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Instrument Technician Jobs On Offshore Oil Rigs
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Offshore Instrument Technician on oil rigs performs scheduled or unscheduled maintenance & repairs of all kinds of electronic equipment, security systems, instruments and process control equipment - this is the summary (or brief description) of offshore Instrument Technician job that gives a clue of what this kind of specialist does and what his roles, responsibilities, and duties are all about aboard offshore oil rig: stationary shallow water platform, jack-up rig, semisubmersible, modu, drillship etc.

Becoming Instrument Technician in oil and gas and getting job on offshore platforms as an option, could be an excellent career opportunity for graduates with an Associates degree in Instrumentation Technology. Though, normally oil drilling contractors won't hire such greenhand applicant for a position of offshore Instrument Technician unless the candidate has worked as an intern or at least several months in the capacity of an Apprentice Electrician or an Electrical Apprentice, or better Assistant Electrician in a related field. In fact, it doesn't matter where exactly you would start this kind of career, meaning your very first entry level job. Any position in I & E field will do. Taking into account that I & E is a rapidly developing branch of the world's industry, with good initial skills any novice has good chances to be noticed and get quickly promoted, say, from Assistant Electrician or Electronic Instrumentation Repairman/Tester to much better paid Instrument Technician position. If you are able to promote yourself as a good graduate candidate aggressively and win your starting employment with companies like Shell, Lyondell, or Exxon, your odds for starting offshore career immediately increase exponentially. Such initial land based employment would certainly make the best start ever with the brightest prospects of getting consequently hired for offshore position by oil companies as entry-level Instrument Technician. Offshore Instrument Technician jobs on offshore oil rigs from time to time get announced on the Internet, just follow employers advertisements on job search web sites.

The following oil and gas and energy companies and consultancies were recently looking to hire people to fill Offshore and Onshore Instrument Technician vacancies:

  • Wood Group PSN, oilfield servicing company, global provider of jobs in oil and gas. Announced: 5 offshore vacancies of Instrument Technician: the 1-st for someone aspiring to work in the North Sea aboard Claymore Platform, the oil production offshore installation that has been owned and operated by the Talisman UK Co; the type of contract - permanent, job location: Aberdeen, UK, GRA region; the other vacancy of Instrument Technician was announced in a rush to fill as soon as possible an offshore job opening with ConocoPhillips. The next two vacancies were one was from Shell ISC looking for experienced Instrument Technician to work on contract basis on offshore oil production units off the coast of Aberdeen, North Sea, UK and Norway sectors.
  • National Grid, operator of the UK's national gas transmission system. Announced 1 vacancy of Instrument Technician, onshore. Great opportunity for a candidate with BTEC National Certificate in Instrument Engineering, or equivalent. Annual salary - £ 32 000 ($US 48 000+), 25 days of leave in the end of the year, bonuses, social benefits;
  • NES Global Talent, recruiting agency of technicians and engineers for different sectors of oil and gas industry. Offered Instrument Technician vacancies in Iraq, Iran, Singapore, UK (West Sussex), contracts duration ranging from temporary for 12 months term to permanent;
  • RHL (Recruitment Holdings Ltd), a recruitment agency for oil $ gas, last month announced 10 vacancies of Instrument Technician. RHL recruits mainly for Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq, as well as Suriname, Nigeria, Angola, Indonesia, USA (Texas), UK (London, Aberdeenshire, West Midlands), Netherlands. For vacancies in the Middle East preference is being given to Arabic speaking job seekers who have at least worked in oil and gas in the capacity of an unskilled Roustabout on oil rigs. 1 hot Offshore Instrument Technician job opening was announced for Angola with the suggested wage rate of £ 350 ($US 528 per day). The requirements in part included COMPEX, BOSIET Opito cert., Rope Access Technician training certificate to be reflected in CV/Resumé Brief Instrument Technician job description: duties and responsibilities as per standard Instrument Maintenance Technician job description, including oil platform emergency response duties as per matrix. Only applications from candidates with good ability to interpret CMMS;

    The other job offers from the same employer: Process Control Engineer, Electrical Technician, Lead Electrical Technician, Pressure Vessel Engineer, Upgrade Engineer (job location: Azerbaijan), Offshore Safety Engineer, Mooring and Subsea Engineer, Engineering Manager (permanent contract, job location: Algeria), Subsea Installation Engineer with permit to work at the territory of the continental USA, specifically Houston, Texas with offshore missions to the offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico; Onshore Pipeline Engineer to join the existing team, working on global oil and gas drilling project, job location: UK Surrey, Aberdeen, infrequent traveling required; Expeditor; Project Material Manager, oil job location: Saudi Arabia, salary: $US 14,000 per month ($US 168,000 per annum), there's a possibility that after the initial 12 months the contract can be extended. Check out for more vacancies on oil rigs soon from this featured employment provider.

