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Oil and gas industry is important to the world's economy in general and to the US economy in particular within the terms of employment, because it offers so many jobs and vacancies in both offshore and land based oil drilling sectors that they can't fail being taken into account as a potent factor of stability that not only provides employment opportunities for active men and women of the working age thus contributing to social stability, but also is essential for forming public revenue flow. It's exactly these economic and social realities that can't be ignored when discussing or reviewing any current or future situation on employment market that involves offshore oil drilling facilities requiring fresh greenhand workforce.

Working on oil drilling rigs has always been demanding work involving an increased risk due to closeness of heavy machinery even in case you are not motorman or mechanic. If we take only oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and base our calculations on only 35,000 persons that are employed and work on the 90 biggest offshore oil drilling facilities, including jackup rigs, drillships, mobile floating units and some other, as well as over 3,000 production offshore platforms, then we'll have figures showing over 1,500 victims that suffered serious injuries including 60 lethalities due to nearly 950 explosions, blasts, fires, leakages, and other emergency situations. This means that all staff aboard, from top positions like offshore oil platform manager and company man, all kinds of supervisors and engineering positions down to roughnecks, roustabouts, derrickman, mud loggers, laundry men, galleyhands etc. working 12 hour long shifts 4 weeks in a row keep being exposed to dangers of all kinds. That's why the salaries are so high and why rig workers are famous for starting earning such big money right away, even if those are entry level positions with absolutely no experience make such excellent money for working so long spans and long stays far away from their usual environment, friends, home and family. When it comes to positions that require experience and proper education/training, they offer 6 figure salaries, compensation hardly found in any other industry. Dangerous employment, but very lucrative.

Finding offshore oil career opportunities

Is it really hard to find oil rig job, if you have been unfortunate to lack any experience in the oil & gas industry?

Probably, yes:

I got 20 years of experience working as professional electrician in the industries outside offshore oil drilling. Now at this time I would like to try get employed and start working on oil rigs. As soon as I performed some of my own research on different job search sites, newsgroups, message boards, online discussion forums, social networks like Facebook etc. over the Internet, I saw immediately there was no shortage of advertising from recruiters, HR department, intermediaries and proxies of all kinds, and even oilfield service companies themselves that drill for oil or service the existing wells and offshore oil production units, but all them warn they won't hire the candidates without prior experience of having worked either offshore or onshore. There seems to be a never ending, vicious circle, moving nowhere: to get hired, you need experience, but if nobody wants to hire greenhand applicant without prior experience, then how do I get one? I have big extent of assurance I could be a successful electrician capable to service the electrical equipment available on board offshore platform, and even to make good career from scratch, but how could I get a chance to prove myself to be a good electrician on oil rig without prior experience? I sent out over 300 applications/oil rig vacancy applicant's CV's during two months, but no reply from anyone so far. Anyone could help? Any advice would be appreciated very much, need to decide whether to give up trying or which direction follow. Maybe I don't know the right people to get in contact with, or what?

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How to start out as a roughneck or roustabout in the oil industry

Looking for entry level offshore oil rig job? Have your CV/resumé posted with us at this vacancy search web site for free at this time. All customers, including jobseekers and potential jobseekers are not required to register, pay any sort of Membership fee, or create their online profile unless they wish so. The applicants for offshore oil rig jobs should confirm they understand the definitions used here, such as Offshore Drilling Rig, Accommodation Support Vessel (ASV), Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, Jackup Offshore Platform and others - that's where the vacancies could be available. Take time to find out more of the relevant information across this website.

For the attention of employers in upstream offshore oil sector here goes the next featured CV/resumé:

