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Featured vacancy in oil & gas production: Rig Mechanic Jobs: Crane Mechanic

Offshore vacancy location: Louisiana, USA. Salary: Negotiable, excellent benefits package.

Offshore Crane Mechanic Job Description: Routine duties will include inspection, ongoing repairs, and maintenance of offshore lifting equipment in according to the guidelines and corporate rules/specifications in compliance with the manufacturer requirements and restrictions. This is an excellent job opportunity for new college graduates. Traineeship program is available.

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Now back to Rig Mechanic job in Oil & Gas downstream sector.

A sample List of extra certificates that could increase any candidate's chances to be approved by meeting the requirements for offshore Rig mechanic position goes below. The list is based on the professional training certificates, presented by one of the previously successful applicants for offshore job opening of Rig Floor Mechanic that also applied for offshore job openings of Roustabout/Foreman and Roughneck.

1)Transocean OJT on Mechanics. 2) Hazardous Materials Awareness. 3) (NOV) BOP, Shaffer Surface Mechanical Equipment (Singapore). 4) Fall Protection End User (Singapore). 5) Basic First Aid (Guam, ex-military base). 6) Top - Set Investigators Course (Nigeria). 7) Offshore Medical Certificate (Ghana). 8) Rigging (Singapore). 9) Dropped Object Awareness. 10) Tamrock Pantera 1500 Drifter Course. 11) Scaffolding Awareness (Singapore). 12) Fall Protection Awareness. 13) Permit To Work Offshore. 14) Basic Rig Hydraulics & Schematic's (Singapore). 15) Rig Thinking and Planning Safety. 16) Oil Tanker Familiarization in Maritime. 17) Personnel Lifting (Ghana). 18) Seadrill E-Learning Cargo Load Out (Ghana). 19) Hazard Communication Hazwoper Awareness (Singapore). 20) Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention in Maritime. 21) HUET & Sea Survival (BOSIET )- (Nigeria), OPITO approved course. 22) National Fire Service Course. 23) Caterpillar Machine Electronics. 24) Confined Space Entrant/Attendant (Singapore). 25) Forklift Safety (Singapore) - special Roustabout opportunity training/certification on courses for Indians and Africans. 26) Transocean OJT on Motorman. 27) Confined Space Rescue (Singapore). 28) Rescue At Heights/ Confined Space Rescue Training. 29) Caterpillar Service Report Writing. 30) Confined Space Entry Awareness (Ghana). 31) Seadrill E-Learning TMS (Ghana). 32) First Line Maintenance (Ghana). 33) Offshore Induction & Safety (Ghana). 34) Seadrill E-Learning SAMS (Ghana). 35) Elementary First Aid in Maritime. 36) Safety Leadership Foundation. 37) Caterpillar Basic Troubleshooting. 38) Personal Survival Techniques in Maritime. 39) Transocean HS & E OJT Module. 40) Introduction to Roc L8 Atlas Copco Course. 41) ISPS Awareness in Maritime. 43) Personal safety & Social Responsibilities in Maritime Environment. 44) Blood Borne Pathogens (Singapore). 45) Motorman in Maritime. 46) Caterpillar Engine Electronics. 47) Basic Fire Fighting & Self Rescue (Ghana).

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Rig Mechanic / Asst. Rig Mechanic CV Extracts:

Professional Profile: Rig Mechanic / Asst. Rig Mechanic. Personal Details are as following: Age: full years: 36 years old; Sex: Male; Marital Status: Married; Nationality: Ghanaian; Working Experience: 14 Years; Health condition: Excellent.

Standard of doing job or performing assigned task or mission: Regardless of the position or the vacancy that I was ever offered to fill, be it on offshore platform or as Mechanic or Electrician/Motorman with oilfield service companies, I always used to perform my tasks to the best of my ability and in the best interest of the offshore oil drilling company I was hired to work for. I have interpersonal skills and very good public communication skills. I am also able to create and support a team environment and safety. I can assure that as candidate for the job penning of offshore rig mechanic I can surely work productively unsupervised, I am self motivated while I have a lot of success at supervising a crew and being able to work routines, rotations, training and disciplinary actions, evaluating performance and crisis management of my crew.

Previous work experience:

1) Rig World International Service Ltd / Transocean Drilling Inc. Ghana Ltd. Job Title: Rig Mechanic, the type of vessel: Jack Ryan (Ship Rig). History of the employment: this candidate for vacancy of Offshore Rig Mechanic or of Assistant Offshore Rig Mechanic has been subcontracted by Rig World International Service Ltd (Agent) to Transocean Ghana Ltd. drilling contractor. His duties included: daily routing checks, rebuilding, system changes out, troubleshooting, fault diagnosis, servicing, preventive maintenance & repairing on top drives, iron rough neck (hydra tong), mud pump, shakers, draw works, pipe handling mechanism (prs/hpr), hydra racker, pipe transfer conveyer(pte), bucking machine, bx elevators, drilling pumps, seatrax cranes, gentry cranes etc. To ensure systems are kept in good working condition, to carry out work safe and in a timely matter that the offshore environment requires.

