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Two ways of getting hired on oil rigs at entry level

Basically, there are two ways of getting hired to fill whatever vacancy on oil rigs, meant specifically for a greenhand applicant looking for an entry-level job one might be able to perform on oil rig without having any prior experience. By saying so we mean the most popular oil rig position of Roustabout. In fact, the vacancy in question requires neither completing any special course, nor serious college education / vocational training. To put it simply, Roustabout on oil rigs is a fancy title for general laborer that gets paid for doing the dirty job on rig nobody else wants to do.

To be good candidate for entry-level position of Roustabout (Deckhand, Leasehand, Floorhand, Floorman etc.), an applicant just needs good health, ability to pass all required test (including drug test and medical exam) that are intended to confirm the job seeker has no alcohol or drug addiction and is physically fit, be of age, and have High School Diploma or GED Credential as an alternative. Also his/her criminal record (if any) should be acceptable, no serious problems with the law in their past. Strong motivation and willingness to work hard manually never fearing of getting dirty from the top of head down to your toes is the must. What you've just read should be the exact description of the lowest entry-level position on oil rigs, called Roustabout (Leasehand, Floorhand, Floorman).

Roustabout's duties and responsibilities aboard a rig include all sorts of cleaning, scratching, painting, tidying everything on the drill deck or production deck and helping Roughnecks and the rest of oil rig crew in not important what is needed at the moment without asking questions. The description of Roustabout's responsibilities on oil rig (either onshore or offshore) could form an endless list from one hand, but nothing special from the other side.

In many cases the position of Roustabout serves to motivated and ambitious individuals as a loophole to break inside the oil drilling industry - once you have got at least several months of hands on experience working on oil rigs and were not fired, you're most likely to never experience difficulty getting your next contract with oil drilling company or subcontractor the primary contractor would hire to complete any specific or highly specialized part of project at a given stage, for example, decommissioning job that involves recycling. All the above said, the entry-level position of Roustabout in the oil & gas industry is still one of the most difficult to get hired for - if you don't have prior experience of working on oil rigs.

When you are looking to get hired for the first time, two basic situations are possible: 1) you live close to where there are any oil rigs, for example in Louisiana, North Dakota, or Houston, Texas. In fact, the companies drill for oil or pump oil from the existing wells they provide oilfield servicing for, in the majority of the US states. 2) You have been unfortunate to live far away from any oil rigs and oil production installations.

In the first case it's preferable that you visit as many rigs as possible and talk directly to Rig manager or someone responsible for taking hiring decision. This way is preferred, because such candidate for oil rig job can make the best from the valuable opportunity to impress employer. It works very well, if you walk in, dressed the way like you would like to start working immediately: protective helmet on your head, boots with steel toes on your feet, protective gloves, overalls. Add to that what you could tell him about your having learned about oil rigs, especially if you cared to invest your time in attending any of oil industry specific courses (for example those training rig welders, electricians), or general certification courses like those after which the enrollees receive BOSIET, HUET, H2S, HLO, DP srtificate), and you will understand what I mean.

If you live at a big distance from oil rigs, then the best solution that could lead to getting hired on oil rig would be using a reputable online CV/Resumé submission service. Only the positive feedback from the people, who used similar services so far for finding offshore oil rig jobs.

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