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Becoming Roustabout on Oil Rigs

From the data, aggregated from many sources, specialized in oil production industry employment opportunities around the world, oil rigs do offer quite an impressive number of entry-level vacancies both on continental oilfields and offshore, meaning the instances, where no previous experience is required. In fact, at entry-level for low-end positions on oil rigs, a greenhand candidate's enthusiasm to try himself/herself in oil production industry in whatever position and work hard for that fantastic salaries, oil drilling industry is famed around the world, especially its offshore oil drilling sector, overlaps and turns out more important than the fact of the experience. In most cases, when the people speak about an entry-level oil rig job, they bear in mind a position of Roustabout (Leasehand, Floorhand, Floorman), sometimes interchangeable with Roughneck, though normally Roughneck (Driller Helper) is a position on oil rigs, especially offshore, to which rig laborers are promoted from Roustabout, and it goes next to it. Greenhand candidates with High School diploma and strong bodies, capable and ardent to work hard relentlessly for long hours in any kind of weather, any season of a year, should be ideal fits for getting a chance to be short listed for an interview and getting hired.

If pre-selected, a new candidate for Roustabout or similar position on oil rig will be expected to successfully pass pre-employment physical assessment and drug test. Also it is essential that the new worker has no fear of heights and demonstrates adroitness in climbing, possibly could be also asked to complete short rope access course and get certified as Rope Access Technician, since some of those unskilled duties on oil rig could occasionally include performing tasks like painting parts of metal framework of oil rig or doing minor repairs, again in a suspended position up in the air.

Some of the duties that could be assigned right away to a newly hired Roustabout could include working on rig floor in course of tripping operations according to orders, issued by the Driller, operating pipe handling equipment, keeping in order the drilling location, including rig components, offices and accommodations. Roustabouts, like every other crew member aboard oil rig or offshore platform, will be instructed, authorized, responsible, and obligated to report all incidents or equipment failures, or even stop the operation if emergency occurs. The time to get promoted from the job of entry-level roustabout to position of rig floor mechanic could be much shorter than one might guess. After all, Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Derrickman, and Rig Floor Mechanic - they all work close together on the same rig floor, which is a severely restricted access area for the majority of people, working on oil rig of any kind.

Onshore Roustabout

Basically, the job description of Onshore Roustabout differs very little from the responsibilities and duties of Offshore Roustabout. If you are able to perform the job of Onshore Roustabout, you will most likely be a very good fit for a vacancy of entry-level Offshore Roustabout.

Offshore Roustabout

The main additional duty that Offshore Roustabout will perform, as compared with Onshore Roustabout, is in fact offloading inbound supplies and cargoes, delivered to offshore oil platform or other kind of sea based rig by helicopter or supplies ship. As for the licensing/certifications, while it's obligatory for a seeker of a vacancy of Onshore Roustabout entry-level position to possess a valid CDL, to be considered for Roustabout on offshore oil rigs, an applicant is required to state he has a TWIC card.

The other entry-level oil rig jobs to be considered are Rig Welder, Motorman, Apprentice Rig Electrician, Instrument Technician, Rig Medic.

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