Matthew Atkinson
8 Usk Avenue,

Telephone: (mobile) 07701037490
(home) 01253 824476

My name is Matthew Atkinson, 26 years old, educated to a university degree level and I am currently looking for a start in a career within the offshore oil and gas industry. I am applying for the position of data engineer / coordinator and hope that i fulfill the minimum requirements for that is available within your growing and fantastic company. I feel I am very willing and able person and I am prepared to undertake any training or further offshore courses that would be needed or required for a new career in the oil industry. I am willing to relocate to any location needed and ready for an immediate start, I recently obtained the appropriate offshore survival certifications (BOSIET, MIST, and EURO Firefighting) please find these attached and also my current CV for your consideration. I am currently employed as a Bursary Processor for the NHS Business service authority, where my job requires me as part of a team to thoroughly investigate, calculate and authorize the finances for each individual student. My responsibilities as part of this team is to complete a set target number of cases per day, using specific programmes, whilst also undertaking other administrative duties. I have over 2.5 years of administrative experience within the NHS business service authority as I have worked as part of other specific teams during my time here and other experience ConocoPhillips Australia Pty Ltd through a number of part time employment whilst undertaking my studies at university. I attended Salford University for 5 years where I studied graphic design, and a further 3 years studying interactive use of media and web design whilst attending college. I am a professional, fit, and extremely motivated individual who would relish the chance to adapt and undertake any training for a different environment and feel I would be a great addition to any oil and gas company. I am ready for new and exciting challenges that will increase my capabilities and bring me a whole new set of skills.

Most likely, that's the case. But what to do?

Luckily enough, Old Jim is just in process of intending to create a special forum section on this website that would hopefully get filled with lots of valuable advice for entry level applicants looking to start career in oil and gas upstream sector. Those should be real advice and tips coming from the other users, who were once successful in qualifying for and getting hired not only for low end positions on offshore oil platforms such as roustabouts, deck hands, galleyhands, caterers or roughnecks, but also other crewmen, including ROV operators, engineers, welders, ROV operators, helicopter pilots, crane operators and other necessary to service oil drilling facilities and keep oil production process safe and running.

Offshore rig medic

There's quite a big portion of offshore jobs in the oil industry that belong to auxiliary roles, such as positions in catering department, medics, helicopter pilots that fly rig workers to and from the platform, interpreters, or even English teachers. If we take medics (that most often shouldn't be doctors or even nurses), paramedic instead being trained for that position fitting quite O.K., that's a position with a lot of responsibilities. Considering the people working on offshore oil rigs and support vessels are mainly fit and healthy persons, there's no need to keep a medical doctor (physician) aboard, a trained agent (frequently promoted to medic's position from roustabouts) is enough, while the doctor would stay on shore, receiving reports from and saying what to do in some of more complicated cases to rig medics who could be nurses or offshore paramedics. In order to reduce expenses, oil drilling contractors often hire one rig medic to cater to personnel on several offshore platforms, drillships, and other oil drilling and oil production facilities in the site.

If necessary, this person is being taken from one place to another to provide the first aid or medical assistance needed. The other responsibilities of offshore medic include testing food and drinking water and seeing the necessary quantities are always in stock; inspecting kitchen area and eating premises; keeping record of medical supplies and ensuring the necessary are always in stock, properly preserved and replenished in a timely manner. Medic is considered also an administrative role, since he or she keeps record of all people, sane and ill, aboard oil rig, checks the lists of arriving and departing staff, including transportation of the injured or ill persons to the shore in case of emergency conditions they should be able to diagnose or injuries or traumas. Of course, they are responsible for all medical records. Offshore rig medic is normally required to speak, write, and communicate well in English, because the people in offshore oil industry often come from different countries.

Average salary of Offshore or Rig Medic

As for the average salary of Offshore or Rig Medic: it varies greatly. Many companies have strict rules on their hired staff discussing or releasing information about the wages that they get. If you break this condition, you will most likely end up with getting fired. That's why the information on the salaries of oil rig medics is limited, though certain officially confirmed figures are available from, say, "The Oil & Gas Global Salary Guide" (2012, 2013, 2014). The salaries of offshore medic depend highly on the part of world or country you are employed in. Currently the highest salary for offshore medics was reported to be in Australia - $700-1000 AUD p/day before tax deduction. Other places: $US 355 a day before taxes in Transocean (GOM); North Sea, Norway sector, Royal Dutch Shell, £ UK 290 after tax deduction; Also, here's who's hiring: Abermed hires medics and HSE Advisors to further work on offshore platforms and oil rigs on short term and long term contracts. Take also note of FrontierMEDEX, headquartered in the UK that also has offices in China's capital Beijing, Calgary Canada, Baltimore and Houston USA. FrontierMEDEX offers plenty of the international offshore oil drilling project opportunities for medics and paramedics, well worth to contact. especially if you are in Canada. FrontierMEDEX is a recruiter that has been hiring medics for offshore oil and gas industry for over 30 years offering remote site medical and safety solutions to support effective and safe work of their personnel in hostile locations under harsh weather conditions.

