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No prior experience doesn't always mean no job on oil rig for an unexperienced

No previous experience of working on oil rigs? Jobs for the fresher applicants are still available. Find out how to become good candidate for landing that greenhand Roustabout job or entry level job in catering on offshore platform shortly.

It's true that the majority of oil rig job seekers, both offshore and land based, don't actually trust there is a realistic opportunity of getting hired to do any of those so much, not to say fantastically lucrative oil rig jobs. This universal belief is being backed persistently by legendary secludedness dividing oil and gas industry from the rest of the world. If you have prior experience of having worked aboard offshore platforms in whatever capacity, be that position even that of a dishwasher or galleyhand in catering department, your chances as a desired candidate grow exponentially immediately. But what to do, if like the rest of the beginner applicants wishing to get hired in the oil fields, you don't have any prior or even related hands on experience? The answer is simple: you should acquire it, at least in the form of training at one of the available oil drilling industry specific courses.

Even if oil drilling industry is one of the most technically equipped, advanced and therefore requiring technically literate and skilled workforce with enough experience, still there are lots of entry level jobs on offshore platforms that besides excellent physical condition require as little as High School diploma (or equivalent) within the terms of formal education. If these two conditions are what applicant can really meet and confirm during tests, there are more chances that they would be regarded a good candidate by oilfield service company than opposite and at least selected for the interview or placed in the reserve of the workforce to be hired in the near future for one of those offshore positions (roughneck, roustabout, assistant electrician, assistant crane operator, radio operator etc. If we narrow ourselves to the review of the entry level oil rig positions that doesn't require previous experience, we should say that this way of putting your foot in the door might turn out not the easiest in your specific case considering that the are so many job seekers competing for the relatively small amount of job openings vacancies on offshore platforms. The situation with employment on land based oil fields, for example in North Dakota, is very much the same. Maybe for your specific case you'd better look for a skilled position such as electrician, motorman, mechanic, medic, chef - if you've got an adequate education. Recruiting companies, agents, and HR people don't like hiring someone overeducated for doing unskilled work of hard manual laborer (roustabout) or apprentice on offshore oil rig. I would advise people with college degree to think closely what's right and what's wrong for them in the process of looking for an entry level vacancy in oil and gas, especially offshore.

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  • For those ambitious applicants that were lucky to get hired for one of the low end entry-level oil rig vacancies, but who by no means would agree to settle for just working as low skilled though very well salaried positions dealing mostly with manual operations aboard offshore platform, thinking about the appropriate education/training necessary for the career advancement is the next wize step to take. There's an enormous variety of oil rig jobs that could pay times if not tens of times more than the positions of ordinary roustabouts, roughnecks, motorman or line electrician positions or more specialized, but still low end vacancies like rig welder on offshore platforms that require manual work. Even crane operators on offshore oil drilling platforms earn conciderably smaller salary than engineering or supervisory positions. Oil and gas industry is the place with some exceptionally great prospects with the regards to opportunities to pursue brilliant career that could bring along great financial stability, lots of free time to enjoy life during the leave onshore, and lots of social benefits that include rock solid stability.

    Here go some advice and tips concerning planning of one's future, should you become that happy candidate that was lucky to pass the selection during interview with HR people and put their foot in the door of the offshore oil drilling industry. In fact there are two basic situations that typically occur: you are there either with the purpose of harvesting and saving some quick money during a couple of years working on offshore oil platforms, or you are a candidate considering lifetime career on oil rigs. What's really amazing about the most commonly available entry level oil drilling jobs that do not require any previous experience and that can be done by any practically healthy and physically fit individual is that they suite perfectly both of these two options. The fact that candidates for working on oil rigs doing entry level jobs such as maintenance or drilling deck roustabout are required only minimal education should be an advantage, as it saves much time - you start earning great salary immediately, and already in the course of working you decide which of the two ways you choose to go and make ammendments for what you've planned initially as for the future that awaits yourself.

    Sample Personal Profile of Oil & Gas Job Seeker - aspiring to work on offshore platforms in different entry level positions

    Roustabout, roughneck, assistant driller, derrickman, toolpusher - oil rig manager, chief electrician oil rig position, mud engineer, project manager, different engineering positions that require college degree with/without previous experience in the industries, related to oil production? such as mining, military, navy, scuba diving/underwater welding, rope access people with experience like having been in rock climbing etc. or inland natural resources exploration.

    I believe I can be a successful candidate, because I'm physically fit, mature, trustworthy, dependable and adaptable individual who is looking to move into a new and challenging career after 22 years service with my present employer. I have self sponsored through my Offshore medical, MIST, BOSIET and OPITO approved BANKSMAN and SLINGER. I have strong communication skills, the ability to work within a team environment or on my own. I have a proven record of ensuring tasks are accomplished to consistently high standards. I have in my present career experienced huge professional change and challenges in the way I was expected to perform and deliver the business of the Organization. I have proven experience in Project planning and management, Health and Safety, Human Resource Management and Budget responsibility. I am experienced in all aspects of Microsoft WORD, SharePoint, EXCEL, including information presentations; POWERPOINT including formal presentations and ADOBE.I have experience in aspects of Microsoft PROJECT including task setting and progress updating. I have experience of using aspects of SAP in my roles involving Project planning/management/monitoring. I am willing to start my new career at entry level jobs in upstream sector of oil industry (working on offshore platforms and other floatable oil deposit exploration and oil extraction offshore installations and facilities) to enable me to bridge any skills or experience gaps and to develop and progress within the Industry.

