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The vast majority of people somehow believe it is impossible to get an oil rig job without experience. That is because the very first information oil drilling contractors' HR people or their authorized recruiters ask every greenhand oil rig job seeker, is whether he or she has got any previous experience of working on oil rigs. They keep asking the same question even if their vacancy advertisement clearly states they look for candidates to fill offshore positions that can be held by people with no previous experience of performing oil rig jobs.

It's actually not unrealistic to get a job on oil rigs, even if a posting by employer reads that they require people with experience. The point is that when crewing agencies and offshore consultancies that do recruiting for oil drilling contractors say they require candidates with at least some experience in the oil production industry, they bear in mind a well established fact that low end workforce turnover on oil rigs is exceptionally high. This means that hiring an oil rig worker with experience, they already have assurance they deal with a good fit, already selected by another oil rig job provider, who already had proved being suitable and capable of cope with duties and responsibilities associated with entry-level oil rig job like Roustabout or, say, Painter - positions, basically requiring strong motivation, willfulness, character, self-control, excellent physical shape, and being a team player, rather than oil production industry specific experience and skills.

To the right person the required skills can be taught, especially if those are the skills of Roustabout (general laborer, doing all dirty work aboard oil rig) or Kitchen Helper in the catering department, never associated with prolonged training, but on the contrary, being limited to simple tasks that may be only physically hard, dirty, or exhausting. From the other hand, the strength of character and toughness are what hardly can be taught, if not inherent naturally in a person. It is strong motivation, physical force, and ability/willingness to work hard long hours that recruiters look for in an oil rig job applicant, when they ask about previous experience. It's not in fact experience in novice oil rig workers they are looking for, it's for ability and willingness to do the kind of job on oil rig that isn't only physically demanding, but also can be dangerous at times.

Jobs on oil rigs are certainly for strong guys with nerves of steel, who can be tough and fearless in their behavior, who do not tend to panic should emergency occur, who are industrious, and who don't care too much about getting a bit dirty in exchange for excellent salary as compensation for doing hard work on oil rigs in the positions that basically don't require any previous experience experience. Greenhand Roustabout or employee in other entry-level positions on oil rig, especially offshore, is expected to learn and pick up skills in course of work that even don't require training, just demonstration and instruction. Roustabouts in oil drilling or maintenance, or Galleyhands in catering, learn skills from the experienced staff as they go by simply following senior crew or team members and obeying their commands. If you turned out able to keep working several months on oil rig and never quit, that means you won't run away later, you're an oil rig guy, and that is the real value of your previous experience in any of the entry-level roles in oilfields.

A different approach towards resolving issue of successfully applying for a job, while having no previous experience on oil rigs is to get it. How on earth could I possibly do that, you may ask? Just enroll on one of the numerous Roustabout training courses or Slinger/Banksman training program that last only several day and offer hands-on training. Even this kind of experience can't be referred to as real,enclosing certificate of the completion to your CV/Resumé won't escape the attention of the experienced recruiters. Your odds of getting hired for a job on oil rigs that require no experience may multiply, if besides graduating from oil rig related courses or program you, as a greenhand candidate for oil rig job, cared to obtain and even better to excel in transferable skills as welder, electrician, alpinist (will easily get trained as Rope Access Technician on oil rigs), motorman, mechanic, forklift operator, crane operator etc. The result may turn out just wonderful.

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