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For job-seekers, looking for the employment either through offshore oil rig employment companies (recruiters) providing staffing and crewing services in oil and gas upstream sector in general, or through direct job providers, who are operators that run or subcontract offshore oil rigs (platforms, semi-submersibles and other types), it should be useful to understand and know beforehand, that for this industry it is characteristic to offer employment contracts that are tied to a specific project. With the exception of executive positions on offshore oil rigs, the other trades are hired to perform a specific offshore oil rig job exactly until the mission is complete and there is no need to have an offshore position filled, be it a stage of exploration or an offshore oil rig decommissioning employment. Once the project or its stage is over, the low-end and other non-executive staff is dismissed. The contracts for job from offshore oil drilling provider will normally last from 3 months to one year. The contracts with duration of one year are usually extendable, if the project lasts.

The Companies that Offer Offshore Oil Rig Employment

Maersk Drilling. Offers opportunities of employment on offshore oil rigs for ambitious individuals of active age, workers and engineers, including persons without previous offshore experience, looking to try themselves offshore in different branches: drilling, marine, maintenance, catering, administrative etc.: Catering Personnel, Camp Boss, Medic, OIM, Safety Officer, Rig Administrator, Logistics Coordinator, Barge Engineer, Toolpusher, Tourpusher, Assistant Barge Engineer, Subsea Supervisor, Maintenance Engineer, Electrical Supervisor, DPO, Offshore Crane Operator, Driller, Electrical Technician, Mud Engineer, Subsea Engineer, ROV Pilot, Offshore Rig Electrician,Motorman,Mechanic, Engine Room Responsible, ET Drilling, ET DP, Drilling Operator Planner, Assistant Crane Operator,Assistant Driller, Drilling Fluid Operator, Roustabout, Hydraulic Mechanic, Instrument Technician, Rig Floor Mechanic, Electrician, ET Subsea, Floorhand, Roughneck, IR/AB Roustabout, Welder, Offshore Diver Welder, Wt Welder, Assistant Electrician, SAP Planner, Roustabout Pusher, Helicopter Pilot, ROV Technician, HLO, Mud Logger, Chef, Cook, Night Baker, Offshore Medic, Offshore Nurse etc., etc. - the fullest imaginable list of offshore oil rig positions is available. Review of this company, which offers offshore oil rig employment, will come in the near future.

Swift Worldwide Resources is one of the major offshore oil rig employment companies, a known manpower providing company that offers offshore oil rig job placement in Canada. SWR partners with some of the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world to place workers in rewarding oil rig job openings in Canada, offering some of the best salaries, available in global industry. In fact, SWR, offers employment for all kinds of workforce in upstream,millstream, downstream, and chemical sectors of the petroleum industry. The offshore jobs jobseekers might be interested in, currently are as following: Planning Coordinator Airswift - Manaus, Amazonas; Planning Coordinator Airswift - Manaus, BR; Occupational HSE Coordinator Airswift - Colombia, to list just a few of the latest announced employment opportunities by the Swift Worldwide. According to, this workforce provider keeps 3,000 of permanent full time contract consultants approximately in 35 countries around the world. According to PR Newswire, early in 2106 the Swift Worldwide Resources announced merger with Air Energy Group that resulted in formation of Airswift Holdings Ltd. The company has multiple offices in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), USA, Canada, South America, Australia (Perth, Brisbane), China (Chengdu, Qingdao, Shanghai), New Zealand (New Plymouth), Japan (Tokyo), and more locations elsewhere, where they provide employment opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced offshore oil rig employment seekers. Swift uses a web based platform recruitment CRM system that is supported by their state of the art software. Review comes soon.

Roustabout Jobs and other low end positions like Roughneck, Rope Access Painter, Scaffolder, Steward, Galleyhand. Are you looking for similar unskilled and semiskilled with very little or absolutely no experience personnel on offshore oil rigs? You have an opportunity for getting the evaluation of your chances with the following companies and offshore oil and gas recruitment agencies:

ADR Oil and Gas Recruitment. This is a known company in the UK that offers offshore job placement for good candidates in the UK, the Middle East and the Far East. It's a privately owned company that offers offshore oil rig employment, permanently using their own recruitment staff, exceeding 100 employees; offers services both to employers and jobseekers since 1978. Recent localities for offshore employment: Qatar, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, UAE Abu Dhabi, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United Kingdom, Kuwait.

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