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Jobs for women on oil rigs. Jobs in Stavanger.

Up to 240 people are working on the offshore oil rig permanently, which is almost half the size of the inside space of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin that is more than 8000 square meters in size. Most of offshore workers come from Norway, but there is also personnel from Sweden and Denmark. Language of business communication on offshore oil rigs is English. About ten percent of the crew are women. They would not have problems. "They feel comfortable," says the manager and smiles over my remarks on the equality. There are at least six women, working in male-dominated oil and gas production offshore sector. There number includes a 30-year-old Jane Kristin. She monitors the processes in gas processing and is in charge of information on technical questions.

Two weeks 12-hour shifts

  • Brasdrill: Chief mechanic jobs
  • Akita Drilling: Manual labor positions
  • Jan Mayen: Barge Engineer employment
  • Mauritania: Catering Officer vacancy
  • Fred. Olsen Energy: Steward position
  • Stavanger: Steward job
  • Stena Drilling: Assistant Subsea Engineer opportunity
  • Petroleum: Steward position
  • Massachusetts: Manual labor offshore work
  • Stavanger: Mechanic jobs
  • Greenland: Greenhand positions
  • Kuwait: Mechanical employment
  • Nabors Industries: Mud Engineer vacancy
  • Qatar: Tower climber position
  • Stavanger: Plumber job
  • China Oilfield Services: Subsea Engineer opportunity
  • Egyptian Drilling Company: Cook helper position
  • UK: Drilling Foreman offshore work
  • Prosafe: Environmental Engineer jobs
  • CA: Bakersfield: Rope access technician positions
  • TX: Houston: Caterer employment
  • Brazil: Environmental Engineer vacancy
  • Netherlands: Dishwasher position
  • Norfolk: Kitchen cleaner job
  • Oman: Chief Electrician opportunity
  • Buskerud: Assistant mechanic position
  • Telemark: Electronic Technician offshore work
  • Scotland: Mechanic jobs
  • Dolphin Drilling: Plumber positions
  • Illinois: Floorhand employment
  • Prosafe: Kitchen helper vacancy
  • Stavanger: Scuba diver position

Like many of her colleagues, she sits at the computer in one of the numerous offices, overlooking the sea. With no windows, but it is the control center. Dozens of monitors display numbers that provide information about flow rates, composition, and circulation of the gas. A large fruit bowl and empty shoe boxes for health sandals show details of the care that the oil drilling company thakes of the welfare of its employees. They work of offshore platform in 12-hour shifts for duration periods that last two weeks at a time, which is then followed by four weeks onshore.

"The rhythm is good for the family men." Chef Ulrich from Germany nods emphatically. The 43-year-old man comes from Neheim-Husten Sauerland and has 19 years of travel and working experience offshore. "I wanted to see the world," he says, but what is somewhat surprising, getting a fixed position of the drilling rig is not a problem. But then there were numerous trips and much traveling to different destinations: London, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm, Caribbean, seven years on a ferry, several hotels and smaller rigs".

Fantastic payment offshore

For two years he has been at Sleipner. Salary on the offshore oil drilling platform must be generous, as it is generally in the Norwegian oil and gas industry, and the pay exceeds the German petroleum industry standards. The family lives near Stavanger, about one hour flying distance by helicopter.

While in the kitchen, you will quickly discover that cuisine on offshore oil rig is vey healthy. In general we can keep the buffet on board. Fish in all variations, Italian appetizers, fruit and desserts in many flavors to keep a worker's body and soul together and not to give rise tribulation even on stormy days. Working offshore you do not have to pay for meals on board. Also the North Sea is known to provide many environmental jobs on its numerous shallow water offshore platforms.

  • Stavanger: Mud Logger job
  • Cameroon: Chef opportunity
  • Stavanger: Drilling Engineer position
  • Sogn og Fjordane: Subsea Engineer offshore work
  • Alberta: Cook Helper jobs
  • Middle east: Mechanic positions
  • Hedmark: EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) employment
  • New Mexico: Dishwasher vacancy, catering section
  • Stavanger: Mechanic position
  • GlobalSantaFe Corporation: Underwater Welder job
  • Nabors Industries: Crane Operator opportunity
  • Texas: Assistant Crane Operator position
  • Abbot Group: Cook Helper offshore work
  • India: Welder jobs
  • Petroleum industry: Subsea Engineer positions
  • ExxonMobil: Kitchen Cleaner employment
  • Colombia: Foreman vacancy
  • Acteon: Chef position
  • Cape Town: Directional Driller job
  • Oslo: Nurse opportunity
  • Tesco Drilling: Rigger position
  • Dubai: Chief Mchanic offshore work
  • Finnmark: Toolpusher jobs
  • Stavanger: Galley Hand positions
  • Oslo: Rigger employment
  • Svalbard: Driller vacancy
  • Stavanger: Catering assistant position
  • The Gulf of Mexico: Galley Hand job
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