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Did you know that some of of offshore oil drilling contractors in their quest for good experienced candidates to fill effectively the openings that keep appearing in offshore sector because of the natural workforce aging/retirement, have started using tactics of establishing some temporary trainee/apprentice positions for people with transferrable skills. If previously entry level jobs on offshore platforms besides the most popular roustabouts on oil production deck or in maintenance or steward in catering, included only a small list of highly specialized jobs like medic, diver/welder or radioman, then currently employers have changed their hiring policies. The companies and recruiters on their order have extended their lists of entry level oil rig jobs by complementing them with kind of trial entry level positions, offshore trainee jobs.

For example, hiring for trainee jobs is known to be practiced by one of the world's biggest oilfield servicing companies, Schlumberger, who also for decades has been a major offshore jobs provider. In July - September 2013 the company announced vacancies of the Trainee Mud Loggers on (job search website that specializes in putting together job seekers and employers/recruiters that do with mining operations and technologies). Good candidates would be enrolled on the Schlumberger run Field Specialist Trainee program to be Trainee Mud Loggers with lots of benefits, prospects of advancement, and the entry-level salary for this offshore trainee job at that point starting at $US 50K. The candidates were expected to work, if hired, in different locations off shore Perth, Australia.

The entry level positions in question are intended for the workers with experience of performing similar operations outside the oil & gas offshore sector, specifically for skilled workers, engineers, marine officers, ex-military servicemen. In fact, the only thing that such applicants lack for working in the respective position on offshore oil rig should be not having previous offshore experience. Employer needs assurance a good specialist from the other industry would cope with specifics of working offshore. Thus was found the easiest way of testing those candidates by letting them to try work under supervision of experienced oil rigworker/engineer/administrator as, say, offshore scaffolder trainee, crane operator trainee, mud logger trainee, electrician trainee, mechanic or motorman trainee, derrickman trainee, underwater welder trainee/apprentice - the list goes on. This is a full scope job with the complete set of responsibilities, but at the beginning being supervised by an oil rig worker with experience. Apprenticeship of the sort doesn't last long, sometimes only several days, the other times 1-2 rotation periods.

Getting started on offshore oil rigs through traineeship of the sort is a great, but little known way of getting your foot in the door of offshore industry. The obvious advantage of making your way up career ladder on offshore oil rigs this way towards much higher salaries and less exposure to physical risk of getting injured or even killed while doing the hardest and the dirtiest jobs on oil rigs no one else wants to do while entering the industry as offshore roustabout.

The other trainee positions that can be found on offshore oil rigs, though not advertised publicly, may be Logistics Coordinator (Materials Man) Trainee, Safety Officer Trainee, Assistant Subsea Engineer Trainee, Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO) Trainee, Electronic Technician (ET) Trainee, Welder Trainee, Rig Floor Mechanic Trainee and others. If during interview you ask and come to know there are no trainee positions on that specific offshore platform, why not suggest that they consider establishing one? You may even offer to work for free as a trainee so they could see if the idea could be fruitful.

Again, it only makes sense suggesting hiring you to do offshore trainee job during your personal contact with hiring officer or recruiter, if you do have any transferrable skills - even if it is one of forklift operator.

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