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Lifting Equipment Engineer Jobs - Oil & Gas, Offshore Sector

Project Crane Operator, Offshore, salary: $53,000-$65,000 a year, may be negotiated, excellent social benefits package, medical coverage, early retirement plan.

Role Description: The Project Crane Operator is responsible for deployment and further operation in a safe and stable mode of cranes and lifting mechanisms, appliances, and forklift trucks on board and disassembling them off the vessel. Offshore Crane Operator also takes personal resposibility for the smooth, faultless and safe run of operations that relate to lifting, loading, offloading, and transportation of pieces and cargoes around the deck and vessel in general in strict compliance with the legislature, offshore oil drilling industry standards for safety, manufacturer's restrictions and specifications, and company procedures in effective and safe manner. The key accountabilities of the position of offshore project crane operator position will include safe operation of the drillship's cranes, as required by the latest procedures for Lifting Equipment and Operation on Yards, Ships, and Barges, and in accordance with the crane manufacturer's guidelines and labor safety legislature for offshore oil production industry. Minimum requirements for candidates to be considered for this vacancy are Crane Operator Stage 3 certification with a recognized training facility, previous experience must include crane operations on pipelaying, DSV, or offshore construction vessels. This position has been categorized as Offshore Lifting Equipment Engineer Job, Oil & Gas.


Average Salary of Offshore Crane Operators in America was reported at $US 65,000 per year as of July 2015. The lowest salary across the USA, reported for offshore crane operators, was earned in Alaska and costituted $US 49,000 a year, while the highest $US 70,000 per annum was in California. Offshore Crane operators in other states earned on average the following yearly salaries:

  • Mississippi - 68,000 USD
  • Texas - 64,000 USD, $74,000 in Houston
  • Alabama - 66,000 USD
  • Louisiana - 57,000 USD

Many offshore crane and lifting equipment operators and engineers once started on offshore oil rigs, as Roustabouts, Roughnecks, or Rope Access Technicians who did some high altitude work like painting platform's metal superstructure or performing welding operations in a suspended position

The forecasts for crane operator job in the USA are very bright, both for pay rate and for employment opportunities as well as for relevant offshore technician jobs. The need for crane operators will keep growing, especially in offshore oil & gas sector. By the end of 2020 the growth of number of jobs for offshore crane operators is expected to show the rate of 17%, while the general rate of growth in number of jobs in the US economy is estimated to remain at the level of 11%. Employment opportunities are tending to increase as more workers of the basic low end trades, like skilled motorman, pipe fitters, scaffolders, mechanic helpers that have been employed on offshore oil rigs for decades, are achieving their retirement age.

Senior Offshore Crane Operator, employment in Nigeria:

Stage 3 Crane Operator with experience of operating Huisman is required for work on drillship or pipe-laying vessel. If hired, you will work on rotation schedule, 6 weeks offshore alternating with 6 weeks leave on mainland. This should be an excellent opportunity for qualified individual, male, who has got excellent health, ambition to grow up career ladder, and possessing the needed certifications to perform this kind of job in offshore areas of oil production in Nigeria. Day pay rate for the position of offshore crane operator in Nigeria has been announced at £ UK 350 per day. Applicants will be required to produce Seaman's Book and OPITO certificates, such as BOSIET, HUET, HLO.

Similar vacancies from the same employer:

Tower Crane Operator in Nigeria. Physical ability to climb are to be tested prior to signing 6 months contract. Basic knowledge of electricity testing procedure at the simplest level is to be learned.

Project HSE Manager to work on Oil & Gas projects in Saudi Arabia; Salary: 9 - 10 K per month, residence at the expense of the employing company, medical insurance coverage, bonuses apply depending on the quality of doing job. Contract duration: 1 year, extendable.

Senior Offshore Pipelines Designer needed to work on contract on the territory of Saudi Arabia, job offer by EPC company in Saudi Arabia. Request info, if you have at least 5 years of previous experience in the same position. Senior Offshore Pipelines Designer job description reads that good candidate will be a trained professional, who is expected to work with very little supervision, with room for advancement. This must be an excellent offshore oil production career opportunity, especially if you are a citizen or resident of one of the Middle East countries and used to work as Rig Mechanic or Hydraulic Mechanic.

Crawler Crane Operator, job location: Baku, Azerbaijan. Do not apply, unless have valid work permit from Azerbaijan authorities in place and all offshore certifications that apply to work on offshore platforms.

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