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Offshore Maintenance Technician Jobs

Offshore Mechanical Maintenance Technician Jobs

Offshore maintenance technician jobs are jobs on offshore oil rigs (platforms, drillships, MODU's FPLO's, semisubmersibles) in the maintenance department, example of job titles that belong to this category: Offshore Fibre Optic Cable Technician (Perform offshore subsea, on-board barge / vessels cable connector troubleshooting, disconnection/termination, and commissioning, Offshore Maintenance Supervisor, Assistant Rig Mechanic, Junior Service Technician, Motorman, Service Engineer with PLC skills, Mechanic, Instrument Technician, E&I Technician, E&I Maintenance Engineer, Electrical Maintenance Engineer, Operational Technician - SCADA 1, Marine Electronics Engineer, Production Technicians, Marine Operators, Telecoms Technicians, Production Chemists, Maintenance Schedulers etc.

Featured offshore maintenance technician vacancy advertisement:

Approved recruiting agent is looking to hire suitable candidate to fill the vacancy of Offshore Maintenance Technician to work for the initial 6 months on contract aboard a ship sailing off the coast of Africa in the territorial waters of Angola. Good candidate will be someone with several years of previous experience working on FPSO for a flat rate of 60,000 EUR per year salary. Job responsibilities will be around servicing FPSO main engine room equipment.

Normal requirements to Electrical Offshore Maintenance Technician include relevant qualifications, customized training, previous experience in offshore oil & gas upstream sector is desirable, but not crucial - all of us once had to start somewhere, after all. Normal responsiblities of maintenance technician offshore job will include maintenance and servicing of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic equipment and tools in a working condition. Here also belongs different calibrating and measuring equipment and quick responce to failures and breakdowns of all systems, equipment, controllers, gauges, and machinery, found on offshore oil rig that are in charge as per list. Candidates for this offshore position are required to have good interpersonal communication and interaction skills, being a team player is a must. Perfect oral and written English and ability to communicate and understand issues at any level.

Index of salaries for top paying jobs on offshore oil rigs: Reservoir engineers/ Drilling engineers - salary $US 62,000 - $US 116,000; Offshore installation managers - salary $US 120,000 - $US 245,000; Subsea engineers/Geologists - salary $US 105,000 - $US 120,000; Offshore drilling consultants - salary $US 143,000 - $US 305,000; Production / Maintenance supervisors - salary $US 108,000 - $US 147,000; Tanker captain - salary $US 75,000 - $US 170,000; Offshore drilling consultants (Workover and Completion) -salary $US 62,000 - $US 205,000; Commercial divers and Helicopter pilots - salary $US 93,000 - $US 150,000; Marine engineers - salary $US 70,000 - $US 155,000. The salaries, cited above, are for reference only, because they can either increase or get reduced depending on workload and efficiency of performance and amount of overtime hours, the rates may change depending on array of the conditions.

The other titles used to label the same position on offshore oil installations and facilities are Offshore Service Technician or Process Operation Technician. Offshore Service/Maintenance Technicians on their workplace test, install, service, maintain, calibrate, do troubleshooting and repair all sorts of equipment. Types of technicians include in offshore oil & gas production and exploration industry comprise: electrical technicians, process operation technicians, mechanical technicians, instrument technicians, ROV technicians.

To elaborate and add more specifics, offshore electrical technicians aboard oil drilling rigs are in charge of distribution systems, motors and control systems; instrument technicians are responsible for the repairs, including overhaul, of control and safety equipment and sets of instruments and hand tools; mechanical technicians specilize in servicing, calibrating, maintenance and ongoing repairs of turbines, engines and all sorts of hydraulic and compressed air pumps; process operation technicians main responsibility resides within ensuring the continuity and safety of the oil and gas production process.

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