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Roustabout jobs on platforms and drillships

  • UK oil and gas drilling contractor, working on an oil production project for Kuwait Gulf oil company offers big choice of offshore employment opportunities both on mainland and offshore facilities that include vacancies from young Roustabouts and Roughnecks without previous offshore experience, but with good health and enthusiasm for dedicated work to professionals in technical and commercial fields. Candidates that are selected will enjoy chance to prove themselves working on multi-billion dollar projects that employ modern advanced technologies like horizontal and directional cyber drilling to ensure both efficiency and safety of crude oil exploration and production. Positions on shallow water platforms, ultradeepwater drillships of the sixth generation, MODU's, semisubmersibles, as well as on auxiliary ships and tankers for seamen.
  • Rig Welder, experienced, skilled, and certified in GMAW, SMAW, GTAW welding. Permanent position, salary in the upper scale of industry, performance based bonuses, attractive retirement plan, job location: of the coast of Louisiana, USA, the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Job Vacancies from contractor working for world's biggest oil companies providing for them offshore oil& gas services in 45 countries and locations across the globe. The latest job vacancies include: Third Engineer-MPSV/PSV, should have valid STVW-95 License (CoC), drillship technical operations; Chief Mate SDPO-DSV; Chief offshore Electrician with unrestricted license and advanced experience of repairing AC/DC electrical systems; Master-DSV.
  • Offshore crane operators with BS7121 certification, Assistant Crane Operator - Roustabout, Apprentice Offshore Crane operator. Scaffolders, including 1 job opening for Scaffolding Coordinator, supervisory position with exceptionally high salary (to be negotiated).
  • Roustabout. Main requirement: your CV won't be regarded, unless you can prove previous experience of at least five years working in offshore drilling industry. This is a vacancy in the UAE, foreigners welcome, preference to Indian and Pakistani applicants, basic English knowledge is required.

Oil & Gas drilling company offers unskilled and semi-skilled entry-level positions for individuals with a strong background in the routine offshore services, capable to work as a team member, preferably, but not necessarily, trained individuals who specialize in the maintenance and repair of relevant equipment. Affordable relevant previous hands on experience: general work experience in various automotive & mechanical streams which involves technical jobs viz. Truck tyre repairs, automotive repairs etc. Period of work: 3 years in the relevant trades up to date. Able to diagnose various mechanical systems such as air compressor, diesel engines and others for any malfunctions, Hands on experience in utilizing computer system to troubleshoot failure and manage repairs. Training / Certifications: STCW-95/10 From RAMANA ACADEMY OF MARITIME STUDIES (Standard of Training Certificate of Watch Keeping), PST - Personal survival techniques, FPFF - Fire prevention and fire fighting, EFA - elementary first aid, PSSR - personal safety & social responsibilities, HUET - Helicopter underwater escape techniques, INDoS No. 14HL9316.

Guidelines for getting started in oil and gas
Fresher's Guide to getting offshore job as Roustabout

Entering offshore oil industry on many instances occur through the low end positions on offshore oil rig that require technical education. Normally these entry-level jobs require college degree, but some of them do not. In fact, low-end positions at the entry level like Roustabout and especially Maintenance Roustabout require only GED diploma or High School credentials, but basically what is taken into consideration, while deciding who from the list of candidates to put on a shortlist for interview, it is trade specific experience like electrical worker background with emphasis on transferrable skills. The other points of importance in CV's of greenhand candidates that seek offshore unskilled or semi-skilled employment are availability of industry related training like the attendance of courses on safety, first aid, certification as electrician, being a team player, ability to concentrate on assigned tasks and solve the issues, ambition and motivation for advancement.

On the toplist of the most popular entry-level positions, found on offshore oil rigs, the top places are occupied most often by those same job titles of the vacancies that people without previous offshore experience seek: stewards, heavy machinery operators, apprentice electricians, roustabouts, cooks, trainee welders and rig welder helpers, maintenance roustabouts as separate trade, radio operators, galleyhands, motormen, diver/welders, floor hands, rope access painters, kitchen helpers in catering department, apprentice crane operators, deckhands, instrument technicians, drivers, and the list goes on. If company likes candidate, it's not infrequent that it will offer on-job training and even will pay offshore apprentice salary.

The said oil jobs are available both on offshore and onshore oil drilling facilities, and who has experience of working on oil rigs on mainland normally has no problem getting a position on offshore oil rig because the skills are often absolutely transferrable. What motivates land based workers seek employment in offshore sector is, of course, the salaries that can be 2 or even 3 times hire than on mainland due to the risky nature of the work on offshore oil platforms. Just remember the 2010 BP's Deepwater Horizon explosion and fire that cause ecology disaster, having left the entire area of the Gulf of Mexico polluted and 11 people killed.

Still the career on offshore oil rigs continues to remain appealing to young men and women that aspire to try themselves on offshore rig in an unskilled, yet most frequently associated with offshore oil rigs and the big salaries they offer, entry-level job. As long as fossil oil remains primary source of energy on land, big lots of long and short-term opportunities on offshore oilfields will attract the flocks of young, enthusiastic greenhand job seekers, eager to try their own luck to earn big money quickly.

Oil & Gas Offshore / Onshore Operations - Entry level Aspirant, self-description reads that this candidate is inquisitive by nature, completed STCW95/2010 & HUET course in Mumbai, India, determined and willing to start working in any entry-level position available. Excellent physical condition and ready to accept offer in a short time. No previous offshore experience, but excited and willing to learn and looking for a good breakthrough preferably for a long term contract. Finds working with machines interesting, sociable, able to work in multicultural, multilingual environment and get along very well with all kinds of people. Any entry level position would be perfect. Eventually work in the capacity of a Roustabout, Roughneck, Floorhand or anything on an Oil rig / Platform. Motivated by the conditions, the challenge, not afraid of working at heights, no problem climbing as often as required: Working in an elevated position up on the rig doing anything would really be interesting. Rotation schedule would be O.K., previous experience of working 12 hours in a row and overtime and willing to continue this schedule and work hard. Given a task, completely focus on it, and never look back until it's finished. Working in an offshore environment is something this greenhand candidate has to experience and would like to grow with the team. The candidate, who submitted this CV lives in India, Dharwad District, Karnataka State, but eager to travel to the place of possible offshore employment as Roustabout to any part of the world. If there's a choice, would prefer working on oil rigs in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Iraq or in Africa (Angola). Courses completed: Inter (PUC) PU Board, Bangalore. Other details: Other details: Knowledge of repairing malfunctions and equipment needed to perform repair jobs. Knowhow of diagnostic tools and equipment, Ability to work in extreme weather conditions, Exceptional customer & technical service skills, Technically savvy in reading and following instructions, as Roustabout should in oil and gas job.

Outlook for oil and gas jobs availability and eastimates for the employment opportunities in offshore sector for the moment are very promising, if we take long-time perspective. There will always be demand for many different skills and workers, from roustabouts and roughnecks (driller helpers) to highly skilled and specialized knowledge impregnated drilling supervisors, geologists, all kinds of engineers, geologists, to managers and environmental consultants.

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