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Oil rig employment with PE Global

New offshore vacancies have been announced open for the taking by PE Global recently. This recruiting company is seeking candidates for the position of Combined Operations - Offshore Installation Manager for an oil drilling company extracting oil from the North Sea based platforms.

Requirements for a successful applicant for this offshore oil rig job will include:

Previous experience:

  • Senior Operations Offshore - at least 10 years
  • Manned or NUI platform Operations - at least 5 yrs
  • Manned or combined operations OIM - at least 2 yrs of experience
  • a valid offshore medical, BOSIET / FOET certificate, MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training).

    Interested candidates are welcome to submit their CV's. Let your oil rig employers know you, take first step. The duration of the suggested contract can be expected to make around 9 months total (including both the the offshore time on duty and the onshore leave), the work by shifts. Candidates should be available to attend training before immediate call for offshore duties in the next few weeks.

    TIG Welders/Offshore GTAW Welders

    Job description: GTAW CS & SS Welders are needed to go offshore out of Aberdeen and Norfolk. Good suitable candidate must be able to confirm comprehensive hands on experience in different types of welding and prove his/her aptitude and demonstrate sufficient competence allowing offshore worker to operate successfully offshore in the position of rig welder. Current credentials are regarded as advantage, tha applicant to be considered must be coded in 2' Stainless Steel Pipe as a minimum, those with further codings have advantage. Good applicant is also someone who is physically fit and health & safety conscious. Completion of Offshore Survival, MIST and medical are essential. Please, candidates with previous offshore experience only.

    Besides routine requirements for offshore welders that include different welding and metal fabrication responsibilities, the other duties are being assigned often. Sometimes this position is being called offshore fitter/welder, which possibly provides better description of the job. The other duties of offshore welder may include, but are by no means limited to assembling/disassembling metal parts of mechanisms/appliances for purpose of repairing them, assembling, fitting, and welding machinery metal frames, riveting etc. according to specifications, provides barge welding operations. In his operations welder can be assisted by specially designated welder helper, usually from the deck workers in a position of mechanically and electrically apt roustabouts. If hired, either temporarily or permanently, all oil rig workers and employees are expected to be able and to do their best to establish non-conflicting type of the relationship based on a very well motivated desire to cooperate with the other crew members offshore welder gets in touch in course of performing welder's duties aboard offshore platform. Though certain initial offshore industry specific expertise (that would correspond to adequate level of salary/responsibility) is expected, most employers/recruiters do accept job request applications from among the candidates that are capable to display potential to learn things and pick up quickly the skills, essential for to carrying out the duties as described by job description of someone in the position of specialized offshore welder. Availability of VANTAGE number is the must, as well as TWIC card.

    VANTAGE number

    What is a VANTAGE number in offshore oil industry? This is a tracking number assigned to each successful graduate of IMIST training course. The VANTAGE number gets assigned automatically without sending out any notification, but any company enjoying access to the Vantage Database can see there whether you've got one or not at any time. Though OPITO certification is not legally required as condition got getting cleared to work on offshore oil platforms, an ever increasing number of companies engaged in drilling for oil have adopted their own rules asking for OPITO training as pre-requisite for starting any kind of work aboard oil offshore platform.

    Saudi Arabia offshore oil platform accident

    At least three people were found missing and more than 20 workers injured after the accident that happened on a floatable mobile oil rig in the territorial waters of Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Aramco, the company operating the offshore platform, the incident occurred during the scheduled maintenance of the oil rig, located at the distance of approximately 35 km from the port of Ras al Khafji off the coast of the Persian Gulf. According to the company, the platform was severely damaged and then sank. Most of the victims were slightly injured and were rescued afterwards by the Saudi coast guard. The fate of the three workers, who are the citizens of India and Bangladesh, remains unknown. The search and rescue activities go on. The accident occurred within the boundaries of one of the world's largest oil fields, located in the Gulf of Shaphan. Saudi ARAMCO made a statement, assuring that the incident would not affect the oil production/output, which currently accounts for 1.2 million barrels of crude oil per day. As you can sea, despite continuously improved and enhanced safety measures, working on offshore oil platforms in the high seas under the challenging weather environment continues to remain rather risky. It is exactly the risk factor that largely explains the high salaries paid by oil companies even to the unskilled and low end entry level job performers in this highly lucrative industry.

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    Medics offshore jobs

    Offshore Medic is another great entry level job that allows greenhands put their foot in the door of oil and gas industry without actually having any prior experience of onsite work. There are vacancies for medics in the offshore industry that open now and then, and they are worth being monitored for the taking. Medic's are well-paid jobs, and the salary there depends largely not only on the education and experience of the applicant, but also on the scope of the offshore responsibilities to be dealt with by this or that specific medic/offshore nurse. Medical personnel is constantly needed by different companies to fill the vacancies of: 1) Medic / nurse on various offshore vessels and drilling rigs 2) Medics / Safety Officers with other medical and administrative functions assigned.

    Big oil news

    Brent rose to $US 112.34 per barrel, WTI is trading above $US 100 a second straight session. Oil prices rose on Monday morning after the reduction in U.S. inventories to a minimum in September, reports Bloomberg.

    The futures price of Brent crude oil for February on London's ICE Futures exchange rose to 8:45 GMT, at $US 0.18 (0.16%) - up to $US 112.34 per barrel. By the end of trading on Friday contracts rose $US 0.2 - $US 112.18 to a barrel.

    February futures price for WTI crude oil in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) at this time increased by $US 0.05 (0.05%) - up to $US 100.37 per barrel. At the previous auction contract for WTI rose in price by $US 0.77 - to $US 100.32 per barrel. In December contract rose by 8.1%.

    U.S. crude stocks fell the week before the fourth week in a row - by 4.73 million barrels to 367.6 million barrels, according to the Ministry of Energy of the country, released on Friday. Analysts polled by Bloomberg, expected decline in reserves of 2.65 million barrels.

    Gasoline inventories fell by 614 thousand barrels and distillates - by 1.85 million barrels. "Some WTI supported prices were better than the Energy expected data,- said a senior analyst at CMC Markets Ric Spooner. - There is potential for further price increases if the market will get a new piece of positive news. Economic statistical data from the United States in the coming weeks may be higher than expected."

    Brent cheaper on the results of 2014 to an average of $US 105 per barrel amid rising production in the U.S. and the risk of supply disruptions from the Middle East and North Africa, waiting seven experts whose predictions for the outgoing year proved most accurate. Brent average price in 2013 was $US 108.7 per barrel in 2012 - $US 111.7 per barrel.

    Individual smaller companies often act in their own interest rather in the interests of the whole group comprised by the big corporations. All companies normally have different interests that conflict with each other resulting in strong competition while at the same time making it quite natural that both salaries within this group and wuality of products remain steadily high. Take, for example, the Fortune 500 top 3 companies: General Motors, Ford, and Exxon Mobil. GM seeks the best solutions for the corporation itself, not for the whole of the Fortune 500. GM would prefer oil and gas prices fall as low as possible thus getting its production costs reduced so that the corporation's cars would sell in bigger numbers and to the wider audience. But from the other hand low prices for oil and gas prices would hit Exxon Mobil's income calling for increasing oil production while sustaining direct losses in income because of cheaper prices. Exxon would, of course, prefer oil and gas price soar. Depending on what happens there should be either bigger or lower need for oil rig workers doing all types of oil rig jobs.

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