  • GATE Inc. - oil production jobs in the USA, Instrument Technicians included, job location: Permian Basin (Odessa, TX). Pre-requisites: education Level High School or GED minimum, certified in Occupational hazards and safety standards, knowledgeable and experienced in repairs of controllers, valves, transmitters, tools etc., certified in Instrument work and testing methods, Fire & Gas equipment, ESD testing, Oil/Gas Facilities testing equipment handling and maintenance, instrumentation installation, commissioning, decommissioning, testing, routine maintenance and breakdown repairs, capable to freely read and interpret P&ID Diagrams, at least 5 years of previous experience in commissioning oilfield equipment, valid driver's license.
  • Swift Worldwide Resources, Oil & Gas staffing agency, made several instrumentation and control job offers. Some of the recent ones included: Electronics Technician - Radio Inspector vacancy, offshore, Brazil. Duties and responsibilities summary: Electronics Technician will be responsible for installing and commissioning radio/electronic equipment on offshore oil drilling platforms and drillships. Should have skills and knowledge to service RADAR, VHF, VRD, UHF. Pre-requisites for this offshore position: Technical Degree in Telecommunications, Electronics, or an Electromechanical discipline; Maintenance Technicians to work in Stafford, TX (SW Houston area) USA, minimum experience 3 years in oil production.
  • Instrument Technician Offshore jobs in Dubai are available from the following recruiters, drilling contractors, and direct employers in Dubai, UAE: Hire Right Human Resource Consultancy, Sharjah cement company, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd.
  • Rigs World - Oil and Gas Drilling Jobs, Oilfield Jobs in Saudi Arabia. Announced vacancy of Chief Electronic Technician. This is a supervisory position with responsibility focussed on overseeing Electronic Technicians and Electronic Trainees aboard a drillship. Good candidate would be someone with experience on dynamically positioned offshore oil rigs.
Oil and Gas Instrument Technician Salary Outlook

Even if there is no complete information about the salary of technical officers in the oil rigs readily available from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we've done some research of our own, and while investigating the industry, discovered that the average salary of $US 50,000 annually is the median salary estimate that should be sound for the year 2015. Instrument technicians also often enjoy the benefits such as paid vacation, sick leaves and health insurance. Typical entry-level Instrument Technician salary for this position on oil rigs is £ 18,000 ($US 27,120) - £ 25,000 ($US 37,700) onshore. £ 25,000 + ($US 37,000 to 38,000 and more) offshore

The desired education for those wishing to pursue Instrument Technician career path
Navigation and deepwater instruments are another concern of offshore Instrument Technician

It is ultra-precise navigation instruments and devices that ensure the precise return of drillship to the same location with the rate of accuracy that might be measured in centimeters. The wellhead is unsealed, and drilling for oil gets resumed.

Most of the subsea operations are relied upon the instruments. They scan the bottom of the sea to determine the best place to drill a well, and once the well is drilled, they examine the well itself. Is there anything that human hands can help the ultrafast electronic instruments with? Of course, there is.

Should an emergency situation occur, when those instruments at depths suddenly break down and become dysfunctional, including those super intelligent and ultra-precise sensors that allow the drillship to get positioned in the sea with such precision. What to do then? It is the people who will now have to help the instruments out. And the help will surely arrive in time.

Divers start going under water, when they are still on the vessel's deck. Before descending they stay for a while in the air/water pressure chamber, where the pressure is the same as down on the seabed. It is the instruments that measure their health condition all the time.

During the whole working cycle technical divers always stay under high pressures. Moving up and down is performed with the help of a special elevator, called a diving bell. This is a kind of cabin, open at the bottom. Water does not penetrate inside because of the pressure of the gas mixture inside the diving bell. Arriving on the seabed, a diver can immediately go into the water without much difficulty. Leaving the bell, he does his job, for example welding, under water, breathing, getting warmed and communicating through the umbilical cord hose cable.

Offshore Rig Medic and the other co-workers involved monitor the diver's activities under the surface, using a wide range of instruments and devices. It is the instruments and electronic devices that allow members of the team and crew aboard any offshore oil production/drilling installation to operate together as consistently as the fingers of one hand.

Associate degree in Electricity & Instrumentation must be the minimal level of education for the entry-level positions of Instrument Technician.This norm is completely applicable and should be taken to consideration by those employment seekers that wish to work on offshore oil production/exploration rigs. Being computer literate, knowledgeable or skilled in communications and communication systems, electrical systems, automation, computer microprocessors, pressure controls, flow devices will increase your chances to get hired or at least shortlisted for a pre-employment interview very tangibly. To be promoted from an Instrument Technician job to a supervisory position on oil rigs one often may be required to complete Master Degree in one of the instrumentation disciplines. Of course, it pays to study, since supervisory positions salaries on oil rigs, especially offshore platforms are being paid the salaries several times exceeding line positions. Big salaries are partly explained by hazardous and sometimes adverse nature of the work environment that oil & gas Instrument Technicians carry out their duties in, especially if we speak about those working on rotation schedule aboard offshore oil platforms and drillships, who have to stay several weeks in a row away from family and friends in the high seas in a secluded space, communicating and living with a limited number of other employees and workers.

Featured offshore Instrument Technician job offers:

  • Vacancy from Chronos Oil & Gas, full time contract, Salary range $US 60,000 - $US 70,000, job location: Great Yarmouth, UK. This Instrument Technician position will report directly to Operation Team Leader.
  • Instrument Technician, job location Singapore, offshore, job provider Danos, previous experience as Instrumentation Technologist required.

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