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Oil and gas industry offers some truly great variety of jobs for both experienced technical stuff and engineers, as well as for able, physically fit strong men without college degree in the different sectors it comprises. Lots of offshore oil rig jobs without possessing any expertise or practical skills are available, and vacancies of Roustabouts and Roughnecks are being advertised constantly as the continuous hiring process in offshore oil drilling branch never stops. Though psychologically and physically demanding, the offshore platform vacancies are what many people without prior experience of working on oil drilling platforms, drillships and other marine oil exploration and crude oil production installation, might well qualify for filling and start earning impressive salaries immediately after being hired by oil companies and their subcontractors.

Besides Roughnecks and Roustabouts that are needed for performing functions that directly deal with oil drilling / oil pumping process, there are some auxiliary vacancies no offshore drillship or platform can do without. These include vacancies in catering, such as waiter, Steward, chef, galley hand, general cleaning personnel, dishwashers, or more complicated, such as providing for radio communication or health protection medic (professionally educated or just trained as paramedic) etc. Again, you may consider any of these agencies with so far zero level experience - after all, you can just fill the needed gap by getting trained on short courses like say, ones run for persons wishing work on offshore platforms as paramedics. It's recommended that you do some of your own research on the Internet, there are lots of free information available out there. Start from reading offshore job description tips - that's a really valuable piece of advice, believe me, my friend.

Salaries in offshore oil drilling industry

There are variety of jobs on offshore platforms that do not require formal education other than just high school diploma, as you learn and pick up skills as you go. Through on site training you may become anything like Roughneck, Roustabout, Rig Manager, Driller, Derrickman, Floorhand, Toolpusher, Rig Manager or occupy plenty of other positions available on offshore platform, including entry-level jobs that do not require any preliminary experience, you just have to endure 2-4 months long trial period of performing the responsibilities associated with this or that entry-level offshore job aboard oil drilling platform, drillship, or other oil production installation at high sea. Majority of offshore jobs are far away from shore and by shifts, which partially explains why the salaries are so high, meaning $US 100,000 is not something uncommon to come across as salary on offshore platforms even for non-supervisory positions like, say, electrician or rope access technician or welder.

$US 15 per hour should be common pay for entry level positions that require no skills, just ability to work physically hard while being exposed to harsh weather conditions outdoors. Actually, the work on offshore platform never stops, it's a continuous process even during emergencies. For working 12 hours a day (overtime is not something uncommon on offshore oil rigs, but you get paid twice and even three times as much as for regular hours) job applicants may expect to earn lump salaries of $US 2,400 to $US 3,500 annually - not bad at all, is it? Especially taking into account that all positions that involve manual labor, as well as engineering staff work only half a year. To make long story short, exceptionally high salaries on offshore platforms are what primarily attract entry level unskilled workers like roustabouts in oil drilling or galleyhands, floorhands, kitchen helpers, stewards, dishwashers, apprentice cooks etc. in catering department.


Known active employers for offshore platform jobs:

Global Logistics LLC, this oil drilling company offers vacancies in the Gulf Of Mexico, LA, USA. Send us an e-mail to learn more, stating "Requesting more info about entry-level oil rig jobs in the USA for foreigners" in subject field. Related industry or seaman/sailor experience may be regarded as advantage.

Interested in offshore employment? Post your work history in our online application form to be seen by recruiters searching for personnel with your background, capabilities, skills, education, etc.

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Complete list of offshore oil rig jobs descriptions

Complete list of entry level positions on oil platform

It's highly recommended for beginner job seekers, interested in finding adequately paid job on offshore oil rigs, to do some of their own research on the Internet and compare the information found elsewhere with the info contained in this site's offshore vacancy specific reviews for each of the described positions, including entry level oil rig jobs. It's a good tip to submit your CV/resumé only after completing your homework thoroughly - thus you'll get advantage before the rest of applicants competing for the same vacancy on offshore platforms, be it in Norway, off the coast of Labrador, or in the high seas of Australia to star working for BP or Saudi Aramco.

The next job review and responsibilities description will be dedicated to the position of Rig Clerk / Logistics Coordinator. Minimum education for the suggested offshore oil rig jobs that we review in this section is mostly High School or even Secondary School, no college diploma is required normally. Also we'll list people, who we believe could file their applications with the big extent of the probability of getting hired.

Want to work on offshore platforms as roustabout without prior experience? Re-visit soon for overview of the new services services by recruiting agents that are both reasonably priced and are able to produce track record of getting results. Soon we are going to publish useful information about becoming Rig Mechanic.

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Job search for Oil Gas Jobs, Employment in Oklahoma City, OK. Oil And Gas Job Norman Oklahoma, Field Technician needed, vacancies are limited, generous salary plus advanced benefits package and insurance free of charge. Most of oil production companies job seekers might contact most probably won't have oil field jobs available for worker applicants with no hands-on experience, but the experienced recruiters or mediators could help suitable candidates secure their first time ever oil rig job either off shore or on land based rigs. Wherever you turn out that lucky greenhand roustabout to get employed for the first time, the compensation for doing jobs of the kind exponentially outstrip the salaries that could be found in other industries, including those comparable by working conditions and the rate of risk of getting injured, for example in coal mining.

The information that can be found across this offshore employment web site working for upstream sector of oil & gas industry can be used for free and absolutely without restrictions of any sort, but for non-commercial purposes only. It's not subject to distribution of any sort. The basic services for candidates with prior experience of having worked in oil drilling industry in engineering and supervisory positions are also provided for free. The same pertains to the positions that require little skills, but need backed proof of some experience and of the tested ability to perform up to employer's expectations, such as roughneck or roustabout working directly with drilling equipment on drilling deck. Once approved as a basic free member, job seekers of offshore employment may count for free benefits, such as free submission of their CV/resumé for general recruiter review. What aspiring oilfield greenhands will get for free through the suggested free weekly newsletter include oil production industry specific tips on cover letter and resumé composing/preparation; get instructed by professional recruiters for offshore oil rigs what to say and what not to say at interviews, read success stories by the people who were successful to put their foot in the door the high paying offshore drillship industry. What makes us different is real human contact to answer oil employment questions for oil platform entry level position seekers - this service is available for those who cared to subscribe (registered members only).

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