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Entry-Level Offshore Jobs in Oil & Gas Drilling Industry

How to get an entry level job on offshore platforms

When speaking about entry level jobs on offshore oil rigs, the people, who are new to the industry that offers exceptionally huge salaries even for the low end staff without experience, usually mean getting a position of Roustabout. In fact, Roustabout, a general unskilled manual laborer job on offshore oil rigs, is where many high ranking staff once started their career. Roustabout is a great low end position to start from, whether your goal is to earn big money for a very short period of time and then leave for calmer, safer, less stressful, but also much poorer paid occupation or to pursue a brilliant career in petroleum industry's upstream sector. If you are able to perform the duties of Roustabout, this automatically means you're suitable for better paid positions on offshore oil drilling platforms, if you only have abilities and the ambitions to progress upwards career ladder. Otherwise, you might just continue to remain in the niche, quite rapidly becoming a Roughneck. Experienced Offshore Roughneck can expect a salary, amounting $ 80,000 per year, and even more, if capable to perform the duties of a Foreman. Needless to explain, that in order to get hired to a position of the entry-level Roustabout, a candidate is required to be in excellent physical condition, and that condition is required to be confirmed by the results of medical examination and specially developed physical tests. Physical strength and stamina are essential, because you won't be able to handle heavy tools and operate heavy-duty mechanisms, unless you possess the necessary physical qualities. Transporting heavy objects from one place to another on the drilldeck of offshore oil platform is by no means an easy thing to do. A candidate to fill offshore Roustabout vacancy should be a quick and meticulous guy. The company, oil drilling contractor, be it in Texas, USA, or in the UAE, expects from the applicant for Roustabout position to be a non-conflicting person with a strong character, who could learn quickly how to work together and interact with people in other positions on offshore oil rigs: Crane Operator, Assistant Crane Operator, Welder, Derrickman, Motorman, Electrician, Roughnecks who he will often substitute for coffee breaks or on other occasions, with the Riggers, whose duties are to offload, handle, and load different sorts of cargoes and supplies, arriving and leaving offshore platform by ship or by helicopter, and even with Scaffolders and a Medic. Roustabout can be called to provide immediate assistance in any work one can imagine on offshore oil rig, even to do the duties of a Galleyhand or Kitchen Helper or Painter, if ordered.

How to get the job

Citizens and residents of the USA and Canada are advised to look for Roustabout entry level job close to the Gulf of Mexico, where the huge number of oil drilling contractor offices are located. Pay special attention to Houston, TX, and the New Orleans, Louisiana.

Getting the entry level job of Offshore Roustabout is much easier thing to do, as often pictured. Even if offshore oil drilling is a secluded industry, where many things, including employment, are done through reference and recommendation, still possibilities exist for people without contacts either. You just try and beg them to give you a chance. If you are a young and healthy male aged between 25 to 35, your chances should be excellent. Better if you act through online CV submission service. If you've got military or marine background, then your chances are just excellent. If you additionally have a college degree in petrochemistry, then your chances against the competitors rise exponentially. Ex-military are the people, who the recruiters for offshore oil drilling jobs love most. The same applies to greenhand candidates with practical experience in construction, welding, or related trades. Contemporary drilling for crude oil is computerized. Therefore computer specialists may well get trained for all kinds of cyberdrilling.

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