    Current Employment: with Scottish Prison Service

    • Health, Safety and Environment Advisor. I have reduced the number of accidents/incidents within the Establishment by 18% and directly related occupational illness /absenteeism by 8%. I did this in part by promoting safety culture and ensuring a detailed training and refresher training program and raising the accident awareness among the employees in the facility.
    • Facility Fire Safety officer charged with the duties including delivering Fire Awareness and Fire Response Procedures (FRP) training to all employees including Senior Management, ensuring the Facility Fire Safety Policy is reviewed and updated as required, updating and reviewing of Facility Fire Action Plan, liaison with Scottish Fire and Rescue to organize regular Facility awareness visits and joint Critical Incident Response Procedure exercises. Through regular and targeted Fire Awareness training and awareness packages I have reduced the number of malicious and false Fire alarm incidents by 15%. I ensure prompt maintenance and repair issues for the Facility are reported to Maintenance and Electrician department and conduct Safety and Integrity inspections, ensuring prompt reporting, recording and monitoring of any issues.
    • Responsible for the development of Facilities Business Objects, including the business improvement strategy. I have reduced the reliance on payments to cover vacant positions by £78,000 per annum. I did this by reconfiguring the shift patterns to more suitably meet the business needs of the Facility and the currently employed workforce.
    • Responsible for Project Planning and have experience in the Coordinator role, ensuring any Notifiable Projects are recorded with HSE, H+S file is compiled and disseminated to appropriate individuals, liaison with Principal Contractor to ensure appropriate training, competence and site information is available to all parties.
    • Responsible and accountable for ensuring Staff attendance and hours worked are recorded, planning and publishing of staffing roster to meet and comply with Legislation and business needs of the Facility, ensuring staff absence/sickness records are kept current, conducting "return to work interviews", ensuring Employment Policies are followed (maternity leave requests, leave requests and return to work programs), ensuring that employees who had allowed their contracted hours to exceed either the Minima or Maxima TOIL/BANKED allowed (+/- 30) met national standards within the first quarter of the year
    • Critical Incident Manager, responsible for controlling major incidents within the Facility, including Fire, Facility systems failures, and all other "major" incidents. My role requires me to take initial Command and Control responsibilities and follow Emergency Procedures to restrict and minimise further escalation or risks. This involves contacting and liaison with Police, Fire and Rescue Services and Ambulance Service. I have also been a Critical Incident Negotiator for 5 years.
    Education and Qualifications:

    St John's RC High School/Dundee College of Further Education Dundee. Aug 1982 Aug 1988 10 x O Grades; English, Mathematics, Arithmetic, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, History, German & Music. 3 x Higher Grade: English, Engineering, and Physics. Scottish Prison Service College, Falkirk: Institute of Leadership and Management Diploma LV 3 Dec 2013. SVQ A1 Assessor Dec 2012. SHAREPOINT Owners training course Oct 2013. NEBOSH NGC Module 1 (PASS) PASS. NEBOSH NGC Mod 2+3 Awaiting confirmation of PASS. Achievements: Cruise Bereavement Counselling certificate. In oct 2009 attained Practitioner certificate from CBCS/COSCA/CRUSE Scotland in Counselling and also Bereavement counselling. Critical Incident Response Management Course Nov 2010. Scottish Offshore Medical Certificate July 2013-2015. BIOSET/MIST Aug 2013-2017. OPITO Approved Banksman and Slingers (stage 1) Oct 2013 - 2015

    Recruiters, attention:

    Here is a couple of the latest resumés, posted in our paid CV section. To learn more about these candidtes, please, contact using our online enquiry form.

  • Past 20 years I have worked for one of the top 3 oil and gas projects on telecommunication projects to support onshore process facilities and offshore oil and gas projects. Recently completed the largest integrated oil and gas project in the world, telecommunications infrastructure of around $165 million in value. I have worked in Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia. I am looking for overseas positions - contact us directly to learn more about this candidate and see whether this person could be a good fit for the vacancy you are looking to be filled shortly.
  • Diesel Mechanic. Former REME with work experience in the Army and Oil and Gas Industry. Worked as a Service engineer (contractor) with Coates Offshore Aberdeen. Have experience in CAT, Cummins, Bedford and Rolls Royce engines. Have Class1, 2, H and B driving licences with additional OPITO approved BOSIET, MIST and Banksman Slinging level 1 certificates. - Make an enqury using our online contact form. Only for registered recruiters and recruiting agents for offshore platforms.
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