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Maintenance Welder vacancies in offshore oil and gas industry from offshore contract drilling company with over 25 years in the industry. Ad Ref. UR 345873295 WELD (renewable).

Nothing is further from the truth than popular belief that freshers without college degree have no other way to getting inside offshore oil drilling industry than through applying for an entry level position of Roustabout, Galley Cleaner in the catering department, or something like that to start from. For practical skilled trades workers like Welder or Boilermaker there are the entry-level options that are far way better. If you are a trained welder at the start of your welding career, this is what is important for yourself to realize: there's more to welding than being just a job in big demand that could ensure a stable salary and a life of ease for its owner. The owner of this profession can count on a good career. But there's more to that. Aspiring welder also has all reasons to count on choosing from an array of the career options, available for him or her in different industries. Since you could hardly find the place on the earth, where welding can't be found, the choice is truly big.

Featured Offshore Welder Jobs:
  • Offshore Pipe Welder (Structural Welder II, III & Specialist), salary higher than average, job reference: OPW92357210KT
  • Fitter/Welder/Motorman/Plumber. Pre-requisites: over 3 years of experience in welding, offshoire experience is not necessary
  • Offshore welder jobs in Mumbai. Good applicant will possess DS/EN 287-1 Welders Qualification Certificate or ASME IX that implies 6G welding position
  • But is we speak about the best of the best welding careers, available nowadays, where job seeker is going to start getting great salary, combined with lots of free time to devote to yourself, your personal development, or your family or your significant people, then it is a position of offshore welder on offshore oil rigs that promises all the above together with a lot of benefits, incentives, bonuses, and prospects for a brilliant career growth that will inevitably translate into very big salary. What's good about the idea of becoming offshore welder on oil drilling platforms is that the position of Rig Welder on offshore oil production installations belongs to entry level low end jobs that do not require previous offshore experience. Which means to become offshore welder, the job seeker doesn't have to start as Roustabout or similar role, associated with having to work in the dirty, greasy, oily environment, close to the dangerously moving parts of heavy mechanisms employed on offshore oil rig in the process of drilling for oil. Greenhand Rig Welder on offshore oil rigs normally starts at the entry level with the salary of $US 40,000 and quickly reaches the median salary for Offshore Welders that exceeds $60,000 per year. This is twice as much as welders with the comparable skills earn on average, if their job is in construction, machine building, manufacturing or even aviation. If you get quickly trained and certified as Diver Welder (Wet Welder) your career and salary growth will expedite considerably.

    If having read the information about becoming Offshore Welder you got eager, that's good, because be it in welding or in other trade or activity, it is only the ambitious and motivated individuals, who reach the heights and get the best of this life, good work, good salary, good living, and respectful attitude from other motivated and well positioned persons. But to make the picture more complete, a land based worker, who considers becoming offshore welder and already looks for the specific steps to learn how to become offshore welder, here's a list of drawbacks that come hand in hand with a job of welder on offshore oil rigs:

    • Though Offshore Welder can be an entry-level job on offshore platforms, it is not entry-level welder, who would be considered a good candidate to fill the vacancy, be it on offshore platforms off the coast of Texas USA in the Gulf of Mexico or in the UAE in the Middle East, or with India recruiters in Mumbai. You do not necessarily need offshore experience for this job, but you do need at least 3 years as commercial welder on plant or in construction business. It is also important that you be proficient stick welding.
    • The job of offshore welder is physically demanding, therefor only healthy individuals, who are physically stronger than average person can realistically be fit for the position. If you are older than 35, it's probably too late start thinking of going offshore to make career of an offshore welder on oil rigs.
    • If you are married, long periods of work on offshore rigs can bring along the risk of hurting your family relationship.
    • Like the rest of offshore oil rig personnel, offshore rig welder is continuously exposed to dangerous situations, getting traumatized is not something infrequent on offshore oil drilling platforms, not to mention small and big scale accidents, happening now and then at offshore installations - just recall BP's Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the semi-submersible oil platform explosion that took away 11 human lives and left many oil rig workers injured.
    • Offshore welding jobs in Angola, Libya, Dubai, UAE (Abu Dhabi) Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afganistan are expected

    Whatever they say, downside can be found with any, even the most peaceful job like Accountant, workin in the office. Therefore let these last lines not discourage you, you just give enough though whether to become Offshore Welder or remain on land and keep your present welder job.

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