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Offshore Mechanic Jobs: Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor, Chief Mechanic, Mechanic, Assistant Mechanic, Motorman. Offshore Electrician Jobs for people with Industrial Electrician background or Certified Electrician non-oil industry specific previous experience: Electrician, Apprentice Electrician, Assistant Oil Rig Electrician - could be advanced further in career to Chief Offshore Electrician, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor position. Offshore Crane Operator Jobs: Offshore Crane Operator, Assistant Offshore Crane Operator, Offshore Oil Rig Crane Maintainer. Offshore Painting Jobs, Rope Access Technician Jobs, Scaffolder Positions. Offshore Radio Room Operator Jobs: Radio Operator, Radioman, Rig Administrator. Offshore Medic Jobs: Offshore Medic, Offshore Nurse, Paramedic. Offshore Catering Positions: Camp Boss, Chef, Cook, Assistant Cook, Night Baker, Steward, Galleyhand, Housekeeper, Dishwasher, Cleaner, Laundry person. Offshore Supply Room Jobs on oil rig platform: Storekeeper, Materials man/Materials woman. Offshore Welding Jobs and Offshore Underwater Welding Jobs: Underwater welder, Underwater welder-diver, CSWIP 3.2 Inspection Diver. Offshore welder jobs are also considered entry level positions. Good prospects for getting hired exist for the applicants that are PADI certified scuba divers - will be requested to get trained as tech scuba diver along with obtaining proper training as a welder. These offshore oil rig job descriptions may be found across this website.

General requirements

In fact, the requirements for getting hired for practically any offshore oil rig vacancy, entry level or not entry level, are the same. A candidate for doing offshore oil rig job won't ever get hired, unless a man or woman applying for any one specific offshore position is:

  • at least 18 years old (for the UK, USA, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and the majority of the EU countries and the majority of the other world's developed nations)
  • drug free and can pass drug test to confirm there's no signs of possible drug abuse, to say nothing of being drug dependent
  • completely healthy and physically fit
  • capable to demonstrate good ability to work as a team member, better if team leader
  • psychologically stable and able to endure fine having to stay apart from family and regular environment he/she's accustomed to
  • able to prove ability and willingness to learn, pick up new knowledge and master new skills quickly
  • High School diploma or GED certificate holder
  • someone responsible, dependable, and motivated
  • understanding risks involved, yet feeling nothing wrong about working hard while being exposed before harsh, often extreme weather conditions 12 to 16 hours in a row, which is a rather common schedule on offshore oil rigs

For applicants looking to get employed for skilled entry-level positions like offshore electrical, motorman, scaffolder, medic etc. relevant education and training is, of course, required.

Specifics of increasing chances of getting hired at the entry level for unskilled offshore positions

For the new greenhand applicants for offshore oil rig jobs (most commonly those are positions of Roustabouts or Roughnecks - the lowest and the dirtiest jobs requiring for the most part nothing but physical force, endurance, and determination) it could be useful to realize the following: the best way to increase one's chances of being hired for offshore drilling rigs, when you haven't got any prior experience if you visit oilfield drilling contractors in person and speak to the people with the authority of deciding who to hire and who not. If you do so, you get advantage over the rest of the jobseekers in this very secluded industry. Advantage is you get a chance to possibly confirm in person whatever you stated in your CV/resumé. If you are resident of the United States and have been lucky to live close enough to Houston, TX or Lafayette, LA, then those are places where hundreds of oil drilling contractors offices are located. And here's what I believe to be a good piece of advice: take several copies of your CV/resumé along with you. If you are resident of the UK, then your recommended place to go should be Aberdeen, Scotland - that's where the majority of companies drilling for oil in the UK sector of the North Sea have their offices. For residents of other countries, choosing to apply for entry-level oil rig vacancies I could recommend to do some of their own research on the Internet and find out where their closest oil drilling companies offices are located.

Featured entry level oil rig job CV

I am so proud of my College training, unfortunately it was only a years course, it was Merchant Navy Cadet Training covering Basic Seamanship, as you can see by my CV it covered a wide range of Topics. I have used this experience to find oil related job's and have been successful twice. I have implemented some of my knowledge from college and have gained more experience in these two positions, unfortunately when work has dried up I have been laid off. I am a Fast Food Chef at the moment, this is just a fill in until a oil related job comes along. I have such a lot of enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge that my whole time off is spent trolling the Internet for a possible start. I realize it will be tough to get a start but I am optimistic about starting a career off shore. I consider myself to be a hard conscientious, reliable fit worker with lots of stamina, who works well as a team player but can work on my own initiative. I am available for work straight away. I have gained lots of experience from my work history but now need to work in a oil related job to further my career.

