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Another obvious advantage of Rig Welder job must be the fact that rig welders with sufficient experience never lack the choice within the terms of employment opportunities. Just check out some of the offers from oil drilling contractors and oilfield servicing companies below, who look to hire specialist technicians and engineers, ranging from mechanical to chemical professional backgrounds, needed for manning the rig floor and other quarters of an oil drilling facility or production platform.

Rig welders on oil rigs are needed at every stage of an oil patch development, from the preparing oil rig for getting started with exploratory drilling of oil wells through the dismantling and the decommissioning of some metal parts of superstructure or the complete huge structures, like offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Wether you work offshore and are engaged in performing complex underwater welding operations, or on land-based oil rigs of North Dakota for one of those oilfield servicing companies under the supervision of Rig Mechanic and have a couple of roustabouts under yourself to help you and be supervised by yourself.

Great salary is the second benefit, which should be even more attractive feature of rig welder job. In the oilfields it starts at $US 65,000 per year, while on offshore oil rigs it is not uncommon for entry-level welder to start from earning $US 80,000 and above during the very first year of their offshore employment.

The most important requirements candidate for a position of oil rig welder must conform with, normally include: knowing to read blueprints and layouts; be skilled in different types of welding, the wider range, the better, including basics of underwater welding; have good understanding of characteristics and technical safety standards, applicable to different types of high and low pressure pipes; possess all the necessary credentials and certifications, required from rig welder to be cleared to do welding on oil rigs. It is not everybody that could weld, as well not every welder could get inside the most lucrative areas where welders get their employment, like offshore oil rigs. But if you're capable of doing both, just try get that dream entry level job of a rig welder in oil & gas upstream! This is the case, when the price is worth the prize.

Listings of the recently announced Oil Rig Welder job openings:

  • Offshore Pipe Welder needed by the company, headquartered in Lafayette, LA. At least two years of experience in offshore sector as Pipe Welder or Pipe Fitter, hands on experience in offshore construction, knowing scaffolding. Shortlisted candidate will be offered to pass several tests to demonstrate his welder skills, should be confident would cope with the full scope of Welder I responsibilities.

  • Maintenance Welder is sought for by Maersk Drilling. Candidates without previous experience on offshore oil rigs, but with experience as a welder, holding a certificate in accordance with DS/EN 287-1 or ASME IX, could be regarded also.

    Good candidates for offshore welder or boilermaker position are normally expected to have, besides their professional certificates, their documents that confirm their offshore certifications like BOSIET, HUET etc., as well as valid offshore medical in place and ready to produce in course of pre-employment interview at employer's or recruiter's first request, take that as advice.

    Another tip applies to greenhand candidates that have bad luck on being unable to boast previous experience of working on offshore oil production units in whatever capacity (Roustabout, Galleyhand, or even Kitchen Helper or Dishwasher in catering quarters). Should your application be rejected because of lacking that notorious offshore experience, still keep trying. Say them you would agree to do a job of some kind of helper on oil platform, not necessarily Rig Welder Helper so you could prove them you are fit for offshore life in principle. Do not forget to mention all other qualifications, like forklift operator or heavy equipment operator that you possess.

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