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Getting entry level job on offshore platforms, including landing your very first offshore oil rig job without any offshore experience

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Thinking about the employment on offshore oil rigs, those job seekers, who have only a general information and know nothing in particular or very approximately understand how the things are done in the offshore drilling industry, normally mean getting hired for a Roustabout vacancy on offshore platforms. Roustabout is a fancy name for unskilled general laborer, doing all kinds of dirty or physically exhausting work on offshore oil rigs.

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It's recommended that aspiring offshore oil rig job seekers first familiarize themselves with the usual lifestyle on offshore oil drilling platform.

Living on offshore oil rigs can be compared to life in a small, but very modern city. Read this entry, if you would like to know more and get a better understanding what life on offshore oil rigs is like. Living on a offshore oil platform, and observing work and life of Roughnecks, Roustabouts, and the rest of the crude oil drilling crew, and their real-life existence for a couple of weeks, could impress a platform visitor in quite a contradictory manner.

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If you are a trained welder at the start of your welding career, you can count after having obtained practical skills, equalling 3 years of applying welding processes, to become Offshore Welder. It's truly an exciting career. Average rig welder on offshore oil rigs normally enters the offshore oil drilling industry with the salary of $US 40,000 and then quickly proceeds to the median salary for Offshore Welders that exceeds $60,000 per year.

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Roustabout jobs and other low end positions for unskilled personnel on offshore oil rigs.

Vacancies for unskilled and semiskilled workers are always available on offshore platforms, because these jobs of manual laborers, Roustabouts and Roughnecks, as well as all sorts of Painters, Scaffolders, Driller Helpers, Galley Hands, Janitors, Rust Cleaners etc. are very physically demanding and therefore the people often get worn out and decide to leave the job because of simply getting tired. You do not need to have previous offshore experience to get hire as Roustabout or to any of the previously mentioned positions on offshore oil ril or drillship of the 6 generation. If hired, you will start earning that unreally high offshore oil salary in no time. And what's important, there's a room for the advancement. If motivated, you won't be doing the dirty job of Roustabout or Maintenance Roustabout very long. If promotion to a Roughneck position occurs, the worker's salary is going to rise essentially; experience is what they pay for on offshore oil drilling platforms • About oilfield service companies. • Review: Petrofac greenhand course for active job seekers, striving to begin working as Offshore Roustabout for the first time, having absolutely no previous experience. • About the contractors in offshore sector that hire crews. • Working conditions for Motorman positions on offshore oil rigs. • Offshore Project Crane Operator jobs described. Offshore Crane Operator job description. • Opportunities for all kinds of offshore technicians: Instrument Technician,Offshore Metering Technician, Electrical Technician, ROV Technician, Rope Access Technician, Offshore Fibre Optic Cable Technician etc. • The strategy of looking for an entry level vacancy on offshore oil drilling rigs and getting hired. Read this information and decide, which of the two suggested ways of working towards getting entry level job of Roustabout on offshore oil rigs would suit you better. • You can find a job on offshore oil rigs, even if you are with no experience. • Information for young job seekers, aspiring to pursue career pat of offshore rig electrician. About rig electrician training programs - review. • No previous experience of working on oil rigs? Jobs for the fresher applicants are still available! Find out how to become good candidate. • Roustabout jobs on platforms and drillships. • Employment on drillships and offshore platforms for Roustabouts with and without previous experience. OPITO approved offshore courses and opportunities on offshore oil rigs for former military enlisted personnel. Read this information, if you are retired or military reserve officer. • Salary of Roustabout, Roughneck, Derrickman, Motorman, Electrician, Toolpusher, Assistant Crane Operator, Rig Clerk, ROV Pilot, Directional Driller, and other salaries for different positions that can be earned on offshore oil rigs in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf, and elsewhere.

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