Some of the relevant qualifications obtained by this job seeker at the Lews College (Lews Castle College, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis) include: Basic Meteorology and International Regulations for preventing Collisions at sea; Basic Seamanship. Ropes, Wires Chains; Chartwork; First Aid at Sea; Safety and Survival at Sea; Costal Navigation; Practical Electricity; Seamanship. Utility SHEA (Gas); Cross Country Pipelines Health and Safety. Qualifications from Survivex in 2013 - 2014: BOSIET, Norwegian Escape Chute, MIST, Banksman Slinger. Qualifications/Training at Maritime and Coastguard Agency: Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities.

Work History, including job titles and duties:

Kitchen Porter for Drum Darrock Nursing home in Aberdeenshire. Kitchen Porter/Barman with duties including maintaining kitchen cleanliness at Station Hotel, Aberdeenshire. Was employed as General Site Maintenance Laborer in 2011. Land and Marine Site Opp/Welders Mate Liaising with Welders Civil Engineering in 2012. Assistant Welder charged with duties including preparing pipes for welding, Oil Industry Mate. Wetherspoons Industrial Cook Prepare fast food for Public Food Industry. As Roof Assistant, prepare roofs for cladding - roofing industry.

If you are an oil rig job seeker who failed to be lucky to live close to the place of concentration of the oil drilling companies or lack time to travel there, here's another option that still can be very effective. You can use the automated CV/Resumé submission service called Rigworker that specialize in sending out the resumés to offshore oil drilling companies and agents that do hiring for them. By doing so any applicant for oil rig vacancy not only saves his or her valuable time, but also gets free assistance in composing and configuring their CV/resumé exactly in the format preferred by HR people that make hiring decisions in oil and gas industry.

Regardless of which of the two approaches you as a greenhand applicant will choose, here goes an important tip: showing the signs of the keen interest concerning the specifics of offshore rig job could turn important factor in your getting or not getting that dream job on offshore oil rigs. Never forget this and find the way or opportunity to demonstrate your interest and motivation to the people charged with the right and the responsibility of making hiring decision or just rejecting applications. It's also recommended that applicants without prior experience be flexible in their approach as for the position to get hired for the first time. After all, the very fact you were once employed and worked offshore in not important which capacity already puts your resumé on top of the pile to be the first for the consideration to get shortlisted for the interview.

Featured Oil & Gas Employer

There's a direct employer called Africa Oil & GAS, which is located at Takoradi, Ghana that offers a variety of oil drilling specific jobs that require training/education/on site experience or no prior experience required, as well non oil drilling industry specific jobs in the auxiliary and catering positions. Some of them include: Drivers, Bar boy/Steward, Cook / Chef, Assistant Cook, Baker. Of course, similar to other places, experience in oil drilling industry is regarded as advantage, but well may be substituted by motivation, eagerness to pursue career on oil rigs, and to grow professionally and learn new more specialized skills (that are better paid, of course). Lots of benefits, including free meals, free medical care, company sponsored accommodation, paid vacation and insurance are included in the benefits packages, air fair reimbursed.

Oil drilling industry specific positions announced for the time of writing this review included Rig Electricians, OIM, Derrickman, Performance Tool pusher, Drillers, Riggers, Well Site Leader, Tool pushers, Oil and Gas Drilling Personnel; Project Manager, Directional Driller, experienced Roughnecks and Roustabouts with experience of guiding cargo over the deck thus assisting Crane Operator, Toolpusher; Offshore, Onshore and Land Based Drilling Personnel; Mechanic, Motorman, Offshore Subsea Tree & Wellhead Engineer, Directional Drilling Supervisor, Rotary Driller, Senior Drilling Engineer HPHT - 1 position in the UK offshore Aberdeen, 2 positions in Abu Dhabi - UAE. Directional Driller, Assistant Drillers, Rig Superintendent. Different Supervisory Positions to oversee operations on offshore platforms, Night Tool pusher (possible Indian living abroad, to fill a vacancy in Singapore), Rotational Tool pusher.

* * *

Offshore Catering Jobs - Salaries & Wages

  • Camp boss - $US 70,000 to $US 85,000 a year with most offshore catering contractors
  • Chef - $US 60,000 to $US 80,000 a year, depending on offshore facility and workload
  • Cook - gets salary $US 50,000 to $US 60,000 a year
  • Night baker - $US 48,000 to $US 58,000 a year salary
  • Steward - $US 50,000 to $US 63,000 a year
  • Galleyhand - around $US 40,000 a year
  • Dishwasher (Potwasher), Kitchen cleaner - $US 700 - 800 per week (2013-2014)

Steward is an excellent entry level position on offshore oil rigs with a great choice of opportunities to proceed with in offshore career. Responsibilities of offshore Steward may vary from an offshore oil drilling unit to other, as well as the salary. On bigger and busier offshore rigs Stewards responsibilities and duties may include managing the subordinate staff like cooks, bakers, galleyhands, kitchen cleaners and dishwashers. Under such circumstances this position on offshore oil rigs offers excellent opportunity to see if you are someone able to be team leader. If so, you may have a great administrative career prospects on offshore oil rigs ahead of you. It's rather reference than the salary ambitious man or woman would pursue in the position of an offshore steward/stewardess.

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