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Offshore Roustabout opportunities for Indians

Position of an Offshore Roustabout should normally be mentioned first, regardless whether it is a greenhand roustabout job seeker or employer, who reasons about the ways of getting entry-level job placement on oil rigs in India by a fresher without previous oil & gas industry experience. While typical job seeker, falling under this category, can't boast education bigger than a High School level, instead he's got strong muscles, perfect health, and ardent wish to get that low-ranking, nevertheless very enviable entry-level job on offshore platform that requires no experience.

Roustabout is the industry title for a position of a hard manual laborer, working as a junior crew member on oil rig (especially offshore) or aboard a specialized vessel, taking part in exploration or production of the natural oil and gas. Roustabout's is an entry level position that could serve as temporary job, from which a smart worker could easily find himself being promoted to one of less physically demanding, better paid, and more responsible positions, found on offshore oil rig career ladder or appearing due to new oil & gas drilling projects being launched continuously. Setting a goal to become Rig Floor Mechanic or Assistant Driller doesn't sound unrealistic.

Pre-requisites for being considered as a candidate for filling an Offshore Roustabout vacancy are few. Besides High School diploma or equivalent, in India you should be male, at least 18 years old - this is the minimum adopted by the majority of the countries across the world. If you have military or navy/marine background, that will be an advantage - oil drilling companies just love to hire the ex-military. After brief medical examination, drug/alcohol abuse testing, and criminal background check, new hires get hands-on training, picking up the skills from older crew members, Roustabouts and Roughnecks.

While formal education matters next to little, Roustabout job calls for some outstanding physical and mental qualities, fearless personality, ability to respond quickly to non-standard situations, and being a team player. Be ready to work long hours with occasional breaks only. Considering the job may be outside India, in any part of the world, even in Arctic, Indian worker should be ready to work in any climate: the weather outdoors may be adverse to the point of extremity: cold, heat, harsh wind, storm, huge waves and other kinds of environmental influences won't stop Roustabout from performing his duties, because offshore oil rig never stops producing oil or drilling for oil, besides occurrences like accidents kind of the notorious BP Deepwater Horizon platform blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Roustabouts, as per Offshore Roustabout job description, should perform all kinds of unskilled manual labor, often doing the dirtiest and the most unpleasant jobs, and the other times serving as helper to a wide range of other positions: Electrician Helper, Rig Welder Helper, Offshore Crane Operator Helper, Motorman Helper, Repairman Helper etc., good mechanical skills can be an asset for Maintenance Roustabout. Roustabout may be assigned to a specific quarters on offshore oil rig, for example work in maintenance department (Maintenance Roustabout) or in a storehouse only. Roustabout's duties and responsibilities cover routine operations like wiping out and cleaning oil spills on the drill deck, scraping rust, greasing mechanisms and appliances, guiding cargoes, carried by crane from one place on the deck to another; as a Rope Access Technician, Roustabout may be required to perform some of his duties in a suspended position; and the list may go on and on.

Here goes a short list of some of the Indian companies oil companies that hire Offshore Roustabouts: Jindal Shivani, Jackson, Great Eastern Shipping and its subsidiary Great Offshore Co, Reliance, Aban. There are also other that recruit in India, specifically in Mumbai. Some of them operate up to 50 offshore oil rigs, and with them the opportunities for the people without experience that seek Roustabout entry-level position for the first time are bigger, but don't neglect the smaller, whose fleet of offshore rigs may include 2 - 5 oil drilling platforms, or just a couple of oil rigs that are based on mainland oilfields.

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