Related positions: Occupational Health Nurse, Offshore Safety Medic, Offshore Seismic HSE Advisors, First Aid Instructors, Physician Assistants, Paramedics, EMTs, EMRs, HCPs, Hygiene Technicians, Physician/ Trainer; Drilling HSE Advisors to work by shifts onshore/offshore, min. 3 yrs experience, ready and qualified to perform offshore roles that require meeting some specific requirements; clearance might not be issued and the candidate won't be considered good unless he or she is in a possession of a valid offshore survival certificate. Vacancies for the positions listed are available in oil and gas sector in the following countries and locations: Middle East, Iraq, UK, Guinea, Aberdeen. The necessary requirements include good English communication skills, being computer literate, healthy and fit for working under the challenging climate and weather environment, capable and willing of traveling to remote locations, if necessary, worldwide, and working for at least one to one and a half month or so shifts at high seas away from family and friends. Good applicant also needs to be able to get along with other team members well, and demonstrate good endurance while working in secluded space with limited number of workers. Check out also Medical Assistant Jobs in Aberdeenshire in the category OPITO Jobs.

Overview of the impact of the GOM BP oil rig disaster on the employment situation in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and across the USA in general

The ban on implementing offshore oil drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico that followed the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster immediately produced tangible effect on the rate of unemployment in the region, leaving jobless many people who never imagined themselves employed for jobs outside oil drilling/offshore exploration industry. Besides offshore oil drilling, many people were effected outside the industry. The point is that for one person employed on offshore platform there are nine more employed in land based jobs needed to support offshore oil drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. If we take the state of Louisiana, the BP disaster cost its population somewhere 22,000 jobs, considering each next deepwater offshore rig employs somewhere around 230-240 offshore rig workers, where salary fluctuates around $US 100,000 a year in average. From among the above mentioned 22,000, approximately 3,500 lost jobs are the positions that directly do with servicing rig's operation, while the rest are jobs assuming indirect participation like catering, or employed in supplies delivery etc. To make the picture complete, over 300,000 residents of Louisiana, and essential portion of them from New Orleans, have been employed in different sectors of oil and gas industry. Over 1/10 of them lost their jobs as a direct result of the BP GOM explosion. In Texas the number of lost offshore jobs in the Houston area counted tens of thousands. Alabama was also affected severely, though indirectly. No new order for offshore oil drilling equipment resulted in several plants closure.

Consider dangers, understand the risks of working on offshore oil rigs

Each year the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and other organizations compile the list of top most dangerous jobs judged by the frequency of the fatalities occurring, the ratio of the severe injuries, the seriousness of the prolonged effects on one's health, as well as several other work endangering factors such as having to work long hours never slowing down the speed, regardless of the harsh weather and climatic conditions involved. Not too surprisingly, offshore oil rigger's job (meaning any position on oil rig, be it Chief Electrician, Camp Boss, Toolpusher down to the dirtiest and the most physically exhausting job of Roughneck/Roustabout or Mechanic/Motorman) can almost certainly be found on each of this lists. Discussing the dangerous jobs that compete for the inclusion, the estimators normally select the occupations that are capable to either physically cause sufficiently steady loss of health or reduced functionality of human body's organ or even kill the employee, or those involving the exposure to the risks and dangers of getting seriously injured just because of the nature of the worker's functions/responsibilities like having to perform one's duties in close proximity to hazardous area or moving parts of, say, heavy machinery or mechanisms/lifting equipment, or on heights, like rope access technician or painter of the metal parts of structure framework in a suspended position over the water surface in high seas.