It's highly recommended that any greenhand offshore job seeker gets examined by a physician, authorized to issue medical certificate of fitness for offshore work even before you think of submitting your resumé to hiring agency in a hope to get hired as entry-level worker without experience of ever setting your foot on offshore oil rig's helideck. If everything's O.K., you'll get a paper, stating something like following:

Medical Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Work
Issued in accordance with Oil and Gas UK Guidelines

Name: Binnahko William Durhautumn
Date of Birth: 21-st October 1980
Company: Tranceocean
Occupation: Mechanic

This individual has been examined in accordance with Oil and Gas UK Guidelines and is Medically Fit for Unrestricted Offshore Work

Examining Physicians: Dr. Joseph Mbener/Dr. Habeeb Subair
Oil and Gas UK PIN No: OGUK/2016/1859
Examination Date: 12-th July 2015
Date of Expiry of the Certificate: 11 July 2017
Signed and sealed by plenipotentiary official of the West African Rescue Association (West African Rescue Assoc. Ltd., PMB CT 266, Cantonments, Accra/Ghana).

2) Rig World International Service Ltd / Transocean Drilling Inc. Ghana Ltd. Position held: Motorman, type of vessel: Sedco Energy (Semi Submersible Rig) Generation: 5. Voyage: MODU; GRT: 23404; BNP: 37500. The offshore oil rig job seeker was subcontracted by Rig World International Service Ltd (Agent) to Transocean Ghana Ltd. The Motorman's position routine duties included: daily normal routine checks & reading, troubleshooting, fault diagnosis, system changes out, servicing, preventive maintenance & repairing of water maker, purifiers, pumps, thrusters, dryers, main engines, generators, cooling systems, oil separators, sewage etc. To ensure systems are kept in good working condition, to carry out work safe and in a timely matter that the offshore demands. Also to watch keep and maintain engines and engine room equipment.

3) Menergy International Ghana Ltd / Seadrill Drilling Ghana Ltd, from 17 January 2012 to 24 September 2012 was employed to the position of Asst. Mechanic on the 6 generation offshore oil drilling semisubmersible West Leo; Voyage: MODU; GRT: 39833; Main Engine: 38420kw. The candidate was then subcontracted by Menergy International Ghana Ltd (Agent) to Seadrill Ghana Ltd. At Seadrill Ghana Ltd. as offshore mechanic, whose job duties would include daily routing checks, rebuilding, system changes out, troubleshooting, fault diagnosis, servicing, preventive maintenance & repairing of top drives, Liebherr Cranes (in Australia), Gantry (portal) cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes (for example HIAB, HUISMAN, MANITEX International, TTS Group ASA, Ram Luffing & others, Iron Roughneck (Hydra Tong), bx elevators, mud pump, shakers, drawworks, pipe handling mechanisms (prs/hpr), hydra racker, pipe transfer conveyer (pte), drilling pumps etc. Was responsible for timely measures to be taken in order to ensure systems are kept in good working condition, to carry out work safe and in a timely manner that the offshore work demands.

Other experience in offshore drilling: As Rig Mechanic for Menergy International Ghana Ltd / Transocean Drilling Inc. Ghana Ltd. this position job seeker also worked on types of vessel such as Sedco 702 (Semi Submersible Rig) third generation semisubmersible, employed as Offshore Instrument Technician, and then transferred tp the position of Rig Mechanic from 19/05/2010 to 01/01/2011); Deep Water Millennium fifth generation DP foreign going drillship, GRT: 60,083, main engine 47,736 kw - was employed as Rig Mechanic from 21/01/11 to 27/10/11. From 04-10-2009 to 10-04-2010 worked in a position of the 4th Engineer for Win & Fire aboard the vessel MT LV Sedo (Oil Tanker); Voyage: Foreign Going; Worked as a Motorman from 12 December 2008 to 28 August 2009 for Sealavender aboard MV Atlantic I (Cargo); Voyage: West Coast; G.R.T: 30281. In 2007-2008 did a job for La Ala Saudi company - Saudi Arabia and the UAE (Abu Dhabi), Oman, Bahrain; the title/description of the job that I then held was Heavy Duty & Mobile Equipment Mechanics (Expat Foreman). In 2005-2007 was employed by the company Mantrac Ghana Ltd, Job Title: Field Service Technician / CTS MAN, main duty was to carry out repairs on breakdown and shutdown machines and system change out, for example Ground Engaging Tools and Mid Life according to the mining industry standards. In 2003 - 2004 had a working experience with African Mining Services, working on contract in a position of a Rig Mechanic. 2001 - 2002 Ghana National Service Scheme Sandvik Tamrock Gh. Ltd (Sandvik Constrution Gh. Ltd. Job Title: Drill Rig Mechanic/ Rebuild of hydraulic component. 1997-1998 Company: Western Veneer & Lumber Co. Ltd. Job Title: Heavy Duty Mechanic. In 2010 worked as Technician (Foreman) for Entsil Mining Services Limited company (Gold Fields Ghana Ltd.). The position's duties included preventive maintenance on all caterpillar equipment and planning daily scope of work and organized labour force to carry out day to day job involved with equipment repair and servicing and ensure systems are kept in good working condition, to carry out work safe and in a timely matter that the mines demand from very start as fresher until every specific contract is over and the last salary received.

