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Life on offshore platforms and drillships

Featured offshore job listing: Painters with rope access certification are required to work on heights on an offshore platform in the Guld of Mexico. The salary expectancy: negotiable, higher than average, previous experience is not obligatory. Job ref: GOM 00945386714 REVIEW.

Living Conditions

Living conditions on offshore platform are of very high standard, matching the European standard accommodation and catering level. In platform's residential unit offshore rig workers share comfortable cabins with shower (2-3 persons). High-quality, varied meals is served 4 times a day and besides meat dishes include big choice of tasty fresh fruits, vegetables, natural juices etc. In their spare time the offshore workers and employees of offshore oil drilling rig have at their disposal the Internet access, which is completely free of charge and is being paid for by the offshore installation operating company; video, frequently updated collection of films, satellite TV, gym, etc. are available for everybody, living on offshore oil drilling platform as well. In general, most of these services, including the Internet, are provided for the comfort of the workers, the hard working Roughnecks, Roustabouts, Motormen, Scaffolders, and are totally free of charge, you are not req2uired to pay for them. Exceptions are made only for the international phone calls, for them you pay from your own pocket.

Working conditions

Travel tickets, health insurance, accommodation expences and meals will be paid for by the company that offers the employment. The contract will be signed for the period of 12 months with possibility of prolongation after the expiry of the initial agreement. The work on offshore platforms is performed in shifts, alternating days and nights. The duration of the stay on the oil platform can be from 90 to 180 days (can vary, from one contracting company to other or depending on the project type). Technical personnel will normally work, according to the following scheme: 4 hours after eight (4 hours work, 8 hours rest), catering staff working day duration is 8 hours a day. No days off during the entire rotational period. The mandatory leave onshore is available for the crew after the the rotational period is over and roster is completed and lasts from two weeks to 45 days, taking into consideration the duration of the working period.

Terms of employment
Offshore Technician Jobs in Singapore:
Service Technician, full time employment on offshore oil rigs (drillship), training will be provided.
Responsibilites: Check up, visually inspect, and store in a designated place the outbound lifting appliances and hydraulic equipment deemed to be offloaded; Provide the servicing and the routine repairs of the inbound hydraulic equipment; Provide assistanse to Storekeeper, namely: check up and inspect the incoming equipment as for the declared quantity and quality, report the missing items and the deviation from the declared number of equipment pieces by comparing their factual number with the specifications, cast out the equipment and expendables of poor quality; The approved candidate will have an opportunity to undergo the required training and then operate different offshore equipment, first under the supervision, then by the measure of gaining the necessary experience - independently. That's really a valuable chance!

In order to start the process of employment, a candidate is required to submit a formal application for employment to be considered by an offshore oil rig job provider. This could be done after receiving a complete package of the documents and forms for the employment. The required paperwork should include such information as:

  • The application of employment (in English)
  • Acceptance of the terms, imposed by the provider of the work on offshore oil platform (employer)
  • List of Common and required accompanying documents for obtaining a work permit, residency and employment
  • Instructions on the filling of the documents and following the process of employment
  • List of the addresses of the offices of the offshore oil drilling companies in Norway, who are known to be the most frequent offshore job providers for the foreigners

If you believe this information is of use for you and got desire to order the full package of the paperwork and forms to be completed with the purpose of employment, just navigate to the contact page and send us your CV/Resume for the preliminary examination and evaluation of your chance to get hired on offshore oil rigs. Do not forget to state in the cover letter the availability or absence of the previous offshore experience.

Employment at the Norwegian oil platforms

Several major Norwegian oil companies regularly conduct recruitment for the maintenance and repair of offshore based energy plants and drilling rigs. Jobs are available both both on offshore oil drilling platforms and onshore. We offer opportunities of employment in the industry for good candidates.

According to the official data of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), Norway annually issues thousands of work permits for foreign job seekers, including citizens of the CIS, Baltic states and other countries of the world. Most of these jobs are available in the industrial sector. And, considering the fact that Norway is the largest developer of oil fields, the lion's share of the industrial sector in Norway takes namely oil and gas drilling industry. Due to the challenging and very demanding working conditions on offshore oil rigs, resulting in the high rate of staff turnover, both Norwegian oil refining and oil producing companies constantly need fresh influx of both skilled, unskilled, and semiskilled workers to service the offshore oil rig and ensure the continuity of drilling for oil in the North Sea.

Men and women of the following trades are needed for maintenance and repair of energy plants and drilling rigs: repairers, fitters, mechanics, roustabouts, roughnecks, rope access painters, offshore welders, divers, toolpushers, derrickman, rope access technicians, instrument technicians, cyber drillers, directional drillers, ROV pilots, mud loggers, chemists, machinists, electricians, operators, welders, turners, technicians, mechanics - the workers and technicians of all electrical profiles, etc. Catering crew on offshore platforms also requires healthy male and female candidates to fill the positions of maintenance workers, cooks, waiters, cleaners, stewards, janitors, kitchen cleaners, galley hands, pot washers, night bakers etc..

The salary expectancy is between $US 7,500 and $US 9,200 per month.

Recruitment services

The suggested recruitment services are aimed at presenting the candidate's CV to the oil drilling company or their subcontractor, so that your CV/Resume is short listed by employer company for the consideration. In the case of a positive result, a company employee will contact you by phone or or Skype(if you do not know English, you are provided with an interpreter). You will be offered a position on offshore oil rig or on land and will be explained the details of the work and salary, the main conditions of your accommodation and meals and so on. You, in your turn, could ask the recruiting employee all your questions, and then make a decision. After this (if you are satisfied by all their terms and conditions) you will be offered a preliminary contract. A copy of the contract together with the official invitation to work, will be sent to you by mail. Based on these documents, you will be opened. The employing oil drilling company or a recruitment agency, working in their name, will take care of a working Visa. The company will pay for the entire package of the documents (visa, insurance, etc.), as well as for your air ticket. All the recruitment services, described above, are totally free for all job seekers.

Offshore oil & gas jobs in the UK

Another company that gets contracted for decommissioning offshore platforms is Derrick Services (UK) Ltd. or DSL with the head office in Aberdeen, UK and regional offices in Houston, TX, Brazil, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, and Singapore. demolition technicians (better from ex-military), underwater metal cutters, crane operators, electrician, engineers of different trades, especially construction engineers and mechanical engineers.

There are new offshore job openings appearing with this contractor from time to time. Its recent and current projects have included Shelf VII Caspian , Vega A. Mediterranean, CTF Rig 05; Thistle Platform, Claymore Platform, Total Alwyn (all three in the North Sea), and more.

Eligible Applicants

Basic requirements for working on offshore oil platforms are all about the candidate's excellent health. Please, don't submit you Resume/CV, if you are a person who has problems with health in forms like impaired hearing, vision, all kinds of chronic diseases (especially of the gastrointestinal tract, heart disease, liver, etc.) Age limitations for men are up to 55 years and women up to 50 years. The absence of a criminal record, drug and alcohol dependency are the pre-requisites that won't be omitted (require confirmation by the relevant certificates). Depending on the position, which you will be applying for, there are requirements to produce proof of the availability of the appropriate skills and level of knowledge of English or Norwegian language.

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