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Production Platform Roustabout Opportunity, Louisiana, Oil & Gas

Entry Level Oil Rig Roustabout

Job Description SUMMARY:

In this position the worker can reach the annual salary of $53,000 - $54,500, working on rotational table, 4 weeks performing Roustabout duties on offshore platform followed by the same amount of days off duty on the US mainland, while the salary keeps getting paid by the employer. The hiring company is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The job location is the Gulf of Mexico, offshore. Depending on the speed of getting experience and acquiring hands-on skills, typically a position of Roustabout on offshore oil rigs, operated by Louisiana contractors, offers prospects of promotion to Roughneck position, if the candidate turns out fit for the job he or she has been selected for by the results of pre-employment interview, conducted by recruiters. Main duties and responsibilities of Entry Level Oil Rig Roustabout will include substituting Roughnecks during the coffee breaks by replacing each of them successively, but this happens only when the drilling occurs. Thus the Roustabout gains the necessary skills for the position of Roughneck with bigger salary. On many platforms in the Gulf of Mexico positions of Roustabouts and Roughnecks are interchangeable. The listing status: CLOSED.

Offshore Oil Platform Roughneck

Vacancy Title: Offshore Oil Production Platform Roughneck

Besides the regular responsibilities of the Roughneck, the candidate, if hired, in this the position of Roughneck / Roustabout will be obligated to fulfill all minor jobs that deal with application of the lifting gear and winches for loading and storing cargoes; expect to be engaged in rolling, glancing and cleaning the pipes. Roughneck should assist in the overhaul and oiling of the enginery and pumping equipment. If need occurs, occasionally may be asked to perform some functions of a Galleyhand, since this is a small platform off the coast of Louisiana in GOM water area.The listing status: EXPIRED.

Louisiana Roughneck Career in Oil Energy Industry

The company that hires: Gulf Starss Offshore Recruitment Ltd. Position / title / job description: This is a Roughneck / Rigger opportunity. Assumed competency: Lifeboatman, Roughneck, Roustabout, Deck Cleaner. Oil rig working experience would be an advantage, but not pre-requisite. Salary: $30.000 per year. Vacancy location: Louisiana. Work type: rotational employee. Job description summary: Oil & gas contractor currently got a project to fulfill and needs good candidates to fill 3 positions of Roughnecks, thus joining oil & gas firm in Louisiana that offers both employment on the mainland oil fields and work in offshore sector. The duties, associated with the present vacancies will be as following: Coupling new portion of drill tube once drilling goes deeper towards rock. Conduct the operations, which are essential to be fulfilled to ensure the proper functioning of pumping equipment. Keeping the working areas clean, free from obstructions, and tidy. Operate light assembly and instruments, as needed. Rolling, burnishing and purging the tubes. Using lifting mechanisms to accommodate supplies. Mixing the mixture of fluids and chemicals to oil the drill bit. Clean and serving assembly, instruments, and the general operations space. Clean, service and repair the drilling machineries. Relocating supplies, pieces of cargo from boats and transporting them to warehouse premises. On position of Roughneck / Cleaner the worker should do all auxiliary jobs. The listing status: EXPIRED

More Listings:

• Roughneck / Rigger vacancy. Competence: Roughneck, Workover or Completion, Salary: $25.000. Employment site: Louisiana. Specifics of the working process: Shiftworker. This Roughneck role has to assist in restoration and lubrication of machinery and pumps & hoses, help with activities that are required to be fulfilled so that the pumps and hoses would fit qualitatively, apply lifting appliances for storing the equipment. Further this position's duties may include carrying supplies and equipment around the drill floor, operating light gear and equipment as required, moving supplies and pieces of cargo from helicopter and transporting them to storage areas. Meanwhile, the primary duties of the Roughneck will include coupling drilling pipe portions while the drill penetrates in the depth of the rock. Conventional roughneck activities also include flatting, cleaning and clearing the tubes and preparing the mixture of fluids and chemicals to grease the drill bit.The listing status: CLOSED

• Oil & gas Roughneck job in Louisiana - Job Title: Roughneck. Category: Deckhands. Experience: at least 2 years in the marine industry or on offshore oil rigs, experience as motorman or rig mechanic helper will be regarded as advantage. Pay: Weekly salary, the minimum pay is to be specified. Position region: Louisiana. Position sort: Shiftworker. Job details: Oil & gas company today started a project and is in need of hiring 2 Roughnecks to enter offshore company in Louisiana. Duties on the suggested job opening: Operate machinery and instruments as required. Moving some heavy mechanisms, appliances, and pieces of machinery around the drill floor. Clearing, abrasion or paint the work zone. Using lifting mechanisms to accommodate equipment. Conduct functions that are required to be performed for fitting motors on pumps. Cleaning, wiping or painting the equipment on offshore oil rig. Moving supplies, pieces of cargo from helicopter and relocating them to storage areas. Flatting, glancing and cleaning pipes. Coupling other lengths of mining hole tube while drill moves in depth towards sea floor. Creation of the 'drilling mud' to grease the drill bit. The Roughneck in this position will have to assist in fitting and oiling of machines and motors that drive the pumps.The listing status: CLOSED

Roughneck / Driller Assistant opportunity

Job: Roughneck position
Contractor: opted to remain confidential
Desired expertise: Should be familiar with Roustabout and Roughneck responsibilities and duties on land based or offshore oil rig and possess some previous hands-on experience.
Working experience kind: Trainee Roughneck, Roughneck, Assistant Driller, Roustabout/Roughneck.
Remuneration: $28.000 salary per year.
Employment country/state: Louisiana, USA
The kind of job: rotational worker.

Job description

Due to the urgent call of the oilfield operating company to accelerate the speed of exploration project completion, one of the regions' principal oil drilling companies that contracts in Louisiana is looking for Roughneck / Floorhand, who could on order start off and work on land based oil rigs in the state of Louisiana, performing regular activities that Roughneck job involves. On given job the applicant, besides assembling joints of pipe on the rig floor and adding/removing sections of drillpipe to the drill string during the oil well drilling process, should expect to be engaged in cleaning, scraping and painting metal parts of the equipment in the working zone, keeping clean, handling, and providing maintenance to the machines, tools, and the overall labor zone. Responsibilities occasionally will also include rolling, burnishing and clearing the tubes, unloading supplies and pieces of cargo from truck or helicopter and relocating them to storage areas, as designated by Assistant Crane Operator, cleaning, abrasion or painting the working environment, whichever required. Regular roughneck activities. Cleaning, handling and overhaul repairs of the drilling assembly. Keep activities that are required to be fulfilled to repair pumping equipment.The listing status: EXPIRED

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