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So, what positions on offshore oil rigs offer some of the most attractive salaries?

Let me say first that ordinary low-end staff, like Roustabouts and Roughnecks, and even simple Dishwashers get paid generously on offshore oil platforms, and the salaries they earn can impress any average law abiding individual. Still, there's quite a realistic prospects for getting as entry level or get promoted to positions that offer so much better salary, you just need to be motivated.

According to the report on salary scale in offshore drilling industry, published by Offshore Technologies last year, the jobs with the biggest salaries on offshore oil rigs have included the positions, as per list that goes below:

  • Drilling engineer. Salary: from $US 62,000 at entry level to $116,000 and upwards on offshore platforms, very much depending on a project.
  • Marine Engineer, salary: $US 70,000 - $US 155,000
  • Workover or Completion staff - $US 62,000 - $US 205,000
  • Geologists and Geophysicists salary scale fluctuates between the marks of $US 105,000 to $US 120,000 - yearly. These specialists are in extreme demand in offshore oil exploration sector, since it's them, who detect, analyze, and interpret seismic activities within the terms of the probabilities of finding oil deposits.
  • Subsea Engineers and Chemical Process Engineers are the highest salaried engineer positions on offshore oil rigs, their annual salary ranges from $US 93,000 to $US 147,000, and can be considerably higher if specific circumstances apply.
  • Helicopter pilots - $US 93,000 - $US 150,000; the big entry level salary for offshore platform helicopter pilots is explained by both dangerous and risky nature of the job of piloting a helicopter that normally transports lots of people at a time. A helicopter pilot's mistake in maneuvering the aircraft can cost tens of human lives. Regardless of your position on an offshore platform, be it Roustabout/Roughneck, Toolpusher, Sub-sea engineer, Chief Rig Electrician, or even a simple worker on maintenance/equipment repair mission, seconded to offshore oil production platform by the equipment manufacturer, you'll never be allowed to set your foot aboard the helicopter unless you have completed an OPITO approved HUET/BOSIET training and got appropriately certified. This rule applies to any offshore platform helicopter passenger, be it catering staff member, Galleyhand, Dishwasher, Kitchen Cleaner, Janitor, or President of the BP - for any person traveling by helicopter to an offshore platform the rules are standard and the requirements are equal.
  • Offshore drilling consultants - $US 143,000 - $US 305,000
  • Production Supervisor or Maintenance Supervisor, salary scale: $US 108,000 - $US 147,000 per annum.
  • Divers on offshore oil drilling installations, depending on the climatic conditions and complexity of a specific job of Diver/Underwater Welder: $US 93,000 - $US 150,000; the biggest salary is received by those commercial divers, who keep positions of underwater welders on offshore oil rigs
  • Offshore installation managers (OIM) - $US 120,000 - $US 245,000
  • Reservoir engineer. Salary: $US 62,000 - $US 116,000
  • Tanker Captain gets annual salary within the range between $US 75,000 to $US 170,000

These are the jobs on offshore platforms that are statistically the most lucrative across entire oil production industry.

If you believe the highest paying jobs in offshore oil drilling industry can be found not in the USA's part of the Gulf of Mexico or in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. In both hemispheres the highest paying jobs lie outside the North America or the Western Europe.

Quite surprisingly, from the leading industrial world's countries, it is only Australia that keeps its place in the list of the countries that provide the top ten positions that offer the best salaries across the entire world's offshore industry. Here goes the list, compiled by the Offshore Energy Today:

  • Iraq: Drilling Manager. Gets paid up to $2766 per day; Project Manager - up to $2700 per day, this makes the highest salary for a position of Offshore Oil Drilling Manager, as for the moment of writing this review.
  • Venezuela: Completion Manager on offshore platforms can expect pay rate, reaching $2715 per day
  • Nigeria: Drilling Manager. Can earn $2844 per day
  • Australia: Drilling Manager in offshore sector earns up to $2942 per day; Completion Manager in Australia gets that biggest salary with the pay rate of $3075 per day. So far this record hasn't been broken
  • Iraq: Completion Manager pay rate can be up to $2624 per day
  • Australia: Subsea Manager's salary is calculated, bases on the figures up to $2692 per day
  • Angola: Drilling Manager $2631 per day
  • Nigeria: Project Services Director, $2817 per day

    The term offshore jobs normally encompasses the jobs, found in the offshore oil drilling industry. The offshore jobs are, as a rule, available on offshore platforms. People look for offshore jobs because of the high potential for salary and different tax and social benefits that might apply. Mind, though, that the benefits have their price to be paid, which include wide range of risks and threats to your life and health, isolation, working hard for prolonged periods during the working day without any breaks. The offshore jobs normally require that you work from 14 to 60 days without days off or leaves. Are you ready to meet the challenges?

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