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Alert on offshore technician jobs in Singapore
  • Offshore Fibre Optic Cable Technician, job description: basic functions for this offshore position will include: subsea connecting/disconnecting of cable connectors, connecting disconnecting cable connectors aboard cable laying ship, troubleshooting and commissioning of cable systems according to specifications. Some of the minimum requirements good candidate to fill this vacancy of Offshore Fibre Optic Cable Technician (Connector) to comply with: must be a holder of all necessary offshore certifications from OPITO approved institutions or courses like BOSIET (RGIT), HUET, H2S, FOET etc. show competence and demonstrate possession of the skills, related to Siemens Tronic and/or Gisma subsea connectors; prior experience of working in a relevant position at a cable laying barge or ship; produce the proof of relevant cable connector technician certification.

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    Concerned about fire safety, a known offshore oil drilling contractor, Noble Drilling, decided to create an external, secluded, perfectly isolated and completely ignition safe smoking module on one of their offshore stationary rigs, producing oil in the North Sea. Since there's always shortage of space on offshore oil rigs, and in order to comply with numerous offshore fire safety regulations, decision was made to use a standard CSC safety approved container and have it modified for the purposes of use in the capacity of an offshore external smoking room. The offshore smoking module solution was offered by Alara-Lukagro Co from Netherlands. The offshore smoking capsule is equipped with forcibly ventilated air duct with fire dampers. More such containers are expected to be installed on other offshore rigs. Once job is done, the other oil drilling contractors liked the innovation, and it seems that soon the availability of such external cells for smokers would be made mandatory on all offshore oil rigs by industry-wide regulations.
  • Featured CV/Resumé #AF2746202

    I am 29 year old male from Ventspils, Latvia. Currently I am studying at Riga Technical University in Latvia to obtain qualification in Mechanical and Instrumentation Engineering. The decision to study was not only because of the qualification, but mechanical engineering is something that I am really passionate about.

    I believe Roustabout position on an offshore rig would be suitable for me, as I am physically fit and my current position as a Control Room Operator in one of the biggest and most complex oil terminals in Northern Europe (VNT) have gained me experience and knowledge about work with oil products. I really enjoy working in this field of work, and in my two years of experience in VNT my efforts have been recognized by the terminals management, resulting in my being promoted from Terminal Operator to Control Room operator position, and I was one of three most promising workers in the terminal that have been given chance to gain experience in the VTTI terminals in Netherlands. At the moment I am taking part in the project, where I am restoring and improving HSE and work instructions for different technological processes in VNT terminal.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I am available for interview, and I look forward to take the opportunity to talk with you further about my possible job placement as Roustabout, Mechanic, Mechanical Technician, Instrument Technician or whatever entry-level job can be available on offshore platforms or other types of rigs with your company. Interested employers may request contact information of this offshore oil rig job seeker by e-mail.

    Looking for a job of Offshore Mechanical Technician

    Highly skilled mechanical technician, 34 years old, male, with some extensive experience of working on different projects on oil and gas installations and plants, providing scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, breakdown and preventive repairs of various components of oil & gas heavy duty industrial equipment, including preventive technical intervention during emergency situations. Previous professional experience: Senior Mechanical Technician at Total ABK (offshore) Abu Dhabi UAE, duties included servicing, maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning of high technology sophisticated oil production equipment, such as turbines, compressors, high volume output oil pumps and more. Mechanical Technician at Gasco Asab NGL plant, working first on overhauling of high performance IM8 gas compressor, and then charged with overhaul repairs of turbines (Thomassen); Have all the necessary offshore certificates like OPITO approved HUET/Sea survival, H2S training, HUET, FOET, BOSIET, as well as medical confirming job seeker's serviceableness and being fit to work on offshore oil drilling facilities like platforms, semi submersibles, FPSO's, drillships, MODU's, as well aboard tankers and auxiliary vessels.

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