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Roustabout Jobs and other low end positions for unskilled personnel on offshore oil rigs

There are jobs on offshore oil rigs for the unskilled and semiskilled workers. No matter, what is your experience, if any, you still can get a job on offshore platform as Roustabout or Roughneck and start earning a generous salary immediately. Oil drilling companies never stop hiring! The other semiskilled positions on offshore oil rigs are Painter, Galleyhand, Kitchen Helper, Laundryman, Steward, Housekeeper, Scaffolder etc., and even Pipe Fitter is an entry-level position on offshore oil rigs that doesn't require previous experience and there are job listings. The rapidly expanding offshore oil production industry really offers very lucrative employment with great salary for both trained specialists and unskilled low end workers like Roustabout or Roughneck positions.

Even in the hardest times of global recessions, there have always been opportunities for motivated persons to earn good salary. Such employment opportunities are available for you as long as you do not object performing hard manual labor in challenging environment. What tasks are meant, are the missions requiring stamina and physical capability to work long hours without any break. If you are always on the outlook for new employment opportunities or have just graduated from a college, then working on offshore oil rigs might be the opportunity to be considered. Oil drilling companies, engaged in offshore drilling for fossil oil, are very interested in young workers, and therefore they offer very solid benefits, meant to encourage the young workforce influx. The companies that hire undertake to compensate travel expenses and cover all living expenses during the entire worker's stay on offshore platform or drillship. Lots of living supported services are provided for offshore oil rig workers and employees absolutely free of charge.

Drilling Engineer after the apprenticeship. Salary: from $US 62,000 at entry level to $116,000. Required. Contact the recruiters through oiljobreview at

Because of the rapid growth of the demand for oil in the US and abroad, there's a possibility to get a job on offshore oil drilling platforms - even if you're looking for a simple job of Roustabout, i. e.unskilled manual laborer, which is the most popular position in offshore upstream sector for the majority of people that are just looking for an opportunity.

In fact, getting a job on offshore platforms is not where the problem lies. Contrary to the widespread myth about the impossibility of finding offshore job for the unskilled worker, finding a job and getting hired is not,where the problem lies.

Finding an entry-level offshore job without experience is not hard. It's hard to keep it, once the job is found. Because of the hard and challenging conditions that offshore roustabouts are required to work in, the rate of workforce turnaround on offshore platforms is extremely high, therefore new job openings appear all the time.

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