Relevant Educational and Training Background:

  1. KNUST School of Mines Motor Vehicle Technician (Part I)
  2. Cape Coast Technical Institute Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  3. Takoradi Polytechnic Motor Vehicle Technician (Part II)
  4. Regional Maritime University Mandatory Training Course
  5. Takoradi Polytechnic Motor Vehicle Technician (Part III)
  6. Caterpillar SIS and E.T. Programmer

Relevant Skills: Offshore Drill Rigs and Drillships: Fault Diagnosis, Troubleshooting problems, System Changes Out; Maintenance, Servicing & Repairing of Top Drives, Sewage, Winches, Purifiers, Dryers, Gentry Cranes, Working Buckets, Generators, Kenz Cranes, Motors, Water maker, Seatrax Cranes, Pumps, Engines, Shakers, Knuckle Boom Crane & Others, Bucking Machine, Mud Pump, Pipe Handling Mechanism (PHM/PLS) (PRS/HPR), Iron Roughneck (Hydra Tong), Hydra Racker, Air Compressors, Liebherr Cranes, BX Elevators, Drawworks, Pipe Transfer Conveyer(PTE), Manriders, Thrusters, Oil Separators etc. For some time worked as offshore welder helper.

Mining Production and Exploration Drill Rigs: Servicing, Maintenance, Fault Diagnosis & Repairing of Atlas Copcos, UDR 650, Drilltech K25S, Dando Mintec 12.8 Multi System DE 710, X 900, X 300, KL 900, EDM 2000, Pantera 1500 & 1100 model, CHA 1100, Sandvik DE 820 Multi System, RC Exploration Drilling Machines, Drilltech D45KS/KS25, DE 810, etc. etc.

Heavy Duty Mechanics: Troubleshooting problems, Fault Diagnosis, System Changes Out, Rebuilding, Servicing, Maintenance & Repairing of Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Iveco Trucks and Man Diesel etc. Heavy Duty Equipment and Machinery: Servicing, Maintenance, Fault Diagnosis, System Changes Out, Rebuilding, Troubleshooting problems & Repairing of Bell Articulator Trucks, Cat Articulator Trucks, Forklifts (Lift Trucks), Hydraulic Hammers & Piling Machines, Excavators 385CL, 345CL, 330DL and 320CL. Haul Trucks 785C, 777D, D30D, D300E AND D400E, Loaders 992G, 966G, 938, 930H.Graders 16H, 14H, 160 and 140, Dozer D10T, D9R, D8T, D8R, Komatsu Dozers etc.

Maintenance Planning: Maintenance Planning Schedule and Warehouse Keeping (Wear House Personnel). Custom Trucks Service: Specialist in all ground engaging tools machines; Dozers, Motor Graders and Excavators. Rebuilding of: Rotary Screw Compressors, Hydraulic Hammers, Cylinders, Gear Box, Final Drives Pumps and Rotating heads and Drifters. Light Vehicle: Toyota, Volvo, Sykes Water Pump and Alights Lighting Plants. Electrical: Caterpillar Electronic (ET), Auto Electrical Technician and Electrical Installation. Operating Equipment's/Machinery. Fork Lift, Caterpillar Excavators, Haul Trucks, Loaders, Dozers, Rigs, Trucks and Buses.


The candidate goot all necessary oil rig job training and certification needed to carry out general Mechanic, Mechanical Technician and Motorman duties including troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, service and fault diagnosis on equipment's such as top drives, engines, cranes, iron rough neck (hydra tong), mud pump, shakers, draw works, pipe handling mechanism(phm/pls), hydra racker, pipe transfer conveyer(pte), air compressors, motors, pumps, thrusters, manriders, winches, water maker and purifiers maintaining high availability of equipment and minimizing cost from equipment downtime.

