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Offshore job seeker, ref # ES 6724534610 - looking for a vacancy of Crane Operator on offshore oil rigs. Self motivated and physically fit and energetic oil & gas professional, willing to travel and offer his 100% dedication, flexibility and commitment to the team. Gaining various relevant offshore qualifications, I have performed various positions including scaffolder, rigger, banksman, crane operator and trainer for new crane operators until they passed their G5.

Professional achievements: In a position of Crane Operator trained 2 apprentice crane operators. Positions, held previously, on offshore oil drilling rigs, have included: 1) Crane Operator on offshore platform Dolwin Alpha, Germany, OSM 2) Crane Operator on offshore platform HBC, HBA, Denmark - Maersk Oil. Duties and responsibilities: HRS, elected for 2 years; free fall lifeboat captain; Lifeboat Captain; Offshore Emergency Response Fire Team Member; HDA + Helideck Emergency Response Team Member; 3) Rigger/Flagman/Scaffolder/Semco Maritime - Maersk Oil offshore platforms Dan, Siri, Tyra East, Tyra West, Gorm - Denmark.

Cargo on and off supply vessel, all periodic maintenance on the crane; HDA + Helideck Emergency Response Team Member, Offshore Emergency Response Fire Team Member. Certificates: HDA + Helideck Emergency Team Member, OPITO (Falck, Nutec, Aberdeen). Offshore Crane Simulator - Maersk Training Svendborg A/S. Working with dangerous goods in offshore industry - EUC Vest. Danish Emergency Team Course Refr., including HUET and escape chute. G2* G3* G4* G5 Rogaland Kranskole. Helicopter Landing Officer - Falck Nutec Esbjerg. Tower and Swing Crane A-certificate

The numerous key duties and responsibilities the candidate for offshore job of the Crane Operator gained skills in, have included operation and daily maintenance of the cranes and workplace safety, whilst supporting and assisting team members including helicopter operations, offshore rig electrician, emergency and fire teams, and 2 years elected HSR. Willing and able to complete a current medical certificate and undertake drug and alcohol screening as required in order to be hired for a job of crane operator on any type of offshore oil rig - platform, drillship, semi-submersible, jack-up, modu etc.

Educational background of this applicant have included diploma of Technical Assistant from Ringsted Technical School.

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