this worker is responsible for management and maintenance of shops. Average salary of a Storekeeper on offshore oil rig is about $US 59,000 annually.


Oil drilling facility administration won't hire a Doctor for this position, being trained professional, mostly from former nurses, suits quite well. Should issue medicines exactly as a pharmacist do for treatments. Maintaining medical records for crew members, also is one of the responsibilities of medics. One can expect a salary of about $ 69,000 annually for the work of a Medic on offshore oil rig. This is also considered an entry level job in oil & gas upstream sector in offshore.

Mud engineer

Mud engineer should have completed graduation in chemistry. Mud Engineers take care of the fluids used on oil rigs during the process of drilling for oil. These professionals salary may reach $US 72,500 annually.


A painter has to work at height using seatbelts or even to paint some metal parts of an oil rig in a suspended position. Normally this position requires being trained as Rope Access Technician. Painters are responsible for performing painting of the metal parts of platform's superstructure. A painter gets approximately $US 57,000 as an annual salary.

About oil, discovered in Kenia, and new oil rig jobs to follow

The first oil field was discovered in Kenya during the exploratory drilling by the UK-Irish Tullow Oil company. According to the president of Kenya, the drilling for oil should be continued in order to determine the profitability of production. Oil and gas reservoir was discovered in the north-west of the country in the region of Turkana on the border of Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan.

This kind of discovery in Kenya was done for the first time, and it's a very good news, - said the president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki. After th4 reports of the discovery the company's stock went up.

The head of the East African country warned, though, against any hasty conclusions, noting that for the precise determination of the suitability of the formation for the commercial exploitation additional surveys and drilling for oil deposits would be required. Kenya's neighbors, Uganda and Southern Sudan, with which Nairobi continues diplomatic conflict over the disputed territory, possess significant oil reserves, a significant part of which is exported.

Eligibility and requirements for oil rig employment

To get employed for a work on oil rig, one needs to have a good health. It is mandatory to pass a medical examination, including "Spine X-ray» and «Screening Test drugs". The minimum age of entry-level candidate for any oil rig job should be 18 years. The average age of employees working on oil rigs is about 27 years. Formal education does not matter much for the entry-level positions. A person who aspires to get into a job on an oil rig must learn quickly, adapt to different situations and should have the ability to work long hours. The work done on oil rigs is particularly a team oriented work requiring from candidates being team player who can and enjoys working as a part of group of workers. If you don't like being supervised or your activities closely monitored, the jobs of Roustabout, Roughneck, Painter, and even that of a simple Dishwasher or Galleyhand in the catering department's kitchen on offshore oil rig is definitely not for you. Ask yourself first: are you capable to listen carefully and obey commands immediately?

Oil rig jobs are considered to be higher paying jobs that also offer a challenging work environment for employees. This makes employment for positions oil rigs some of the most sought after.

Late in August 2013 the oil company San Leon Energy produced the first shale oil in the Timahdit area in Morocco. The production took place eight months after San Leon Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with Chevron Lummus Global regarding the technologies needed to produce synthetic crude oil from shale oil, said Forbes. San Leon also made another public announcement about the discovery of oil in the course of offshore drilling in the shallow waters off the coast of this traditionally suffering from the lack of natural energy sources African country. The discovery is due to oil companies Genel Energy, Serica Energy and San Leon Energy that began exploratory drilling for oil deposits in the designated locations still in July 2013.

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