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The number of the vacancies on offshore oil rigs is growing

Quite paradoxically the statistical data confirm that in spite of great availability of vacancies on offshore oil rigs, coupled with exclusively high salaries offered by offshore oil industry for new workers already at the entry level, the supply of workforce for offshore oil rigs fails to meet the demand in fresh inflow of workforce continuously. This should be the most pleasant piece of news for greenhand jobseekers looking to get hired and start to work offshore without any training or ecperience. Since there's a considerable lack of people that could qualify for getting hired, the competition slows down, and each candidate's chances to set their foot in the door of offshore industry increases.

Most of the drilling for oil and of oil production itself takes place not onshore, but off the coast of the world ocean. If taking only offshore oil & gas exploration facilities, there are approximately 900 offshore jack-up rigs, drillships, platforms, and offshore floating units across the world, sixty of them being located in the US territorial waters from both sides of the USA.

Drilling for oil and offshore oil production is a never ending process, which can be stopped only by disaster like a BP Deep Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Otherwise, any offshore oil rig never stops to function, drilling for or pumping oil 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To ensure the continuity of the process, the workers from the lowest ranked manual laborers, Roustabouts and Roughnecks, to the highest paid positions like Chief Rig Electrician or different supervisory positions work by shifts that may be either 8, 10, or 12 hours long typically 1 month in a row on rotation schedule, which is very physically demanding. While the time on offshore rig and the generally dangerous conditions of work are hard to endure, the salaries and much free time while on leave on shore make employment on offshore oil platforms very attractive for many healthy men and women looking for the place to earn quick dollars. Besides the most usual entry level positions of Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Deckhands, Galleyhands, there is a long list of other opportunities of getting offshore job for motivated individuals backed by their motivation and strong enthusiasm, instead of real on site prior experience - these are the vacancies of driller helpers, drillers, crane operator assistants, motorman, rope access technicians, scuba divers, medics and many others. The number of the vacancies on offshore oil rigs is growing, that's a confirmed fact, and there's always room for new hard-working people to try and start career on offshore oil rig.

Just some of entry level offshore jobs

Offshore driller
Rotary drill operators
Directional Driller
Drill leaders
Drilling operations supervisor
Different engineer jobs: petroleum engineer, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers
industrial engineers. Offshore medic, Offshore nurse, Paramedic
offshore position of Rig Mechanic/Electrician
Catering staff: Chef, Steward, Dishwasher, Galleyhand
radio operator.

Where is the job?

If you are talking about entry level unskilled positions on offshore oil platforms, these are not the jobs an informed candidate should be looking for by contacting the major oil and gas corporations like Chevron, British Petroleum (BP), Shell (Royal Dutch Shell), Marathon, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips Canada, ENSCO Intl., Hess, Statoil, Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa). Also forget Sinopec, Nigerian National Petroleum, Malaysia's state own oil giant company Petronas, Iraq's South Oil Company, Eni (Italy), Lukoil (Russia), Qatar Petroleum, Rosneft, Petrobras (Brazil), Total, Sonatrach, Abu Dhabi National Oil, Pemex (Mexico), PetroChina, National Iranian Oil Co., Saudi Aramco, the list could be expanded, but there's no need. These biggest oil & gas companies on the list never do the drilling by themselves, nor they hire entry level unskilled workers. That's true, they keep the world running, and will for many years to come, but that's not where to look for entry level oil rig job. It is contractors, smaller specialized companies that they contract to do oil drilling and provide all kinds of support and maintenance for themselves. So, to get hired entry level wise, informed oil rig offshore jobseeker should use the other list. Good piece of news that the list of of the companies that recruit people for offshore oil drilling contractors or the contractor companies themselves, is much bigger. If you are in the USA, then you may wish to start your search from Prodrill Engineering (Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire), NES Global, Precision Drilling in the province of Alberta, Canada; Paterson UTI, INC. - known provider of onshore drilling and well servicing services in Houston, Texas (could be great start for moving then to oil rig job on offshore oilfield. Onshore that's where you experience everybody's asking every greenhand candidate about).

More offshore oil drilling contractors on the list (just added): Noble Drilling Corporation, Lafayette, LA, USA. This contractor often gets contracted for performing drilling for oil and hires people to work on offshore oil drilling units of different types off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, off shore Latin America, in the Middle East, and generally worldwide, including also the Far East and the Middle East, West Africa, Southern Asia, Australia, and the North Sea (UK and Norway sectors) in Europe.

For entry-level offshore rig job seekers, who are the residents of the USA

Assuming you're citizen/resident of the USA who has desire to work offshore in overseas foreign countries, you should clearly realize that not just entry-level, but even low end workers with experience like roughnecks, roustabouts, or staff in catering like chef, camp boss, galleyhand, steward etc. are normally NOT sent to travel oversees (it's not like in the military), because such travelling would involve for the company that hires them ridiculously unnecessary expenses. Normally overseas offshore oil drilling platform (unit) is being crewed by local workers and employees with an American directional driller, toolpusher, chief electrician, barge engineer, or only someone to do supervisory job on offshore oil rig.

Again, for getting hired on offshore oil rigs, you need to get in contact with either drilling contractor or a company (or agent) doing the recruitment for them. It is a good idea to compile your own list and to follow them on the Internet closely. For example, you may wish to send out your resumé/CV to Maersk Drilling HR department. They always have new vacancies announced in a special section of their website. For example, their last month's listings of the vacancies included: skilled offshore employee for their two Drillships and their one DP Semi-Submersible of the 6-th generation drilling for oil off the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The vacancies were ranging from Senior DPO (Dynamic Positioning Officer) to IT Specialist to work both offshore and onshore around the area of Houston, TX; The other vacancies listed were: Subsea Engineer, Floorhand, Assistant Driller, Offshore Driller, Toolpusher, Seaman, Safety Officer, Roustabout, and Motorman. As I can judge, the vacancies get filled quickly, but new offshore job listings come.

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