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Oil rig jobs for novices can vary

The process of looking for entry-level employment without previous experience on oil rigs could turn out far and away easier quest for job placement than the majority of people of the active working age would normally tend to think, when joining the notorious race for some of the exclusively big salaries, found in oil & gas drilling industry. Moreover, the effectiveness of the search for job on oil rigs depends sooner on a job seeker's awareness of the specifics of the deliberation process in the course of the recruiters hiring in the oil drilling, than the rest of the details like college degree or even oil rig servicing focussed vocational training.

If you are a greenhand oilfield job seeker, it's absolutely possible that you continuously came across those articles about Roustabout, Leasehand, Galleyhand, Janitor etc. entry-level jobs on oil rigs that guru's of employment recommend persistently to those, wishing to put their foot in the door of the oil drilling industry and get their piece of cake.

The ways to get inside oil drilling industry, including its offshore sector, could be different.

An amazingly big number of people, working in oil drilling industry and earning steadily big salaries or wages that I know in person, would never have considered getting hired as Roustabout or Roughneck, or even in the less demanding positions (myself included).

You would hardly invent the explanation to the way my degree in political science that I got as a college graduate, could be related to anything in the oil drilling industry, because there's none. The recruiters just disregarded the irrelevance of my college degree, but it was surprising to discover they turned out willing to give chance to candidate they saw could prove a vigorous, industrious, and fit for the position worker, hard manual work performer. I was hired for a position of assistant to maybe 10 or twelve engineers and technicians on oil rig, including even a Rig Floor Mechanic and Hydraulic Mechanic, and very soon promoted to the logistics as coordinator. That's because of my good communication skills, it's me who clients and partners preferred to communicate with, because I quickly understood, what they needed, and either redirected them where they belonged, or provided exactly what they asked for.

Surprisingly enough, on oilfields of South Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and in places in Canada, where they drill for oil extraction, employing fracturing technologies, Fracking Equipment Operator could be offered as entry-level position for someone with experience outside oil industry at all, if your experience is commercial truck driver with CDL.

  • Roughneck/Roustabout
  • Pipefitter
  • Paramedic
  • Rope Access Technician
  • Scaffolder
  • Radioroom Operator
  • Galleyhand
  • Apprentice Welder
  • Welder Helper

    These are the vacancies to consider first of all, regardless of job seeker's education or training
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