  • Perform mechanical maintenance and some electrical (low voltage) maintenance to a standard that maintains the integrity of the equipment and does not compromise safe operation
  • Responsible for safe work environment by contributing to job safety analysis, engineering technical standards, facility standards and work practices
  • Perform repairs and fault finding using hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical schematics
  • Provide relevant feedback to enable maintenance planning improvements in terms of efficiency and equipment integrity
  • Work towards achieving set KPI's (key performance indicators)
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures especially the SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) policies
  • Solve all hydraulics and air systems problem with the help of schematic.
  • Ensure that all maintenance procedures are strictly adhered to by trained/certified staff, and especially by trainees and apprentices.

    Some of the low end/entry-level offshore jobs on platforms, drillships and modu's:

    Drill leaders
    Offshore driller
    Directional Driller
    Rotary drill operators
    Drilling operations supervisor
    Catering staff: Chef, Steward, Dishwasher, Galleyhand
    Learn more about becoming Roustabout on oil rigs by following the link to the other section of the web site
    Different engineering jobs that require college degree: environmental engineers
    petroleum engineer
    industrial engineers
    mechanical engineers;
    Offshore medic
    Offshore nurse
    vacancies of Mechanic/Electrician, offshore and offshore positions and job openings
    Radio Room Operator

  • Conduct weekly and monthly equipment/machine auditing to help prevent future breakdowns.
  • Prepares and submits detailed daily maintenance report to mechanical supervisor or chief engineer.
  • Conduct every 250, 500, 1000, 2000 hours servicing for all engines and the other equipment's
  • Hand on approach in solving all equipment's / machine's problems.
  • Disassembly and assembly of equipment's / machine's to replace worn out parts.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, services and maintain top drives, engines, cranes, iron rough neck (hydra tong), mud pump, bx elevators, shakers, draw works, pipe handling mechanism(phm/pls)(prs/hpr), pumps etc.
  • Testing and adjusting to maintain good working condition equipment's / machine's trucks and cars.

    HAND TOOLS KNOWLEDGE: Hose press machine, power tools such as pneumatic wrenches, screwdrivers, pipe treading and cutting machine, pipe bending tool, (hand, magnet and stand fixed drill machines, wrenches, pressure gauges and precision instruments, test equipment, pliers, hammers, rig welder equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic jacks & press, hoists, power tools such as electrical wrenches, torque multiplier, torque wrenches, grinding and cutting machines, die gauges, caliper etc. Part of this hands on experience was obtained while performing a role on offshore platform decommissioning project, working also in the capacity of Rope Access Technician.

    Functionality as RIG EQUIPMENT MECHANIC: Applicant has declared he is able and eligible to perform major component change outs, servicing, , preventive maintenance & repairing such as engines, pumps, top drives, cranes, iron rough neck (hydra tong), bx elevators, mud pump, shakers, draw works, pipe handling mechanism(phm/pls) (prs/hpr), hydra racker, pipe transfer conveyer(pte), air compressors, motors, pumps, thrusters, manriding, winches, water maker and purifiers maintaining, motors, cylinders, hydraulic control blocks, directional control valves, telescopic seals change out, cylinder head gasket, bearings. In doing major component change outs, this is the procedure used:

    • Paperwork - Permit to work and also energy isolation if required
    • Discussion and planning work - Written risk assessment and prompt card
    • Safety - Main hpu supply line valve must close, hydraulic pressures released, main switch isolated and locked/tagged.
    • Awareness - PA announcement and barrier tapes around the area
    • Commance Work - Troubleshooting and diagnosis fault, remove components and all hydraulic hoses attached to the component, remove cable harnesses if attached
    • Slack mounting bolts and suspend the component before finally removing mounting bolts, remove the faulty component
    • Clean the mounting surface, fix new seals, fix new component with crane or lifting gear, put mounting bolts in place, torque the mounting bolts to manufacturer specification, fix back all cable harness and fix back all hydraulic hoses and pipes with new seals, as well as re-fitting other components removed for access.

    Who could confirm recommendations: Mohammed Toffic JOHANNE OGOE, Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources Adviser at Menergy Intl. Ghana Ltd Rig World Services Ltd - Aberdeen, UK Roman Ridge, Accra. Ghana. Roman Fabisiak Vasile Neculaiu - West Leo Technical Section Leader Chief Marine Engineer. (Chief Engineer) Sedco Energy. Seadrill West Leo Transocean-GGA. Mr. Domenic Pansini Mr. Carlos Pena - Mechanical Supervisor Mechanical Supervisor - Transocean-Sedco 702 Transocean DWM.

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