Working on offshore oil rigs does belong to this list of America's toughest jobs. Offshore rig workers are more likely to die on the job than people doing jobs of similar nature on land, even if we compare the statistics available for the same oil production industry. Just working on oil rig in whatever capacity is believed sufficient for including this whole group of offshore oil rig positions in the list ranking the most dangerous jobs, taking into account not only lethality and short-term injury rate, but also the rate of stress permanently present when remaining during shift on offshore platform. Offshore Oil Rigger's job by the extent of danger goes after the professions like Urban Police Officer, Urban Firefighter, Professional Boxer/Fighter, Soldier that participates warfare, but one point ahead of the the President of the United States of America. Besides the risks of getting drowned, falling from big altitudes, getting hit and injured by numerous moving parts of the heavy machinery present everywhere on the oil rig, or even being abducted by the terrorists, the above are not the biggest menace for offshore oil rig worker. The worst from all possible accidents aboard offshore oil drilling facility is fire or blowout that occurs from time to time - recall just Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico (otherwise referred to as Macondo blowout, or BP oil disaster) that took away the lives of 11 persons, working on that offshore oil rig. Another prominent example should be 2001 explosion on the biggest at the time offshore oil platform in the world, stationed then off the coast of Brazil - to be precise, there occurred 3 consecutive blowouts that claimed the lives of 10 oil rig specialists aboard that sea based oil production unit. Don't envy the high salaries the people get on offshore oil rigs. Sometime this is a compensation offered for high probability of loosing life itself. Now think, is it much or little, considering that salary for entry level offshore jobs ranges US $50,000 - US $80,000 a year, while engineers and professional vacancies salary according to different sources on the Internet start at US $70,000 and end US $220,000 and beyond.

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Many oilfield services firms that operate in the US part of the Gulf of Mexico, have just reported the so much unexpected growth of income over the last year. These oilfield services companies include in part Houston, Texas headquartered Halliburton company; Houston (USA) and Paris (France) headquartered, but since 1927 the Netherlands incorporated Schlumberger NV that provides both oil exploration and oil production offshore oilfield services across the world, but mainly in 1) North America, 2) Latin America, 3) Europe/CIS/Africa and 4) Middle East & Asia. 73,000 employees up to date get salaries and earn their excellent living working for this oil drilling company. The second one is Schlumberger. Schlumberger currently provides the total 118,000 jobs to employees and workers, ranging from office and the top level CEO and management jobs to entry level offshore oil platform positions like roustabout or roughneck, totally 118,000 high paying positions for people with different levels of education, training, expertise, and talent - each of them is well salaried; Baker Hughes - founded in 1987 in the USA, Delaware incorporate, and currently headquartered in Houston, TX, this oilfield services firm offers approximately 58,800 jobs to oil and gas professionals and unskilled entry level workers both locally and internationally up to date.

The number of oil drilling offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico has increased approximately by 23% over the last year to currently constitute to the best of our knowledge somewhere around 60 active rigs. While other major areas of offshore oil and gas production in the USA are estimated to get exhausted by by the year 2020, the crude oil and natural gas deposits in the Gulf of Mexico are expected to last for much longer perspective. After 2020 offshore oil production in the area of the GOM is being predicted to continue rising to finally exceed the 26% growth reaching 1.9 million barrels a day, which means more jobs for the young workforce willing to try their forces as entry level workers on the Gulf of Mexico's offshore platforms. The bright prospects for the industry will imminently lead to

The total volume of crude oil deposited under the sea bed of the Gulf of Mexico is estimated at the impressive figure of 48 billion barrels, which is almost 4 times as much as the estimated onshore and coastal oil deposits. Again, the majority of these reserves can be found in deep waters. Developing them will involve using some very advanced and sophisticated modern technologies and equipment, used in deepwater drilling. More exceptionally well paid jobs will be offered to the professional who mastered the needed high level of technological expertise to handle all that equipment. Oilfield services companies have already started looking for this kind of the trained professionals and are willing to invest to the education of the engineers that would be capable to meet the needed high standards.

Technical Safety Engineer/Consultant for Atkins Oil and Gas to possibly work in, but not limited to the locations offshore Aberdeen, Houston, London, Sharjah, Perth, Edinburgh, Esbjerg, Calgary, Glasgow, Stavanger, Epsom. Salaries start from £ UK 50,000 per annum.

Oil rig job vacancies for Africa Oil & Gas, as announced 2014, and for 2015: Steward, Offshore Welder, Rope Access Technician, Derrickman, Motorman, Painter, Teacher of the English language/interpreter, Senior Drilling Supervisor, Directional Driller, Drilling & Completion Interface Engineer, Maintenance Roustabout with 3 years of experience. Motivated individuals with no prior experience could be offered training, though experienced candidates are preferred. Some of the jobs will be located in Takoradi-Ghana. Indians living abroad will be given preference to, if experienced at least at entry level or just other maritime jobs/former sailors are OK

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