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A worker, doing job of Motorman on offshore oil rig, will be primarily responsible for continuous and uninterrupted operation of the unit's power engine module. The other duties of a Motorman, outlined in the Motorman Job Description, will deal with routine inspection and servicing the engines and motors that drive or put in action air compressors, pumps, water makers and other motorized equipment or mechanisms aboard offshore oil rig and troubleshoot the faults, should they occur. Some of the tasks and functions require from the Motorman to be trained as a Rope Access Technician or ability to work in secluded space as well as on heights. Drilldeck crew also, besides Roustabouts that could be promoted very quickly to Roughnecks (semi-skilled Driller Helpers), Derrickman, and Driller with Assistant Drillers, includes a Motorman. When there's a rush, Motorman can be requested to join the crew and take on some of the duties, normally assigned to Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Maintenance Roustabouts, Electrical Technicians, Deck Officer, Mechanical Technician.

Offshore Motorman job requires little previous experience in oil industry or at sea, it even doesn't call for any prolonged formal training at the entry level, but requires hands on experience with diesel motors and mechanics. To the position of Motorman people can be promoted from mechanically and technically skilled Roustabouts, it's quite a usual next step in a career path for entry-level greenhand laborers on offshore oil rigs, once they turned out capable to put their foot in the industry's door and proved themselves. Best chances to get Offshore Motorman jobs have candidates that worked on land based rigs, for example in North Dakota.

Working conditions for Motorman positions on offshore oil rigs

Motorman's working conditions on offshore oil rigs are certainly not those that could be described as allowing to relax. It wouldn't be even close to place to refer to offshore motorman jobs, as less demanding. They belong to the hardest jobs on offshore oil rigs. Motorman jobs on all types of offshore oil & gas rigs, including jack-up platforms, semisubmersibles, drillships etc. can be located anywhere, wherever you can find motors and/or engines running. Those are the places, ranging from drilldeck to galley module or dwelling quarters. In fact, similarly to Roughneck, Roustabout, Derrickman etc. positions that involve hard much manual labor, a job of Motorman is exclusively demanding, the biggest challenge being motorman's being obliged to work all the time close to heat. Heat together with extreme humidity, or on the contrary, dryness of the surrounding air at times could corm inhuman working conditions, in which motormen might have no other option than to stay several hours in a row with just occasional relief breaks allowed. At times the rhythm of work is so high than unless Motorman drinks some fresh water every next 5 minutes, the worker won't sustain, because it's not infrequent that the offshore motorman workplace gets as hot as an oven. The ventilation systems help, but they are not everywhere installed.


Motorman can be a difficult and occasionally risky work, but the salary is generous. If a greenhand Roustabout can count to earn approximately $US 35,000 during their first year on offshore oil rigs, Motorman's starting salary in this position could be $US 45,000 for the first year. In fact, it's salary for only 6 months in the majority of jurisdictions, and only for 3 months in Norway.

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