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Rig Floor Mechanic

Rig Floor Mechanic Job Description

Rig Floor Mechanic supervises and performs applicable maintenance on all drilling equipment and components, deployed on offshore oil rig, drillship, modu, semisubmersible, or jack-up platform. Rig Floor Mechanic duties and responsibilities also include providing the assistance and taking part in hands-on training of Floorhands and Roustabouts by offering the tutoring and field training in order to teach Roustabouts and Floorhands the essentials of general maintenance to be performed continuously on the oil rig's hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic Mechanic Job Description

Hydraulic Mechanic on offshore oil rigs is a similar position with many of the functions being the same as Rig Floor Mechanic. To get an entry-level job of Hydraulic Mechanic, a candidate should be certified in hydraulic and drilling equipment maintenance. Both Rig Floor Mechanic and Hydraulic Mechanic will often start their offshore career path as Roustabout or Floorhand or work their way through oil & gas drilling industry approved apprenticeship scheme. Certificates that might facilitate getting a position of Hydraulic Mechanic on offshore platform might include STCW III/1 or Ship Technician certificate of competency.

Mechanical Engineer/Fitter/Welder/Rigger/Roustabout job on oil rigs, offshore/onshore vacancies.

The hiring for these positions is possible both for fresher and experienced personnel, the salary will range from $US 500 to $US 1500 per month. The hiring company: Honduras Offshore & Marine Work, the company location: Bandra West; the salary: Rs. 6L - Rs. 7L. Employer's message to a candidate: This company is in urgent need for the manpower for job placement on oil rigs of India and for Dubai based oil rig company (name withheld) to fill oilfield positions in the following categories:

1. Pipe Fitter, Instrument Fitter, the salary for this oil rig position: Rs. 25000 / $US 900;
2. Rigger Helper, Painter. The salary per month: Rs.15000 ($US 500);
3. Marine Electrician, salary: $US 600 to 1200 per month;
4. Rig Floor Mechanic - negotiable salary, bonuses apply, retirement plan, benefits package besides the general medical insurance includes dental care and vision care;
5. Engineer/Mechanical Engineer/Utility Engineer, the salary: 15 Rs. 67000 / $US 1850 per month;
6. Marine Mechanical Engineer/Fitter, 10 vacancies, the salary: Rs.42000 ($US 1400);
7. Rig Welder with MIG, TIG, Plate, X-ray, Pipe welding, 6G, 5G, 4G certifications, the monthly salary: 40 Rs.25000 / $US 900;
8. Marine/Engineer, fresher, the salary: Rs.35000 ($US 1500);

If selected for hiring, the candidates will be offered a contract duration on 24 months that could be extended after the expiry of the previous working agreement. Test period applies for all positions on offshore platforms and land based oil rigs both in India and in Dubai, UAE. The working day is 8 hours, with or without day offs, depending on whether the work will or will not be on rotational schedule. The company will provide free living in rooms, shared by 2-4 workers , will provide free meals in the canteens on oil rigs, will compensate the travelling expenses (air fair) and will transport the employees to their work site on oilfields by the company's own transport (the personnel if flown by helicopter, if job is on offshore oil rig), will take care of obtaining visa and residency/work permit. In case of failing to comply with the requirements or cope with the duties/responsibilities during the trial period, for medical reasons, or du to the expiry of contract, will be repatriated at the expense of the recruiting agency. Do not apply, unless you have completed all the pre-requisites as per the list: 1) Availability of Passport, valid for at least 1 year, 2) HUT Certificate, 3) PCC, 4) STCW-95/2010. Ad reference number: 450007453983 (Mumbai). Ad status: ARCHIVED.

Though the times are gone, when salaries on oil rigs merely rocketed, boosted by the global rush in offshore drilling, the salaries on oilfields, especially in offshore sector, keep staying on the top above all other industries not only in the USA, Norway, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc., but in many countries of the world as well. Rig Floor Technician's is one of the highest low-end salaries, which makes this position very attractive, playing crucial role in motivating young Roustabouts and Roughnecks to progress through Motorman etc. positions towards getting promoted to the Rig Floor Mechanic role. The job is cleaner, while the salary is higher.

Candidate Profiles

Candidate 0923451. Looking for a job: Rig Man/Derrickman, ONGC, Mud Engineer
Vadodara, India. Current job title: Previous experience has included: Roustabout, Roughneck, Assistant Driller, Rigman, Derrickman, ONGC, currently unemployed because of contract termination.

Candidate 0923452, Oil Rig/Offshore Platform Electrician, Kuwait / India, currently employed at Vision Marine Services, current job title: Offshore Platform Electrician, looking for a vacancy of Sr. Rig Electrician, would like to get a job at Focus Energy Ltd. or Aban Offshore Ltd Aban Offshore Limited (AOL) in Singapore. Salary expectation: starting at $US 60,000.

Candidate 0923455, Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta (India) - Mumbai (India), looking for a job of Rig Welder.
Previous experience: 3 years working for SINOPEC International Drilling Company in a position of Rig Welder. Looking for employment as Offshore Rig Welder, Underwater Welder Trainee, Roughneck, Roustabout, Motorman, Assistant Driller, Assistant Crane Operator, Forklift Operator, Rope Access Painter, Derrickman on land based and offshore oil rigs

Candidate 0923456. Looking to get hired in oil & gas industry upstream sector as Rig Floor Mechanic. Previous industry experience: 3 yrs in a position of Rig Mechanic at Sitaram Energy and Logistics Ltd., Hydraulic Mechanic (Transocean) - 4 years. Available and ready to start new job immediately, passport with Oman, UAE, Iraq Visas. Candidate location: Nagpur, India.

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Candidate 0923457. Looking for a job on offshore platforms in the Middle East Persian Gulf region. Previous experience in oil drilling industry: Rig Mechanic, the company that provided the job: Dynamic Drilling Pvt. Ltd. The place of residence: Mumbai, India.

Candidate 0923456, citizenship: India. Looking for a job on offshore oil rig.
Currently employed as Rig Mechanic., SMS/Dubai. Previous job title: Motorman MSC. 15 years of previous experience of working on oil rigs, 13 years of offshore experience, platforms and drillships. Salary expectancy: depending on the workload and the complexity of tasks, entrusted to perform.

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It is for years that we've been successfully connecting job seekers in oil and gas drilling industry with employers, looking to hire appropriate candidates for the total range of offshore and land based positions on oil rigs. The companies that our editors reviewed recently and found out they hired someone, have included: Jagson International PVT Ltd., with office in Mumbai. 11 persons worked for this oil drilling contractor recently in positions such as: Roustabout (1, education: Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering), Toolpusher (1), Driller (1). Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas Exploration Services Ltd. (1 Roustabout). Star Asia Offshore Pvt. Ltd. (operating in Singapore); John Energy Limited (Roustabout, Floorman); Oil & Gas Development Co Ltd. Pakistan - hired 1 Roustabout and 1 Rig Floor Mechanic, thus having offered 1 entry-level and 1 advanced offshore position job placement. Essar Oilfields Services Ltd. India (EOSL) - Floorman and Assistant Driller, both jobs in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi; Flowtools Offshore Ltd. FZC. Deewanchand Ramsaran - Floorman, Ass. Driller. ONGC (Roustabout, 1). Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas Exploration Services Ltd. John Energy Ltd - Derrickman - the candidate had engineering trade training of Instrument Mechanic from the ITI (Industrial Training Institute) at Ballygunge, Kolkata and graduated from a MGITI Industrial Training Course. Reports will be published soon.

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