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Getting Started on Offshore Oil Rigs

Getting started on offshore oil rigs at entry level has been always difficult. But even if you were lucky to get a job of an Offshore Roustabout, there's even a bigger challenge that you further can expect to face. You may loose the newly acquired position in just a wink of an eye, if during the trial period, and even further on your performance starts failing to meet their expectations of your superiors or immediate supervisors aboard offshore oil rig. Especially the requirements are stringent in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and in the Gulf of Mexico on BP run projects.

Although it is the policy of the majority of companies that provide jobs for offshore oil production workers to encourage their efforts towards career growth in every way, the competition for achieving higher roles on crude oil production platforms, where salary is bigger correspondingly, the competition there is just fierce and merciless. No candidate will ever gain any role bigger than just Roughneck or Motorman, unless individual belongs by his or her nature to that portion of employees on offshore oil rig, who spare no efforts and who got strong motivation and ambition to get trained for the sake of their offshore career growth. He is a bad Roustabout, who doesn't strive to get promoted to a OIM or Toolpusher position on offshore oil rig.

Meanwhile, there exist many opportunities at each level either to increase one's chances to get hired to fill a vacancy of Roustabout without previous offshore experience or to boost the development of your career and accelerate your being promoted to more responsible roles of offshore oil drilling rigs.

There are all types of courses available from OPITO approved accredited facilities for both existing and aspiring offshore oil drilling workers. Completing one or several training courses of the sort can help any healthy and physically fit individual, man or woman, get their desired offshore job in oil and gas, and finally achieve their goals.

Many big, medium, and even small offshore oil drilling contractors offer opportunities for offshore and onshore careers in oil & gas. It doesn't matter, if at this time you are a candidate, who works offshore, onshore, or are just someone thinking over the ways of entering offshore oil and gas industry. There are absolutely valid opportunities to suit an eligible candidate of any level of readiness, qualification and efficiency, designed to help you make the best of your inherent natural inclinations and skilled trade skills in your disposal to boost your career entering or growth.

Popular Offshore Oil Rig Jobs for Beginners


Annual salary of Roustabout, the lowest ranked worker on drilldeck on offshore oil rig, can reach $US 55,000 for the crew member with offshore experience. But after getting started on offshore oil rigs, usually it is not for long time that a greenhand worker remains in this position, which is physically very demanding, but requires very little skills. What stands next to Roustabout position on drilldeck, is Roughneck. In fact, Roustabout job description often reads that Roustabout frequently substitutes one or another from Roughnecks for coffee break or for a snack, and it is part of his duties to do so.

Maintenance Roustabout

Maintenance Roustabout is a general laborer on offshore oil rigs, whose duties and responsibilities are much more varied than the functions of Roustabout on the drilldeck, but the job itself is less stressful, less physically demanding, and involves less risks to the worker's health and life. The salary can be 10 - 15 K less than what "regular" Roustabout earns. In fact, Maintenance Roustabout on offshore oil rig ranks even lower on offshore career ladder than a Roustabout position. But there are offshore jobs, such as Steward, Galleyhand, Pot Washer, Kitchen Cleaner, Janitor etc. which are beneath. Nevertheless, all of them suggest the salary that goes way beyond what skilled trades workers could earn on the dry land.

Getting Started on Offshore Oil Rigs as a Rig Welder

Many people do not know that learning welding processes and techniques like pipe welding, required for Rig Welder, can also provide excellent opportunity for getting started of offshore oil rig. Welder on offshore oil rigs often is considered entry-level job. The issue is you can't be hired for position of Offshore Oil Rig Welder, if you are a welder with little experience in welding and your skills are limited to structural welding only. It's not primarily offshore experience that is required from seeker of a job of welder on offshore oil rigs, but good, solid experience in various types of welding, especially cyber welding. The same as with cyber-drilling, cyber-welding in the recent years got wide application in offshore oil drilling sector with the advent of the ROV's. Your getting started may well start from learning additionally the job of offshore ROV Technician or ROV Pilot.

Coming next: Offshore oil rig jobs for: paramedics, veterans, felons and oil rig jobs for women.

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