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Becoming an Apprentice or Trainee on offshore oil rig

  • Check out the requirements. First see whether you qualify for trainee position on offshore oil rigs:

    Need to be of age, i. e. at least 18 years old, be able to produce High School diploma, GED certificate or equivalent, be drug free, physically fit and able to pass relevant tests confirming you are someone able to work hard long shifts 12 hours in a row, sometimes overtime, 16 hours, be emotionally and psychologically stable and have decent criminal history - better no criminal record at all. To be eligible to be accepted to possibly work as apprentice on offshore oil rigs good candidate will get preference if that person has already mastered some basic skills in handling heavy mechanical equipment and mechanisms widely present aboard offshore platform and have basic understanding/knowledge of operating some of the equipment found on offshore oil rig.

    At this time of unemployment recruiters for offshore oil rigs and companies themselves receive many applications for entry-level positions from people who otherwise would never consider working offshore. Under such circumstances any kind of training or courses like HUET or BOSIET, or vocational training as welder, commercial diver, rope access technician, electrician could give clever candidates advantage over the rest of applicants competing for the same position of apprentice on offshore oil rig.

    Apprenticeship, trainee jobs, and employment with Chevron in Saudi Arabia

    Chevron is the only from among the maijor oil companies that conducts both exploration and production of crude oil in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, Chevron's recruiters do their best to find good candidates with education and experience to be hired for full time employment. As for trainee and apprentice positions with the company, the corporation does offer opportunities for greenhand graduates of high schools, technical schools, and universities through running their own Apprenticeship Program. There's also a 2 year long Diploma Development Program for people with a diploma obtained from one of the accredited Saudi Arabian technical institutions, as well as Graduate Development Program for the fresh university graduates and apprentices aspiring to earn degrees. Upon successful completion of any of these three programs, some of the participants may expect to be awarded a full-time contract job at Chevron.
    Upstream oil drilling industry has always been one respecting new ambitious and motivated people willing to walk extra mile on their own initiative.

  • What to do to improve one's chances for landing an apprentice offshore oil rig position.

    It's recommended that you start from enrolling on some of the training courses or programs whose aim is to educate the people wishing to become offshore rig workers that could fill some of the offshore vacancies in demand by oil drilling contractors. Such oil rig related programs are available at community colleges, vocational training facilities, the others are being run by oil companies themselves. They are intended to provide the students with the basic knowledge of oil rigging and oil production process so they could better realize the nature of the work and duties they might be required to do. They cover also the variety of aspects, starting from gaining basic technical, electrical, and mechanical skills, hands-on training on different rig systems operating, emergency response, first medical aid and ending with maritime law that offshore oil production installation and facilities fall under jurisdiction of.

    Attending more specialized offshore apprenticeship programs offered by some colleges may eventually lead you to find your self hired for apprentice job on offshore platform. For example, if you pursue apprenticeship in your local college that teaches metal fabrication then you should know that metal fabricator is a trade required by offshore oil rigs to do the work involving repairing parts of oil drilling facilities offshore.

    Transferrable skills

    Now many companies have trainee or apprentice positions on offshore oil rigs, but all of them are intended either for people with prior experience on offshore oil rigs (as roustabout, roughneck, electrician helper, catering workers and employees, or for skilled specialists like crane operator, commercial diver, highly experienced welder, motorman, electrician, derrickman etc. who lack only one thing - prior experience of working on oil rigs. They told you their company don't have trainee/apprentice positions? Try to convince them to establish one for you on your request - but only do that if your skills are really transferrable and offer value to the hiring contractor.

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