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Rig Electricians are responsible for maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting and timely elimination of technical malfunctions in electrical circuits, contained in engines, turbines, compressors, pumps and motors in the rigs and other drilling appliances and mechanisms.

At the entry level rig electrician should possess some basic skills and knowledge concerning the principal types of electric systems, available in oil rig; should know the procedures for maintenance to apply to different kinds of electrically driven oil drilling equipment, understand basics of power generator distribution systems. Becoming oil rig electrician is possible through completing a specialized course or training program, ending with relevant industry approved certification that allows supervised or independent working in one of electric position, available on offshore or land based oil rig. Read below the information and learn how Electricians get trained. Rig Mechanic program summary comes soon, brief review by editor.

Before applying for a job of oil rig Electrician, offshore or onshore, you should get formal training by completing a two year program to get basic certification as all-purpose Electrician. More specialized electrician courses take substantially more hours to complete. Part of training program as Electrician apprentice may be taken online. The other part of Electrician training program, regardless of the industry or specialization, should be passed in the form of practical hands on training in a simulated or real-time environment and should end with passing serious of graduation courses. Becoming a a licensed journeyman electrician will enhance greenhand offshore oil rig electrician position job seeker's to get employed greatly. The standard minimum of 8,000 hours of additional training is required for becoming a certified and licensed journeyman electrician.

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Roustabout, Floorman, Derrickman and Mechanic jobs in in OGDCL Pakistan. One vacancy for each job title. Request info by sending e-mail. Employment opportunity for Pakistanis on UAE oil drilling rigs: Safety Officer, 1 vacancy, only the candidates with valid Nebosh; Assistant Driller (should possess IWCF) - contracting company: Drillco, Islamabad.

Transocean hires Pakistani Rig Crew in Islamabad, the following vacancies are available: DPO, SAP Planner, Assistant Crane Operator, Apprentice Oil Rig Electrician Derrickman, ROV Technician 1, Electrical Technician, Assistant Electrician, Senior DPO, Chief Rig Electrician, Motorman, ROV Pilot, Instrument Technician, Offshore Rig Electrician, Barge Engineer, Crane Operator. Drilling Crew required: An international oil drilling company in India and Pakistan selects good candidates to man the crew with the following positions: Senior Toolpusher, Night Pusher, Assistant Toolpusher, Drillers, Roughnecks, Assistant Drillers, Driller Trainees, Safety Officers, Roustabouts and Maintenance Roustabouts. Derrickman and Floorman are required to fill temporary vacancies for period of 3 to 6 months.

The work will be on a land rig in Sindh Region. Candidates should have a proof of at least 5 years previous experience on onshore/offshore rigs in a related position, valid IWCF for senior positions along with all certifications and licenses, STP, NTP and Drillers are required to be computer literate, be team players, demonstrate ability to follow commands quickly and correctly, excellent oral English speaking/understanding will be tested, if shortlisted for an interview. What we promise: excellent salary, work on rotation schedule (4/4 weeks), travel allowance, free return airticket. Recruiting agents and offices are located in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, as well as abroad in India (New Delhi, Mumbai).

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