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Looking to start as a Greenhand Roustabout?

Petrofac greenhand course is intended for offshore rig employment seekers, who either don't have any previous experience of working on oil rigs at all, or for the individuals, who already entered the industry and worked for some time in one of the entry-level positions. By enrolling to Petrofac greenhand courses they would like to get some sort of general or specialized training, hoping for the promotion. Petrofac Greenhand Training Course is believed to be very intelligently structured and is comprised of theory classes and practical hands-on component. The course lasts 5 days, during which the trainees get trained in the main lifting operations, the correct ways of handling manually different kinds of cargoes and loads they might be required to move around the drilldeck, learn helideck safety rules, and get trained in Banksman and Slinger operations.

Petrofac Greenhand Training Course provides condensed and comprehensive schooling that cover the following areas and disciplines, having to do with offshore oil exploration/production operations the low end personnel normally deals aboard offshore oil drilling platforms, semisubmersibles, MODU's, FPSO's, drillships.

Upon successfully passing final exams, Petrofac greenhand course graduates are issued OPITO approved stage 1 banksman and slinger certificate and Petrofac certificate, confirming their training with this provider of personnel training services for offshore industry.

There are lots of other training courses available from Petrofac that cover every aspect, activity, emergency situation or job on offshore and onshore oil rigs. Wherever possible, those training courses are OPITO approved and (or at least) compliant with industry standards. Some of the most popular of them include:

  • OPITO Trainee Blaster/Painter, 3-day course
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) 6.5 hours, OPITO certificate upon completion
  • Minimum Industry Safety Training course (MIST) (OPITO-approved)
  • 1-day, OPITO-approved Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) course
  • 4-hour Basic H2S Training course (OPITO-approved)
  • Helicopter Landing Officers (HLO) Initial Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Manual Handling Awareness
  • Rigger Training Stage 1 (how to use lifting equipment pieces, available on offshore rigs), 3-day training course
  • Manual Handling Assessor
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) course (RGIT)
  • Universal Basic Survival course for seekers of a job on offshore platforms in Norway's North Sea sector

Petrofac Petrofac Training Services is a global provider of training courses for individuals already holding jobs in offshore and onshore oil drilling industry and those who aspire to enter this lucrative industry through getting employed for an the entry level job like Offshore Roustabout, Rig Medic, Scaffolder, catering positions like Steward, Galleyhand, Cook etc. Offshore greenhand rig employees and workers can take any of these courses on their own initiative or as delegates. Petrofac strives to improve the quality of workforce for oil & gas industry's upstream sector, especially of offshore drilling personnel.

Though not a single Petrofact greenhand course will guarantee successful graduate job on oil rigs, still the completion of some of them, for example BOSIET, won't fail to increase such job seeker's odds of getting hired by contractors or recruiters, working for oil drilling companies, immensely. No HR agent is going to take your job application seriously, unless your CV/Resumé states clearly you have completed your BOSIET before submitting application for offshore position on il rigs.

Advice on choosing the right course with Petrofac. Roustabout is an offshore job that most applicants will pass through, if they do not have previous experience on oil rigs and aren't trained in one of oil & gas industry related trades. It is very important whether you have a trade or not, meaning which path to choose when chasing the employment. Petrofac greenhand course must be a preferred option for those without trade. Complemented with BOSIET course and UKOOA medical, this induction training will give you advantage over the rest of greenhand competitors for Roustabout job to fill the vacancy. If you are candidate who has a trade, it's recommended that you did BOSIET and medical. And, certainly, there's no need to complete the full set of courses available from Petrofac.

Featured CV/Resumé #AF2746201

Looking for entry-level position as Roustabout on offshore oil rigs

I am a 30 year old Indian citizen.I would like to apply for any entry level position offshore.I have 9 years working experience in construction and marine and mining. I have recently completed my basic Offshore Safety & Emergency Training and now wish to pursue a career within the Oil Industry. I am willing to start at the bottom and work my way up within the company that would employ me. I am therefore looking for a job as a greenhand Roustabout. Please find attached my CV and application for employment:


Six month as a Trainee in MICRO-CIS-NET. SURVEY OF INDIA (GOVT.ORGANIZATION): March 2006 to March 2007 in a digitization mapping as a GIS ANALYST. IBM: 6 month work as a customer care executive. TECKNO-SOFT SOLUTIONS (Dehradun) from sept- 2012 work as a Trainee PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION:- MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (M.Sc. (IT) Regular) with 68.88% From Himalayan Institute of Technology, Dehradun affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar. GNIIT (Global National Institute of Information Technology) with 70% from NIIT, Dehradun. CERTIFICIATION PROGRAMME: 1. STCW95: a) personal saftey and social responsibility b) fire prevention and fire fighting c) personal survial techniques d) elementary first aid 2. HUET course, OPITO compliant, got certificate: a) pre flight-prepration b) helicopter emergencies c) under water escape from an upright helicopter d) escape under water from an upturned position e) escape from a helicopter in upright position 3. H2S training course, approved by OPITO: a) chemical and physical properties of H2s b) health and other hazards of H2s c) H2s detection and monitoring equipment d) H2s protective equipment e) emergency procedure 4. BOSIET: a) helicopter under water escape training b) personal sea survival techniques c) fire-prevention and fire fighting d) hydrogen sulphide saftey e) elementary first aid STRENGTHS: Extremely hardworking and committed with strong ethical values and work culture. Willingness to learn new concepts. Committed to deadlines and schedules. Coordination and team work. PERSONAL DATA: Marital Status Single, Nationality Indian, Languages spoken: Hindi & English. I am a self made person, will try to prove my worth, if you provide me an opportunity to serve you. Contact information upon request.

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